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apple newsUK sees hottest day of the year - is the BBC dumbing-down?
The Obamas had a date night in NYC at our expense. $24000.00 to fly planes, helicopters, reporters, secret service, etc. They paid about $100 each for the two tickets to the theatre. Tell me, how does this guy get away with telling US to be conservative about spending money and tightening belts, when he's out there spending YOUR money to have a night on the town? I'm furious, and I hope everyone else is as well. This guy has no moral compass. People are losing their homes, moving in with relatives or moving into homeless shelters. Kids are forced to leave behind beloved pets, toys, bikes, all the things that make them feel grounded. Job losses are astronomical. People have lost their entire savings - and I don't care WHO you blame, Dems, Republicans - it doesn't matter. They lost everything. And the President is out on a date on YOUR dime. Come the 2010 election, it is imperative that we have a Republican majority. A shift in majority is the ONLY way to stop the hemorrhaging of cash by the House and Senate. Every country in the world can see what's happening to us, and we are the only ones who can stop this.I don't begrudge them a night out, of course they deserve to have a social life. But where is it written that we have to pay for it? Why three planes? why are we paying for the reporters to fly along?

Voters: will this sort of spending affect your vote in 2010?
The Obama's went to New York City for a date night, and the GOP is complaining. Being emperor of the free world ought to have a couple perks, certainly a night in the Big Apple for the boss is in our budget. Perhaps if the Republicans had a little focus and vision they wouldn't have been creamed in the last two elections. Here's a news flash for you guys, fight the big important battles and quit nitpicking the unimportant stuff, that only makes you shallow and foolish.

Is this why the GOP is circling the drain?
I mean, is it just the one (like I heard on the news a while back) or is it the amount of fruit you put in, e.g. 2 bananas and an apple = 3?

How many portions of fruit is a smoothie worth?
Hong Kong Financial Secretary (chief/minister), John Tsang Chun-wah is being criticized by all local news papers, media and political commentators appeared in TVs. The South China Morning Post and Standards, including major Chinese presses of Hnog Kong Apple Daily News and Oriental Daily News and the others indicating his one off measures will not able to reform the current social and economic problems affecting every walk of life. There are more than two million Hong Kong citizens are currently living under the poverty line in a city of total seven millions. They are living in dim and noisy rooms in the private owned flats with minimum income and most of their incomes are spent in paying the extra high rents for worst living condition in this world. I think John Tsang must do the followings to reach the ultimate goal of reforming the messy Hong Kong society exhibites the worst poor and rich gap in Asia. 1) Axe overall overpaid civil servants' salaries by 2% for all low ranks just earning from HK $12k to to $25k per month, those making HK35k to 55k per month should cut at least 6-10% per month and all those upper ranks and all officials should cut at least 20-50% of all their overpaid salaries each month. It is recorded the first fiscal quarter of 2008 had a deficit of HK $800 billions (Chinese press calculated one hundred millions as one billion and the English press published as HK $80 billions) was caused by the average salaries hike of 6% for major lower and middle civil servants and was approved by John Tsang after Donald Tsang (incumbent Hong Kong chief executive) raised his own already overpaid salary of HK $340,000 per month to the current HK $430,000 per month. Hong Kong middle and upper ranks civil servants are regarded as the highest paid in this world. That's why Hong Kong has the never ending social problem exhibites its gini coefficient of 0.56, too far from the norm of 0.3. The Hong Kong land sales and rental costs are described as the highest prices in this world. And the poor environment of foul air and condaminated drinking water from the idustrial waste river of Pearl River has scared many professional refused to accept jobs in Hong Kong for the sake of healthy life for their family members and themselves. 2) Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) must be downsized to the status of 50% lessen wagering monies in buy and sell foreign currencies, stock shares, bonds, funds, derivatives in monetary matters, financial leverage for local financial matters. If so, HKMA should cut back 50% of oversized staffs which are also the highest paid in this world. HKMA has recorded a net loss of HK $1008 billions in 2007.The chief of HKMA made HK $10.3 millions in 2007, exact seven times as what the top America public financial persons made for doing even more complex job description in comparison to Joseph Yam, the top man of HKMA. 3) Hong Kong must learn from China and be able compete with the mainland economic enhancement programs which has defeated our manufacturing sectors, logistics, transporation, and the Hong Kong financial centre will soon be replaced by Shanghai, Shenzen, and Beijing. They are making much lessen in comparison to the Hong Kong professionals doing the similar jobs. Many friends and I have found the root cause of the never ending social and economic problems are as the above-described. Sooner or later Hong Kong Doomsday will be in scene. As it happened to the recent Hong Kong Budget Day, John Tsang did the same or even more generous than this time as the same Hong Kong candy man. He never wants to solve the Hong Kong contemporary problems directly and completety by applying more effective tacitcs in terms of effecetive policy making to pinpoint the root causes of the current and forever problems that makes the harsh life of the many in this tiny city. Hong Kong can afford to establish an universal pension fund for the most poor senior citizens who can't even afford to buy an hamberger in Mcdonald, a congee or a dimsum in Chinese restaurants. Hong Kong citizens should against John Tsang's inadequate one off measures of not able to meet the aims and goals of all peoples. We all should have the sense of belonging, sharing, and leading to the common goal of harmony by narrow down the too wide poor and rich gap.

