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Angela Lansbury

Angela LansburyWho is your favourite Sweeney Todd couple?
I saw it a while ago on TCM. All I remember is that in the beginning it shows a young married couple waking up and getting dressed and eating- just doing the regular morning stuff. They don't talk at all during the beginning. I think that the girl might be a young Angela Lansbury.I looked to see Angela Lansbury's movies and none of them rang a bell, so now I'm thinking that it might not be her. Sorry, I know that it's not very much information about the movie.

Anyone know the title of this B&W movie?
Lincoln's wily defense of capital and of capitalism didn't deter the American Communist Party from celebrating "Lincoln-Lenin Day" in the 1920s and 1930s. Parades, etc. Lots of Lincoln portraits at the NY Party headquarters. Come to think of it, the mother (Angela Lansbury) in the classic movie "The Manchurian Candidate" had a fondness for Lincoln memorablila too.I dunno Thomas, I'm not a Republican.anne: this makes two. Most who haven't participated in the 2009 "Lincoln Conspiracy" orgy of revisionism don't even know about the significance of Lincoln (a capitalist) to today's communists and their stealthy fellow travelers. Thus they assumed my first question was a joke. this is good. but education and transparency is good, no? learning about the richness of American history?

Will Obama bring back this 1930s tradition in February?
I really want a personalized autograph from Angela Lansbury. She is my idol. I sent her fan mail a while ago and got no response. I just want some steps or items to enclose in the envelope in order to get a genuine autograph from my role model. Oh, and a fan mail address would be an added bonus :) (The same question for Woody Allen)

How can I get an Angela Lansbury/Woody Allen autograph?
I mean native Anglophones and not foreign like French or Italian. So Anglo-Irish and North American really. As a British person I have been familiarised with accents such as Received Pronunciation. I personally dislike this overly flamboyant way of speaking with all it’s emphasised diphthongs and such. The new brands of Received Pronunciation such as the watered down RP now predominant on British TV is way too neutral and I find the commonly used ‘modified Estuary English’ to regionally biased. Myself, I speak with a pseudo North Midlands accent and I live in Cheshire. I was exposed to both modified RP and Northern styles. If I am honest, I’m not to keen on General American. However, I just heard this amazing accent. It is called Mid/Trans-Atlantic. I’m sure to American ears it is very classy. And better still, to my own English friends it sounds very exotic and expatriate. I would love to emulate it. I think the classic example for a man is Antony Hopkins as Hannibal Lector (I think?!) and for a woman, Angela Lansbury in ‘Murder, She Wrote’ (roughly). So What do you think about Trans-Atlantic English? Very 1940s don’t you think?

What is your favourite accent?
They can be alive or dead. Personally, I would go with Angela Lansbury or Barbra Walters.

Who Is The Most Classy Famous Person You Can Think Of?
I heard about this rumor on the web. Is it true?

Is It True That Angela Lansbury Is Going To Make A Suprise Guest Appearance On Rosie Odonnel's Variety Show?
which do you think is better? I love both versions very much but I prefer the movie because, in my opinion, the acting is perfect and singing too... not that the Angela Lansbury/george Hearn version wasn't good, I know it would've been much better if they had 50 chances to get it right then have the dvd edited for mistakes and if they were able to prerecord.....

sweeney todd stage-musical vs movie-musical?
I'm looking for a DVD (or even VHS at a push) of the movie Pirates of Penzance the 1983 version with Kevin Kline and Angela Lansbury. I can't find anywhere - please help

Where can I buy a copy of Pirates of Penzance - the 1983 Movie?
Does anyone else agree that Angela Lansbury sounds really weird on the OBC recording?! God it's awful!

Sweeney Todd Original Broadway Cast...?
Yeah, I know it sounds weird. Honestly, I am doing a report on her and really trying to contact her. Does anyone know how?

Angela Lansbury
Angela Lansbury won her fifth career Tony Award June 7: Best Featured Actress in a Play for Blithe Spirit. Lansbury's total now ties that of previous.

Tony Awards 2009: Angela Lansbury wins her fifth : In Entertainment
It was the Tony Awards 2009 yesterday and actress Angela Lansbury won her fifth career Tony Award for best featured actress in a play for “Blithe Spirit.” And according to, Lansbury's wins now tie her with previous holder ...

Angela Lansbury Tony Award Best Featured Actress
Angela Lansbury Tony Award Best Featured Actress-Angela Lansbury won Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Play for Blithe Spirit at the 2009 Tony Awards.

Tony Awards: Angela Lansbury triumphs - Mail Online
Tony Awards: Angela Lansbury triumphs.

Angela Lansbury Wins Fifth Tony
Angela Lansbury Wins Fifth Tony.

Tamil Galatta: liza minelli, jerry herman, angela lansbury age ...
Angela Lansbury won her fifth career Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Play for Blithe Spirit. Lansbury's total now ties that of previous record-holder for an actor, Julie Harris, according to reports. ... » Angela Lansbury
Angela Brigid Lansbury, CBE (born October 16, 1925) is a British actress and singer whose career has spanned seven decades. Her first film appearance was in Gaslight (1944), for which she received an Academy Award nomination, ...

Hollywood Latest News: Angela Lansbury received her fifth Tony
Angela Lansbury received her fifth Tony, this time for her performance as the dotty medium Madame Arcati in a revival of Noel Coward's "Blithe Spirit." Her win in the featured-actress category tied the record for acting prizes held by ...

Angela Lansbury received her fifth Tony
Angela Lansbury received her fifth Tony. Read full story. murad_eng08's picture. Submitted by murad_eng08 5 hours 2 min ago. Category: Entertainment Tags: Login or register to post comments ...

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