Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New iPhone Release

New iPhone ReleaseOmnia HD or iPhone 3G S?
with the WWDC, and apple releasing the iphone 3G S, nothing was released about the new ipod touch. im interested in the 32gb, but rumours on other websites are saying there will be a 64gb w/ a camera for the same price! what do you think???

buy ipod touch now? or wait for 3rd generation?
i am due for an upgrade and have been looking at the new curve and the iphone 3g(s). now with the release of the iphone 3g(s) i have more to debate about. I currently have the blackberry 8800. any suggestion on which phone to get?

Blackberry Curve 8900 or iphone 3g(s)?
The release of the new iPhone 3G S was today. Honestly, I expected a LOT more from apple here. Except for better speeds, it's basically just a new software download. I mean, i know that there's the better camera features and everything, but now that they've dropped the price of the regular iPhone 3G to $99, the extra features that come with the S aren't worth an extra hundred bucks. Anyone agree???

Was anyone else disappointed by the iPhone 3G S?
I have a few cracked applications on my iPhone 3G which is now running on 2.2.1. I know that if I upgrade to 3.0 (Golden Master), I can not jailbreak it as QuickPwn is not yet released for 3.0 Final. I know that means I would lose all third-party applications but would I lose my cracked AppStore Applications which is recognized and already backed up by iTunes 8.2?

Will my cracked apps still show up if I upgrade to OS 3.0 (GM) and don't jailbreak my iPhone 3G with 2.2.1?
Ok I was thinking of buying an iPhone but then I heard rumors that Apple was going to release a new Generation iPhone so I waited and finally they announced, the iPhone 3G S. So now I ask what's the difference because I saw the pictures of the 3G S and on the outside its basically the same thing, well I didn't see any physical differences but if you just upgrade the original 3G to the 3.0 firmware, isn't it the same thing?

What is the difference between the iPhone 3G & the new iPhone 3G S?

does the iphone 3gs (released today) come in white?
I saw the press release for the new iphone 3GS. But I did not see when they were going to roll out the new software upgrade for existing iphone users that was going to have mms, landscape texting, etc. Anyone know when this will be?

When is the software upgrade 3.0 coming out for the iphone?
I happen to be going away on a trip to NY when the New iPhone 3GS is being released, and would like to be able to use one while I am there. I am a California resident, and would like to know if there would be any fees or restrictions that would prevent me from signing up for AT&T and getting an iPhone while im in NY, even though it will be primarily used in California.

Is It Possible Sign Up For AT&T In A State Other Than Your State Of Residence?
I still have another year on my contract but I would like to upgrade to the iPhone 3GS when its released on the 19th. I have a iPhone 3G now and I would gladly pay the $200 for the iPhone 3GS then just swap the phones. I've called AT&T and the representative says she doesn't know and I'm like wtf....

Can I upgrade to the iPhone 3GS even though I'm still in a 2 year contract with my iPhone 3G?
I just upgraded to an 8 gig iPhone 3G with AT&T less than three weeks ago (paid 199, extended contract for 2 years, etc.) Now that the new iphone 3G S is coming out in two weeks, should I be able to upgrade to it for free? I seem to remember something similar to this when the iphone 3g came out last summer, AT&T let customers who had purchased a first gen iphone upgrade to the 3G for free, provided they had purchased their first phone within a month of the 3G release.

IPhone Release Date News: Software 3.0 vs. New Handset : Product ...
While a new iPhone would most likely come with the latest firmware installed, the release date would be months after the WWDC 2009 event today, although the download for the new iPhone 3.0 firmware would come much sooner. ...

New iPhone Release
New iPhone Release-WWDC 2009 Apple revealed the new iPhone called the iPhone 3G S9 ( the s stands for speed).Compared to the 3G S9 is about 4 times faste.

New iPhone Release
That goes without saying, but Apple is really trying to up-sell customers just as they come out of that first two-year contract on the iPhone, and with the new iPhone release date will surely become a growing excitement just to have the ...

New iPhone 3GS announced, pricing and release dates
Windows, Apple & Linux Technology news with Gamer and Software updates across the aforementioned platforms.

New iPhone OS 3.0 Release Date: June 17th : Product Reviews Net
New iPhone OS 3.0 Release Date: June 17th. Scott Forstall is back on stage and wishes to talk to us about how Apple's job is to “make developers successful.” With this in mind, he then adds that the iPhone OS 3.0 will be available on ...

New iPhone 3.0 OS: TomTom to release turn-by-turn directions app ...
TomTom is to release a turn-by-turn directions app for the new iPhone 3.0 OS. The app will deliver all the TomTom features that we know and love in an iPhone interface. Some of the features include text-to-speech, this will announce ...

Gaming Nexus - Apple announces new iPhone, the 3.0 OS release date ...
The most important was the introduction of a new iPhone, called the iPhone 3G S. It will have more features and functionality (including some that should have been available since day one), but more importantly will be up to 2x faster ...

New iPhone announced, 3.0 upgrade dated // News
According to benchmark tests revealed by Apple, the iPhone 3GS will see significant performance increases over the previous hardware release, the iPhone 3G, with messages loading 2.1x faster, the game SimCity launching 2.4x faster, ...

New iPhone 3GS Pre-order: ship on release date : Product Reviews Net
One Response to “New iPhone 3GS Pre-order: ship on release date”. Kevin says: June 9, 2009 at 6:40 am. I just ordered my 32gb white 3gs. Can't wait for it to come. Apple says it'll be here on the 19th. Guess whose calling out of work ...

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