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iPhone 3GS

iphone 3gsIf I want a new iPhone, do I have to get a whole new plan too?
Just wondering what apps and programs you guys have on your iPhone 3Gs. I got Winterboard last night and there's just so much to choose from. Anyone want to narrow down the most popular themes/nice ones? Any apps you guys recommend, etc?

Recommended winterboard themes on Cydia?
I know 1G uses edge internet. But what is the different between 2G and 3G? 1G and to 2G or is 2G and 3G the same? Why are there 3Gs for only 2 phones?What is a 2G iPhone?

Why are there three G's of iphone but there are only 2 available?
Hi I have a first generation iPhone that I have had and have loved for about nine months now. In December of 2008 my girlfriend and I both got new iPhone 3Gs and so I had no real need for the first iPhone though I kept it as a spare. However the first iPhone I have and still have wasn't working right. I recently took it to my local apple store and they restored it for me. However after restoring it they said I was to activate it online. While I have an AT&T account it would seem that I cannot have two activated iPhones with the same number and so I am stuck with this unusable iPhone because I cannot activate it. Can anyone help?? Thanks so much!

iPhone 2.2.1 Activate and Unlock?
I went on to my at&t account about a few weeks ago and it said that i could get and 8gb iphone 3g but i went back on today and it only showed the 16gb iphone 3gs and iphone 3gs. Why is that?

How come I cant get the refurbished iphone 3g 8gb anymore when it used to be there?
my iphone 3gs screen won't turn on. i still hear all the noises but i can't view ANNYTHINGG. i tried turning it off and that won't work. neither of the buttons work. i tried plugging it in the charger as well. but that doesn't work either. please help me ?

helppppp with my iPhone 3g please. the screen won't turn on. ?
i stay in dallas tx anybody have iphone 3gs forsale good price

I want An iphone 3g were can i get one with out a contract with att i have tmobile.?
I want to get an iphone but i have sprint. is there a way i can unlock it. and will sprint know im using an iphone?

can iphone 3gs be unlocked so it works for sprint?
I live in Canada and I want to purchase an iPhone 3G without the three-year contract from Fido or Rogers. I found, a website that sells unlocked 16GB iPhone 3Gs. I wanted an 8GB but I’ll splurge for a 16. Has anyone dealt with puremobile before? How did you fare with them?

Yay or Nay, purchasing an unlocked iPhone 3G from
i have a red samsung rant that is like one of the best phones in the world accept for an occasional freeze but all i do is restart it and everything works for my next phone i was at a store and they had iphone 3gs sitting out me and my friend played them and also loved then i also like the blackberry storm but what phone do you have and do you like it?

Do you have a samsung rant do you like it or do you have an iphone do you like it?
hey guys, for xmas i really wanna get an iPhone 3G, but there is no iPhone provider in the country i live in, and HARDWARE unlocked iphone 3g cost US $1000. there'll finally be a software unlock on 31 December (DEV-TEAM managed to unlock it) but on the requirements it mentions; " * This unlock method is available to iPhone 3Gs that have 2.11.07 baseband or earlier, we did warn you." if i buy the iPhone for xmas it'll probably have the newer baseband version. IS IT POSSIBLE TO DOWNGRADE THE BASELINE? is it still worth it to get the iPhone going through all this trouble. and yes, im buying it in the us (pls dont give me "in store activation crap) thank you!

Apple iPhone 3GS to get WWDC unveil? Rumor roundup - SlashGear
With the Apple WWDC 2009 Keynote a matter of hours away now, it seems as good a time as any to wrap up the latest next-gen iPhone rumors. We've already heard.

iPhone 3GS: Apple's codename for tomorrow's unveiling?
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New iPhone Called iPhone 3GS? (AAPL)
What's the 'S' stand for? Speed? Super? Sexy? Special? Steve?

Gizmodo - Rumor: Next iPhone Code Named 'iPhone 3GS' - iPhone
John Gruber of Daring Fireball, certainly no stranger on this site to iPhone news, rumors and speculation, is positive tomorrow's event will feature an "iPhone 3GS".

WWDC Tomorrow: iPhone 3GS?
While previous rumors had Apple announcing iPhone video tomorrow at WWDC 2009, Daring Fireball's John Gruber has just put up his predictions and, at least.

What's In A Name? That Which We Call An “iPhone 3GS” By Any Other ...
We're on the verge of Apple's WWDC keynote tomorrow morning in San Francisco. We'll be there covering it live starting at 10 AM ...

2009 WWDC Predictions: New iPhone 3GS, OS 3.0 Release Date?
Latest News on the iPhone 3G in Canada, Tips, Tricks and Forums!

Apple WWDC 2009: iPhone 3GS and Video on the money : Product ...
The start of Apple's WWDC 2009 is drawing closer and the roundup of rumors is proving that the iPhone 3GS and video capabilities on the new handset are right on the money. PC Pro and Computerworld Blogs both agree that we will see the ...

New iPhone to be unveiled at WWDC as iPhone 3GS? » Phone Reviews
They predict the new iPhone 3GS will have double the speed, RAM and onboard storage, and will be sold at $199 for the 16GB and $299 for a 32GB iPhone 3GS with a lower priced 8GB being the current iPhone 3G with a price tag of $99.

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