Should John Tsang, the Hong Kong Financial chief starts adequate policy to reform other than by all one offs?
I found those questions interesting so I like to share and also see what you guys think :] 1.A philosophical question: when you find something you've been missing, why is it always in the last place you look? A. Because I am an unlucky person. B. Because I stop looking once I find it. C. Because it's so damn small and I have bad vision. D. Because God willed it that way. E. Actually, you're wrong. I'm stupid enough to keep looking once I find it. 2.Your mother asks you to watch her poodle, Muffy, while she's visiting your aunt Jenine in Ontario, Canada. While Mama is away, you never feed Muffy, and, malnourished and starving, she dies. Do you: A. replace Muffy with a similar poodle, in hopes Mama won't notice fake your own death so Muffy's seems inconsequential B. bury Muffy in the backyard, and say she ran away C. take Muffy to a taxidermist to immortalize her D. burn the house down in a fit of rage, and when Mama asks, it was Muffy who did it, Muffy, that little b---- 3.So one summer you work a part-time job with the mafia. Things are going fine, you know, with all the gambling and prostitutes, until Don Corleone personally tells you to deliver some bad news to the Esposito family. As the messenger, you will be shot. Do you: A. deliver the news anyway, in hopes they'll have mercy on you B. skip town and never come back C. say "no" to the Godfather D. take the message, but bring a gun E. break down and start crying your ass off 4. You need $5000 to pay back your brother's gambling debts or else JOE the BOOKIE breaks your legs and trashes your apartment. The situation must be resolved. Do you: A. steal the money from a friend B. sell your body and/or drugs to pay him C. leave town and never come back D. ask for another extension E. sell your wedding band F. start packing heat 5. Imagine you're at work and you send an email to your cubicle-partner (let's call him Dilbert, for the hell of it), and in the email, you refer to your boss as a "weak-minded wussy-boy, who wears his pants too tight." The second you hit send, you realize you sent it to the boss, too. Do you: A. blame Dilbert, saying it was a practical joke B. get on the next bus to hell, since it's clear you're toast C. bribe the system administrator to delete the mail D. squirt apple juice into your boss's hard drive E. apologize, resign, and sell pencils for a living

opinion questions :]?
I posted this question before and got the usual from those supporting the church- a bunch of emotional rhetoric and no actual answers- a reflection of a political cover that this organization has been operating under. Of course there is the response- 'why hold something against the entire church for a few bad apples?' I'm blown away by the statement, why call out the whole church for a few? A few? Which few? The few (hundreds of thousands if not millions) that committed these unthinkable acts- or the 'few' that covered it up for so many years? Cover ups, unlimited funds to pay for bail, pay off law enforcers, intimidate witnesses- is this a church or a organized criminal unit? I used to be catholic until I gained a relationship with Christ- and why won't I go to a catholic church? Let scripture tell it: Ephesians 5:11 11And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. Say what you want- but I will reprove. Is there anything else that the catholic church is covering up? peace and blessingsGood points Bella.Shay- it's not about my forgiveness- I'm not one of the victims, although I was led into darkness by growing up a catholic as well.'Dogma', this abuse has been covered up- how is that condemnation.

