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IT-industry: betting on Obama

February 18 Barack ObamaFebruary 18, U.S. President Barack Obama, signed a plan to stimulate the U.S. economy of $ 787 billion before to put its signature to the document, the head of the White House noted that "today does not mean the end of the economic problems, but it will be the beginning of their end".

Of the money the U.S. economy has been waiting for, like manna from heaven. Undoubtedly, part of the allocated funds will be in the IT-industry: something directly, but something - through the corporate IT-budgets. Do not forget that the United States - the largest in the world computer market, and its rise necessarily trigger the growth of IT-companies in the world. But, as I once said, "post" IT-industry will be dramatically different from what we all saw back in mid-2008.

By the end of 2008, the U.S. economy has lost 2.6 million jobs. Obama hopes that his economic program will create up to 4 million new jobs. In addition, the White House plan assumes an increase in unemployment benefits, reconstruction of transport infrastructure, investment in new technologies, including alternative energy.


Company Cisco Systems announced plans to issue bonds worth $ 4 billion, the proceeds of the sale is scheduled to spend the funds on a number of major acquisitions. However, it is not known for certain what the company and the price going to buy Cisco. Terry Albershtayn Cisco representative said that the $ 500 million of the proceeds will go to repay the amount of debt the company. The remainder of the funds will be used for "general corporate purposes, which may be attributed, and a deal to purchase new assets.

I recall that very recently during a quarterly conference the representative of Cisco CEO John Chambers also said that the producer will continue to aggressively invest in new markets. He also noted that the absorption of other companies remain part of the strategy for Cisco to enter into new segments. The most significant acquisitions in recent years have become Cisco acquisitions Scientific Atlanta for $ 6.9 billion (2005), Linksys, which was bought for $ 500 million in 2003-m, and WebEx - the year 2007, $ 3.2 billion

Now, as the most likely acquisition of the Western media company called EMC and VMware. The latest EMC owns a large stake, and Cisco - a minority. For now, however, EMC is the market capitalization of approximately $ 24 billion, and VMWare - about $ 10 billion, yet it is too expensive for Cisco. As other potential acquisitions are considered company NetApp, Sun Microsystems, Red Hat and BMC. Also not ruled out the possibility of acquiring Cisco service Skype company eBay.

Cisco now have about $ 30 billion of cash, but most of these funds is located in the foreign accounts of the company, and only $ 3.2 billion - in the United States. But, according to experts, even in times of global financial crisis and the crisis in the credit market from a company like Cisco, it is possible to obtain a loan on favorable terms.

Company Toshiba and Fujitsu came to an agreement, under which Toshiba will buy the business unprofitable HDD-Fujitsu. Transaction should be completed between April and June. Its first step is to bring together all HDD-Fujitsu units into one company, 80% of the shares to be acquired by Toshiba. The remaining 20% will remain with Fujitsu was not yet at a certain period, after which they will go again to Toshiba. According to its representatives, with the help of the transaction, the company plans to enter the markets hard disk drives for servers and systems for data storage, plus enhance its SSD-business.

In AMD prepared another surprise for Intel. The company intends to release a new processor, code-named Callisto. A surprise is that until this announcement in the official plans for anything like AMD does not appear.

The manufacturer decided to go the same way as in the case of the CPU Heka. The latter is a smart Deneb, but with three cores instead of four. 45-nanometer Callisto is also built on the basis of Deneb, has two core, 1 MB cache second level and third level of 6 MB. New product will be serious competition not only dual-core Pentium, but chipam family of Core 2 Duo. Exit Callisto is scheduled for II quarter 2009. Samsung Electronics intends to reduce its capital costs in 2009 to 35% - to $ 4.85 billion, however, Samsung officials refused to comment on these data. According to them, an investment plan for this year are not yet ready, but a strong reduction in costs is unavoidable. As the association of Korean manufacturers of Federation of Korean Industries, the largest 600 companies of the country will reduce its capital spending by an average of 2.5%. According to the federation, the last eight years, capital costs of Korean businesses only grew. Ben Vervayen, head of Alcatel-Lucent, the Franco-American giant market of telecommunications equipment, said that in the next two months, the company is unlikely to face a big negative surprises. Vervayen also reported: in spite of the fact that the company has written off the assets last month for $ 4.9 billion (and he could not promise that this will not happen again), however, "there is no reason to make this happen again. Our balance currently reflects the reality honestly and transparently. " Also, the head of the company informed that the leadership does not see any reason to continue a serious reduction in costs. Now, he said, the company has a good strategy, which should begin to act.

Manufacturer of memory modules Transcend Information may be made in February, a record supply of its products - more than 10 million units. But back in January, the company managed to ship 7.21 million units of its products, which was at 25.4% less than last month. However, compared with the same period last year showed a large amount of supply growth - 64,4%. Note also that most of the shipments in are still products on the market NAND-memory (58.7%). With regard to individual markets, the Transcrend note: emerging markets such as Russia, India and Eastern Europe could soon become the main base for further growth.

