Tuesday, June 9, 2009

News from Microsoft

The largest software corporation beginning in 2009 rather rapidly. At least, judging by the number of news coming from Redmonda.

Microsoft is willing to spend $ 150 million on an advertising campaign, which aims to persuade businesses not to reduce IT-budgets in the face of crisis. The campaign, launched on 11 January, will be the last, third phase of a broader campaign, People Ready, propulsive business applications and Microsoft has already done three years in a row. As the slogan was chosen as a new phase of the phrase "It's everybody's business". During the campaign these customers Microsoft will talk about how technology had helped their business. Among the participants in the campaign - Marketing Director of Coca Cola in North America, the head of the American unit Nestle Co-founder and producer of consumer goods Method. Stories of business were recorded over the phone, and then superimposed on an animated video. This allowed to save money on the production of commercials and to stress the cheap modern means of communication. In one of the advertisements Microsoft, located in the press, also said that video conferencing allows businesses to save on air flights. According to the forecasts of Forrester Research, the growth rate of expenditure on information technology in 2009 will be the lowest in the past six years and will total 1.6%. In total IT-budgets in the United States will be allocated $ 573 billion dollars.

The game console, which should change the Xbox 360, is unlikely to be released in the near future, the news agency Bloomberg. According to the president of entertainment units Microsoft Robbie Bach, Xbox 360 will remain in the market for longer than the Xbox. I recall that the prefix Xbox was released in 2001. Its successor, the Xbox 360 came out in 2005-m, that is, four years later. This means that the console is a new generation of commentators have already dubbed Xbox 720, do not go at least until 2010. According to Bach, release a more powerful console itself is not enough to conquer the market. He added that other new-generation consoles - such as the PlayStation 3 and Wii - likely kept on the market longer than their predecessors. In addition, Bach said that Microsoft intends to await the end of a recession. It should be noted that Robbie Bach, in the past fiscal year, led his unit made a profit, although the previous two years it has lost three billion dollars. During the first 11 months of 2008, consumers bought 3.3 million consoles Microsoft. Nintendo has sold 11 million Wii, and Sony - 2,8 million PlayStation 3.

The Israeli company N-trig, to develop technologies for use with touch screen, has attracted in the next round of financing of $ 24 million investment. One of the investors became a corporation Microsoft. In addition to Microsoft in a group of investors who invested in N-trig, includes companies such as Aurum Ventures, Challenger, Canaan Partners and Evergreen Venture Partners. N-trig representatives emphasized that the funds are planning to spend on further development of sensor interfaces. In addition, the company intends to cooperate more closely with computer manufacturers. Also, representatives of N-trig stated that intend to integrate their technology with the operating system Windows 7, which supports the sensor controls. It is expected that the users will be able to work with the intuitive interface. The headquarters of N-trig is in Israel. Branches operating in the U.S. and Taiwan. Currently, N-trig technology used in its computers, the Dell and HP.

And, finally, it became known last week, a joint release of Windows 7 and Office 14 will not, because the new version of Microsoft's office applications will be released only in 2010. One source of this information is a screenshot of the slide, which was published in the blog UX Evangelist, that Office 14 is released in 2010-m. Of the other details associated with Office 14 and have appeared in recent years, experts note, special attention has been given in the development of online services and cloud computing technologies.

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