Ok, can just a few Catholics understand there's something wrong now?
I have a video project due next week. It's going to be about my grandmother's accident that happened about three years ago. In my video, I want to include news clips from a news website but I don't know how. Here's one video I would like to include. Please, no web links that will lead me to places so I can READ and find it myself, I've already done that I want to download them to an Apple Computer and my Windows Vista. Many thanks to those who will have help(ed) me :]

How do you download videos from news websites?
I need hand gestures my speech. Here is my speech Good morning/afternoon, Ms. Goodenough and fellow classmates. Would you like to know about the truth and the facts behind McDonald's? McDonald's has been spreading in our society today and every few months we hear about how a study has shown that it is bad for us or good for us. What are we to believe? In the speech it will talk about how the company began and it's facts, the positive side on McDonald's, and the negative side on McDonald's.[5] The company began in 1940, with a restaurant opened by Dick and Mac McDonald in San Bernardino, California. It all began when the brothers, Dick and Mac opened a hot dog stand called The Airdrome at the airport in Monrovia, California on 1937. The brothers then moved their stand to San Bernardino, California, where they first opened the first McDonald's restaurant, on U.S., route 66, at 14th and E Street, on May 5, 1940. Milkshake-mixer salesman Ray Kroc becomes fascinated by the McDonald's restaurant during a sales visit. Kroc approached the McDonald brothers, who have already begun franchising, with a proposition to let him franchise McDonald's restaurants outside the company's home base of California and Arizona, with him as the first franchisee. On 1963 Kroc made a children's show on WRC-TV called Bozo the Clown, after the show was canceled they made a new mascot, named Ronald McDonald.[6] Now to the good news. McDonald's has some good things like cheap food, if you buy a meal there it only cost less than $10 or even $5. It is worth it because their foods taste good and some of them are healthy like the Grilled chicken wrap with mustard, scrambled eggs, salads with grilled chicken, diet cola, water, juice, apple slices without the caramel dip. McDonald's menu has any kinds of alternatives like the beverages, breakfast, condiments, desserts/snacks, sauces, sandwiches, french fries, and salads. McDonald's do charity work for the children that needs help, they registered charities that help improve the physical and emotional quality of life for children with serious illness, chronic conditions and disabilities, and their families. Their restaurant are good for young kids because it is child friendly, they have toys for the kids to play with, they have the Happy Meal, along with the play land for the kids to enjoy.[5] Lastly, the negative effects. When eating for a month, for example when you eat 3 meals per day, McDonald's can cause your liver to fat liver, makes your cholesterol high like in the 2 hundreds, depression and makes you feel exhausted. In larger effects, McDonald's can cause you to have 2 times the heart disease and heart failure, massive cravings and head aches. McDonald's foods also carries LOTS of trans fat! Did you know that one medium fry has 5 grams of trans fat, that's more than you should even have in a day. [5] You can see that McDonald's can have both positive and negative effects on our health and well-being. The bottom line is that if you eat your meal regularly, you don't have to worry too much. So the next time you eat that second or third meal, think first, whether this will be healthy for you or not? Now at least you know what McDonald's is doing to you and what is not doing to you. Now, here is my question for the honourable judges, audience, teachers, quests, and fellow classmates 'Should people eat at McDonald's?'

Hand gestures and toning help!?
I want to buy a new one but want to make sure i get the latest so the new ones don't come out a few months after I buy one. Also where on the internet can i find news about this?

When will apple/mac come out with new computers?
i just got a new one its still adjusting. theres times he lets me pet him and stroke him gently he likes it and he starts talking :] but theres times im not sure if i scare him or if he just iust is'nt used to me or if he doesnt like me because he turn around and snap like a dog and bite he's made me bleed twice. its not like i neglect him or anything. i feed him, carrots, apples, celery, grass etc. but it seems everytime i try to pick him up he bites. is it cuz im hurting him or startling him? i wanna be a good guinea pig care taker. i got him a nice big cage bigger than you think not a starter cage because i have a big room its niiiice and big for him. i clean his cage every 3 days. i dont bathe him because i heard they bath themselves. i dont use anything harsh to clean his cage i have a special cage cleaning spray that you clean it with then rinse and dry i put news paper on the bottom stredded paper on topand just a little bit of cedar. i have an iglue he loves to sleep in at night. so basically my questions here were. is it normal for them to eat paper? like shred it. why is he biting? if he needs a bath whats the right way to do it? can they eat bannanas? when he smells them he goes nuts. but i've never fed him one because i dont know is there anything harmful for a guinea pig in them? plz and thanks -brittany.

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