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iPhone 2009

iPhone 2009What is the name of the song played during the Lacoste commercial with Andy Roddick-French Open 2009?
can i use the headphones on any phone that has a 3.5 mm jack or can i use it on any mp3 player say an apple nano because it said just for iphone and black berry . i will be getting the new palm pre will they work for that phone any feed back would be great thanks

im going to get the new 2009 skullcandy full metal jacket with the in line mic my only question is?
i want to buy an iphone from dubai in UAE how much would it cost now in 2009. the old one classic one or the new 3g

How much does a iphone cost in dubai, uae. the old one classic one or the new 3g?
If the iPhone 2009 were to be announced next week at the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) when would it be likely to b released?

Question about the iPhone 2009?
•Includes netbook, AC adapter, three-cell lithium-polymer battery, and HP mini sleeve •1.6GHz Intel Atom processor N270 •8.9" diagonal WSVGA LED BrightView widescreen display with 1024x600 resolution •1024MB DDR2 system memory •16GB flash drive •802.11b/g wireless •Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 with up to 128MB total available graphics memory •Stereo speakers •HD audio •Built-in Web cam, microphone •82-key keyboard, 92% full size •TouchPad •Integrated 10/100 Base-T ethernet •Energy Star-qualified •2-in-1 memory card reader: compatible with SD, MMC •Two USB 2.0 ports •iPhone-compatible microphone/headphone combo jack •RJ-45 port •Notebook expansion port •Genuine Windows XP Home Edition, SP3 •MS Works •Norton Internet Security 2009 with 60-day live updates •Adobe Acrobat Reader •Measures approximately 10-1/4"L x 6-1/2"D x 1"H •UL listed adapter; 1-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty Cost about 330 bucks.

What do you think about this HP mini?
I own the following systems: Xbox360 PlayStation2 PlayStation3 Wii DS SP (the Gameboy before the DS...) Nintendo Gamecube iPhone PC My favorite on each console (no particular order...) Xbox360 - Dead Rising, L4D, and Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2009 PS2 - Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando, GTA: San Andreas, and GTA: Vice City PS3 - Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction and GTA 4 Wii - Wii Sports, Wii Play, and Endless Ocean DS - Nintendogs: Labrador and Friends and Metroid Prime (forgot the title) SP - Warioland 4 and Super Mario Brothers 4, and Pokemon: Leaf Green Version Gamecube - King Kong, Super Smash Bros., and Teen Titans iPhone - Resident Evil: Degeneration, Bloons, TapDefense, and Tanzen PC - Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection So as you can see I have a wide range of likes... What are some good action/shooter/horror/strategy/etc. games for any of those systems? I've never tried the Silent Hill, Resident Evil, BioShock, Dead Space, Resistance, or anything like that but I really want to, which is the best series/game? I personally play Xbox360 and PS3 the most so games for that would be best. Please and thank you. And sorry for the long question. :)...and thanks, yo wassup! and Bob for actaully answering my question.Go screw yourself Jesse G and Yav. I'm spoiled because I have money to buy extra things that I don't need? No. So stfu.

What Games Should I Get...?
i've heard differen't things and i'm not sure what is true. i have the first iPhone that came out and the screen cracked! =[ i want to get a new one but i want to know if i should wait if there is a new iPhone coming out. thanks for your help!

Is a new iPhone coming out in 2009 for sure?
Where I can Find Latest About Mobile Phone, iPhone Update?

Free iPhone, Mobile Phone Update 2009?

What should i get an iphone or sidekick lx 2009?
I heard that there was going to be a software update, scheduled to be realeased in June 2009, is this true? If not, when will it be realeased?

iPhone 3g Software update?
I think they use 3G over there I'm planning on buying the new iteration of the iPhone (2009's 3G v2 or whatever they'll call it) so, assuming it can be jailbroken, and would work with a payg sim card, would it fit Japan's requirements and is there a company that would provide a reasonable Pay as you go phone/data service (I'll be staying for about a month) Links to plans would be appreciated!

WWDC 2009: New 32GB iPhone V3 at Carphone Warehouse should be 3GS ...
The Carphone Warehouse system is showing up the all new Apple iPhone 2009 and it has been marked as the 32GB iPhone V3, we have known about this for a few days but thought we would hold off for a bit to see what happens today. ...

Observers say: Do not expect new iPhone 2009 at WWDC » Phone Reviews
When WDDC 2009 starts in Sans Francisco today, techies may well be disappointed as observers apparently do not expect that a new iPhone 2009 will be unveiled, states an article on mercurynews. The reason observers don't reckon on a new ...

T-Mobile leak: New iPhone 2009 and iPhone 3G V2 to be revealed at ...
This is very exciting news everyone, even before the WWDC gets on the way more images relating to the upcoming iPhone 2009 have leaked. While many have been.

Are observers wrong about new iPhone 2009 no-show at WWDC? » Phone ...
Poll: Are observers wrong about new iPhone 2009 no-show at WWDC? The reason we are asking for your vote below is because we reported earlier about observers (Analysts) saying that the new iPhone 2009 will be a no-show at WDDC 2009 event ...

Do you think new iPhone 2009 will bury the Palm Pre? » Phone Reviews
Today sees the start of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, and it is highly expected that the new iPhone 2009 or what is rumoured to now be called the iPhone 3GS will be unveiled. If Apple does unveil the iPhone ...

New iPhone 2009: Photos before WWDC 2009 : Product Reviews Net
The leaked photos that we have seen so far are very blurry, but according to The iPhone Blog, they certainly look real to him. The first leaked shots were of a replacement bezel for the new iPhone 2009 appearing on a Chinese replacement ...

RUMOR: The Latest iPhone 2009 Spy Photo Spotted! | News, video ...
With the new Apple iPhone 2009 announced on Monday, here is the latest spy photo of the new addition, with minimal changes you could find on the slightly.

Rumor: The Latest iPhone 2009 Spy Photo - SlashPhone
With the new iPhone 2009 announced on Monday tomorrow, here is the latest spy photoof the new addition, with minimal changes you could find on the blur photo. » The Latest iPhone 2009 Spy Photo
Although there might not be a brand new design for the iPhone 2009, the new iPhone is surely prepared itself for more market shares. Other than the initial 8GB, 16GB and 32GB options, a much cheaper 4GB version will be available in a...

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