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Apple conference.

apple conferenceiPhone '09? Released in June? IS IT TRUE?
I was wondering if i should purchase an iMac now or wait until after Apple's W.W.D.C. (World Wide Developers Conference. Just in case they are releasing a new type of iMac.

I was wondering if i should purchase an iMac now or wait until after Apple's W.W.D.C.?
This is a very important question for me, as I have been thinking about this for quite a long time now. I have saved up around five hundred dollars over the last month, and was wondering if I should buy an Ipod touch. I have always wanted one since its launch, but didn't have the money for it. I now have more than enough money. Here is the catch though. I am well aware that a "supposed" new ipod touch (3rd gen.) is on its way to the market, and also that there is a new iphone that is in development. This iphone may make it to the Verizon wireless market because of Verizon's upcoming 4g network, but still is unlikely because of AT&T renewing their contract. I have an idea in my head that near after the Apple conference in September, the new devices will be unveiled. I just want some of your opinions on what you think I should do.... Much help is appreciated. I hope I didn't waste your time. Thank you.

I need some important incite on Ipod Touch details?
Wow. Okay. I just learned today that I'm supposed to audition for IPAC (the International Performing Arts Conference) on Saturday. I'm singing and acting. I NEED SOMEONE TO RECOMMEND A SONG FOR ME (I'd usually go with Fiona Apple's "Shadowboxer" or "The Child is Gone", but I'm looking for something a little less... morose). About me and my voice: I'm 18. Usually mistaken for older. I'm a mezzo, though sometimes people think I'm an alto. I'm usually doing Fiona Apple songs, Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls) songs, or the more quirky Regina Spektor songs, in addition to musical theatre. I also write my own songs. Here's a performance I did (it was a contest for the 'Dr. Horrible' DVD). Not my best singing or acting, but there it is. Also, no, my speaking voice isn't that high. I faked it for the character. Please please please. And thank you. -JulieAs far as I can tell there are no real requirements for song choice. They're looking for talent of all kinds - musical theatre, opera, as well as more contemporary work. Maybe I should sing one of my songs, but I'm just worried that they want me to sing something already established.

A song to sing for IPAC?
Have you ever seen those Apple conferences where Steve Jobs shows the iPhone or iPod touch and on the big screen it's showing what he is doing? I want the same for Palm os or just a screen record app for Palm OS, it would be nice if it was free.

palm os screen recorder?
Im from Alabama and I'm thinking of having a 1940's southern charm theme wedding with lots of glitz and glam.. we're thinking of getting married here in front of this pretty crab apple tree.. Im going to hang strands of crystals from it for some glitz then were going to have cocktail hour out on this patio that overlooks the river.. we're going to have our first dance under the stars then everyone's going to come inside the conference center for dinner.. OK so here where i need the help.. I want my wedding to be formal.. and because of that I feel like i can't serve bbq.. its going to be a seated dinner.. but still it just seems outta place.. please only constructive criticism.. no rudeness what food should we do?!?!? I want southern food but not like fried chicken of messy ribs.. or bbq sandwiches.. I'm lost...

southern charm wedding HELP!!!!!?
Via Think Progress comes the news that this years Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) will not feature an appearance from vice presidential candidate and would-be Republican Party standard-bearer Sarah Palin. CPAC officials have been told that Palin's whole being-the-governor-of-Alaska thing will preclude her attendance: "We're obviously disappointed," said a CPAC official. A spokesman for the three-day confab, organized by the American Conservative Union Foundation and others, said that Palin, the popular former vice presidential nominee, had indicated she would be able to attend but cited "duties of governing" in bowing out. Palin will send along a "taped message" for CPAC attendees to enjoy. Meanwhile, the responsibility of issuing vapid complaints about the media shall fall to every other CPAC attendee. Maybe Adam's Apple Ann Coulture can now run for president! I have never in my life see a woman with such a long neck.

Is Sarah Palin political career finally over?
Just wondered why (if it is?). And if it is illegal why do Apple (the company that makes iTunes, ever heard of them?) let you do it if in all their conferences etc they are always talking about ripping CD's to your mac to keep them safe and how wonderful it is that they are legal etc. And they wouldn't be a really famous, successful company if it was illegal would they? Do they get away with it because the illegal record companies have given up because they know there is nothing they can do about it?Also if a friend said I could borrow their CD and rip it to my mac and I did would it be illegal?