Internet Business

Popular mikroblogov service Twitter has received additional funding of $ 35 million and announced that he was prepared to "the beginning of the creation of products that will generate revenue." As reported in the official Twitter blog, one of the founders of Biz Stone, the financing of venture capital firms provide International Venture Partners and Benchmark. It is also known that Peter Fenton, a representative of Benchmark, went to the board of directors Twitter. According to the service, now the number of registered users of Twitter more than 6 million people. Russia's economic losses due to spam is $ 1,3-1,9 billion a year, according to the study of auditing and consulting company FBK. The experts draw attention to the FCO that the loss of the Russian economy against spam is significantly lower than, for example, in the United States - a loss for the year 2007, the assessment of American specialists were $ 71 billion According to the FCO, is due to several reasons: in Russia significantly lower cost labor force, number of employees using e-mail to Russia seven times less than in the United States, and in addition, as demonstrated by the study, users of e-mail in Russia in 2,5 times more quickly remove spam.

The most popular network in the United States, which offers site owners to earn through advertising, has become a Sedo Parking. On her page go 6.09% site visitors this market segment. Such data are provided in the rating company Hitwise, published at Marketing Charts. With Sedo Parking is not the owner of any domain can be used to place advertising on it and get money for clicks on ads.

Second place in the ranking with the rate of 2.65% took the site Webring - social network established in 1994, at a site which has more than 40 thousand communities. At Webring site comes more than three million visitors a month. Webring is what connects the sites with common themes in the one network that allows them to increase attendance.

In third place was Google Adwords, which allows you to place contextual advertising on the Internet. At the site of Google Adwords comes to 2.18% of visitors from Hitwise analyzed the ten million. In addition to these sites, the five were also Entrecard and Gametcetera.com.

Hitwise also published a title page and top portals, the most commonly offered by the Americans. The leader of the rating was the Yahoo! c market share in more than 60%. For them to go far behind MSN and My Yahoo.

Administration Barak Obama has contributed $ 7.2 billion in the first step in implementing its program of expanding networks of broadband Internet access in the United States. "These funds - only a fraction of the amount necessary to us" - said Blair Levin, the President's communications and telecommunications. Expected that the connectivity of broadband access in rural and other remote areas of the U.S. will spend about $ 44 billion

Software Business

Microsoft plans to open a retail chain in major cities around the world. Such a move analysts saw as an attempt to find additional markets, with a maximum saturation of the core market. Especially for that Microsoft has created riteylerovoe unit head appointed by the former corporate vice president of retail empire Wal-Mart Stores, David Porter. The new network will sell commercial PCs installed with Microsoft, as well as other products.

Analysts acknowledge that the current world situation, such diversification of business - one way out of the crisis. The meaning of the retail network would be to expand the product line: Microsoft already has a few lines of assembly of computers, and now the question is, will the company continue to build PCs under its own brand.

In addition, by opening its own stores, the company will get closer contact with end consumers. In the image the store should be presented not only drives with software, but also a visual device, on which the software works: personal computers, laptops, mobile phones, smart phones, browsers, games.

Losses Asustek in the IV quarter of 2008 totaled $ 82 million, said the company's financial report. For comparison: the profit for the same period in 2007 exceeded $ 220 million this way, Asustek has demonstrated the first unprofitable period beginning with the first deployment of the company's shares on the stock exchanges in 1996. According to Asustek, a performance company in the IV quarter of identified global economic crisis, which, in particular, dropped the demand for its monitors.

Nevertheless, analysts predict that Asustek profitable company in the I quarter of 2009, for which the manufacturer intends to sell 800 thousand laptops, 1 million netbukov Eee PC and 4,5-5 million motherboards. In addition, Asustek aims to decrease the average time spent at the corporate stock of goods up to the time of the sale of 60-70 days in the IV quarter to 40-50 in the current, thereby reducing the transaction costs by 10%.

Game Industry

Former employees of Ensemble Studios was founded by a new company called Robot Entertainment. While it is not known whether they will take the creation of strategies for personal computers, or try their strength in the development of other genres of games.

Studio Robot Entertainment headed by Tony Gudmen, a founding member of the Ensemble. In addition, the company will be working people, has long worked on a series Age of Empires. As reported on the official website of the studio, currently Robot Entertainment does not need new staff.

Information that Microsoft will close Ensemble Studios for financial reasons, appeared in September last year. The company stated that the development team will be disbanded immediately after the exit strategy Halo Wars. In early February 2009 Ensemble Studio officially ceased to exist.

Let me remind you that Ensemble Studios was founded in 1995. In 2001 it bought the corporation Microsoft. After the dissolution of Ensemble became aware that its members are planning to establish two new companies. One of them should take up the support of Halo Wars.

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