If it's illegal to rip a CD to your PC why does iTunes let you do it?
CES 2009 brought us a new player in the smartphone upper-echelon. Let's drill down and see how the Palm Pre compares with the iPhone and Android's G1. 1. Multitouch touchscreen/gesture control: All three are capacitive, only the Pre and iPhone have multitouch. The Pre's glowy little "gesture area" has dropped the touchable real estate all the way down tto the bottom of the phone, which is great for being able to navigate with one hand and not interfere with the screen at all. The wavey dock you bring up from the bottom looks awesome, but can you use it out of the box without a second thought or page through the manual? That's my question. Advantage: iPhone/Pre tossup. 2. Multitasking: One of the beefiest of our beefs with the iPhone SDK is its insistence on Apps running one at a time. The G1's notifications drawer was definitely a step in the right direction, but the Pre's interface is the first smartphone OS that was built with multitasking as a core design element. Resembling the Xbox's old Blades, or a less-jarring OS X Expose even, the Pre's "Cards" interface always places you in the context of every app running for fast switching, and notifications from other apps don't pull you away completely from the task at hand. Multitasking is hugely important on a phone, and it's a good sign that Palm recognizes. Advantage: Pre 3. Hardware: Adrian says: While the hardware is definitely high quality, I'm not entirely blown away by the design. It looks really nice, and original, but it's a little too cutesy in shape and kind of reminds me of an oversized pebble. A slightly larger screen could have definitely been put to good use, and I really don't like the black space on the sides of the screen. A phone with a built-in QWERTY still hasn't touched the iPhone in terms of sleekness and pure sex. And it might still be a while. Advantage: iPhone 4. Development platform: The Pre's "Web OS" sure sounds nice—all developers need to know is JavaScript, HTML and CSS? Sounds good in theory, but building a mobile app will never be as easy as cranking out a new theme for your Tumblr. Palm's stressing ease of development, though, so it will be interesting to see how it stacks up against Apple's solid, familiar-to-devs OS X-based SDK and Android's fully open source approach. Advantage: Pre? If it's straight-up JavaScript, that's a lot of programmers ready to go. Note: we had iPhone here before, but we've switched with a qualification. Developer community still goes to iPhone for volume. 5. Web Integration: The Pre subtly integrates the internet into the phone at every opportunity, and it's awesome. Contacts get pulled in from Facebook, Gmail, IM and and scanned for dupes; the messaging app shows your last several emails, IMs and SMS with that contact in a single window. Really, really smart stuff. Advantage: Pre 6. App Store/developer community: A smartphone is only as good as the software it runs. On the Pre, Palm is still keeping application delivery details like pricing behind the curtain, but they did say the app delivery will be entirely handled by the phone (without a desktop app), which is a shame. They're saying that they're not going to duplicate Apple's Hobbesian app approval black box mistake, which Android has also hasn't fallen for, but there will be an approval process based on "security and stability." But as we know with Android, a dev community needs enough devices in the hands of consumers to reach critical mass, which the Pre will have to match. Advantage: iPhone, even with the black box, but Android and Pre's more open stances are reassuring. 7. Wireless charger: We've seen wireless charger tech for years at CES, but it's taken this long for a major consumer gadget to come bundled with its own wireless charger in the box. Whoops, it's not in the box, sold separately for unknown $$. But still: Bravo. Advantage: Pre 8. The Network: Dan Hesse, Sprint's CEO, gave our coast-to-coast 3G test a shout out in his press conference. Of course he did: Sprint won (in download speeds). Sprint was the only major carrier without a powerful, hype-catching smartphone choice, and now they have one. The Pre is a data-centric phone with a network we've proven to be strong in a large swatch of the country—that's a good combo. But would you switch to Sprint for the Pre? Ugh. Advantage: Not cut and dry for everyone, but we stand by our numbers: Sprint is the best 3G network in our tests. 9. Physical keyboard: It's preference, but one held by a large swathe of the gadget buying public: physical QWERTY keypads are still the mainstream input of choice. Touch is getting better all the time, but a lot of people still want physical keyboards. But better yet is the ability to choose; unfortunately, the Pre doesn't have a soft onscreen keyboard, and its slide-out is the same meh QWERTY from the Treo Pro. Advantage: It's preference, but on me, the iPhone's soft keyboard can't be beat. 10. Camera: The Pre has an LED Flash for its 3MP camera, something both the iPhone and G1 lack. Flash cellphone photos are ugly, but for a lot of people, they're good enough. So credit for throwing it in. Advantage: Pre 11. Battery: Apple's still an outlier with their non-removable battery; like the G1's, the Pre's comes out for a spare swap too. We've heard Apple's reasons for this a million times, we know the drill, but removable batteries will never stop being handy. Advantage: Pre 12. Copy & Paste: Yep, Pre's got it. iPhone still doesn't. Advantage: Pre/G1 13. Browser: All three use a browser based on WebKit, which has become the standard for the mobile web. We couldn't put it through our Mobile Browser Battlemodo ringer obviously, but what we saw looked great, and it's the only other mobile browser besides the iPhone that supports multitouch zooming. Advantage: iPhone/Pre So there you have it. We're excited. Are you?

Ok now with the Palm Pre for Sprint, what is the best phone G1 (T-Mobile), Storm (Verizon) or iPhone (AT&T)?
If its called Macworld.....then why do people like HP and Microsoft have exhibits at it.... And why would Microsoft be a sponser? They also announced that this would be the last year that Apple is involved in is this possible if it is their Expo!!!

Please explain something to me about Macworld Conference and Expo...?
Ot that it's much of a surprise anymore, but Apple Corps (not this one) and MTV have announced Rock Band: The Beatles an untitled Beatles music project, to be developed by Harmonix. While not a Rock Band expansion, this is a pretty major coup over Activision, owners of the Guitar Hero franchise. We're in the conference call now. More details to follow. Notes from the conference call: * "This will not be a Rock Band title, this will be a custom title" * Journey through The Beatles first album through their last -- "samples" from their whole catalog * "A number of new dimensions" that you haven't seen from Harmonix before * Just in time for the holidays ... in 2009 * Tracks are based on UK releases -- the idea is to play the songs through The Beatles career (not remixed or remastered tracks, we think) * Is the imagery tied to the existing art from the songs and albums? The developers aren't prepared to talk about specifics, but "visual imagery" is a big part of the project * Interoperability is not something that's being talked about yet * "Very little" can be said about the game itself today. "MTV and Harmonix was clearly the innovator in this category of games" -- Apple Corps was really impressed with Harmonix's creative and musical approach * "It's not a Rock Band game, it's a Beatles game. They deserve a fully dedicated title. [The game] takes advantage of the Rock Band platform in many ways ... [and it's] going to be compatible with existing Rock Band peripherals" -- we can assume that instruments from other music games (e.g., Guitar Hero) will also be supported * No hardware platforms announced * No comment on licensing Beatles tunes for other games -- this is an exclusive arrangement for Beatles music in video games (as for digital distribution of The Beatles catalog on music services (e.g., iTunes): Apple Corps is still working out details; no announcement to make nor date nor anything else!)

Apple is expected to unveil updated software for the iPhone and may introduce new versions of the handset at its ... » Blog Archive » New iPhone on Apple conference ...
Apple is expected to unveil updated software for the iPhone and may introduce new versions of the handset at its developers conference in San Francisco this week, intensifying competition in the smartphone market. ...

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2009) & Live Coverage ...
The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2009) takes place this week (June 8-12) at Moscone West in San Francisco. Things kick off with the keynote by Phillip Schiller at 10am on Monday, June 8th. ... » Apple Developer Conference has been covering wireless developments, especially municipal wireless and WiMAX for over 5 years with nearly 7000 in-depth articles archived. We also cover developments in Bluetooth, cellular, satphones and ... » Apple's annual developers conference: Don't expect ...
Apple's annual developers conference: Don't expect a new iPhone. When Apple executives take the stage this morning at the company's annual developers confab in San Francisco, instant-gratification techies might be disappointed. ...

WWDC sold out, iPhone media pad rumors, Apple poaching from ATI ...
WWDC already sold out for second time in history: Apple's yearly Worldwide Developers Conference has already sold out for 2009. Those attending can check out the session list online, and everyone else will have to wait for the videos to ...

Apple's annual developers conference: Don't expect a new iPhone ...
Apple's annual developers conference: Don't expect a new iPhone.

Apple to unveil new iPhone at developers conference
The new Apple iPhone is expected to be announced today (Monday 8 June) at Apple's developers conference in San Francisco. The improvements are expected to.

Mobile Health Computing: Apple Worldwide Developers Conference ...
Will Apple reveal a MacTablet, iTablet, MacPad, or iPad at the 2009 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC)? The conference begins tomorrow and many users who rely on pen-based computing interfaces are anxiously awaiting this ...

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