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Review Monitor ViewSonic VLED221wm

ViewSonic VLED221wmLED lighting is slowly beginning to come into the market and home displays. Rumors about the beginning of the mass supply of various major manufacturers of monitors, LED matrix go quite a long time, but only now on the market first began to appear "live" panel. The pioneer in the promotion of LED-backlighting on the domestic market became the company monitors ViewSonic, released dvadtsatidvuhdyuymovuyu panel VLED221wm.

The uniqueness of the monitor is not in the LED lighting, which some manufacturers have used successfully before, but that in this case, the monitor with this type of lighting used conventional modern inexpensive TN-matrix. In so doing, the first monitor with LED-backlit targeted at the mass market rather than a narrow cohort of professionals who are willing to lay out for equipment killing, by the standards of an ordinary person, the amount. Out of this model led to a kind of excitement - not even many computer publications and media deemed it my duty to mention the release of "elite" technology to a wide market. Announcements curtsies and distributed to the right and left - note, in magazines and on the IT-portals promised unique color accuracy, enhanced color coverage, supporting the user hitherto not experienced juicy and pure colors and highest contrast value.

However, it is necessary to clarify the situation. Imaging in the TN-matrix occurs in the same way as before, and through the LED lights we have just expanded color coverage, the other parameters of the monitor - response time or viewing angles - its use does not affect. In addition, the monitor's color accuracy is determined mainly by the electronics settings panel and the backlight is involved only indirectly. Even the claimed value of the contrast of 12000:1 is achieved through the use of dynamic contrast. As a result, some experts were skeptical prospects VLED221wm appreciated against the backdrop of mass "a" delight, decided that ovchinka no dressing - Increased color coverage home users, they say, is not necessary, but everything else is normal and monitors with cathode lamps (CCFL). Yes, the image format type AdobeRGB simple user is editing, and all the advantages of the monitor with LED backlight for him is just a cleaner, more vivid colors, not the fact that it is very correct. Asked why pay for newfangled and expensive LED-backlit?

And because they like it! Because we can talk about arbitrarily overestimate the brightness or color shifted monitor, its not the most appropriate color, and the buyer will come into the store, look for juicy and clean picture on the screen, and buy it. And it's fully human, not everyone needs a professional monitor with accurate color, and with its use of features, many need a monitor with a "beautiful picture", that was a pleasure to watch and enjoy life. So here we want to emphasize that the ViewSonic VLED221wm - this is a monitor in order to "enjoy life" - pop, tech, with a juicy image. So, high precision color rendering and other professional characteristics, as we have said, the LED lighting does not have a relationship. We just "unusual" and the road home monitor, and precisely because of this we will assume, in assessing this bar.


Design Monitor ViewSonic VLED221wm, in contrast to the internals of it, nothing particularly innovative is not allocated. He is accustomed to the other monitors the American manufacturer and trapetsiobraznaya Each stand. Many perceived that the "LED" display to be significantly thinner than "tube", as is the case with the matrices in laptops, but, as practice shows, the actual effect of substantially reducing the thickness of the panel virtually none. And, frankly, has been fighting for centimeter or two does not make sense.

The monitor is fully implemented in the coal-black glossy plastic of good quality. By the way, though a brilliant and a little light in the plastic decoration of the monitor like it is not everything, but thanks to its use VLED221wm looks very elegant and sophisticated. Sharma added, and overflowing with the smooth forms, which although still under the strict classical design, but still alive face the monitor. Fault can only mean that the monitor looks a bit heavy because of the massive stands and blocks audiokolonok below the screen. However, if you can stand to make a claim, the audiokolonok that regard, it is necessary to bear in mind that the momentum built not only good for the monitor output of two and a half watts each, but also equipped with a proprietary system, SRS WOW HD.

Speaking of the stand - as seen in the photos, nothing special, apart from the glossy plastic, it can not boast, and therefore the possibility of changing the provisions of the screen we have at least - there simply tilt the panel back in the entire twenty-two degrees. Honestly, I would like to more.

Equipment and connection

In a typical display using the cold cathode lamp (CCFL), as well as a set of color filters - blue, red and green, respectively, through which passes white light bulbs. Control the degree of light, you can control the brightness of the blue, red and green shades of a pixel and create a certain color. To control the light used by the cells of liquid crystals that change the plane of polarization of light passing through them, depending on the voltage applied to them. In this case, the problem is that the light from the lamps are not fully "white" and therefore had to use an additional filter, or to sacrifice some range of rotation of crystals. One way or another, but it imposes some restrictions on the scope of color monitors, that is, they displayed a range of colors. In the case of LED range is much "cleaner" and therefore the range of colors displayed on your monitor them more. Modules based on the LED lights are built either on the "white" LEDs (as usually happens in the matrices for laptops) or in packages of basic LED colors (RGB-LED). The biggest color coverage provide the same as last time, which, by the way, and used, according to the press, to monitor ViewSonic VLED221wm. In addition to color coverage, the advantage of LED backlighting in its ideal of uniformity (in theory). Plus, you can try to customize the color of light that can be used to color calibrate your monitor. Also, LEDs have a great life, displays based on them are designed for 100,000 hours of work.

Easy to notice that the passport details of the monitor application of LED backlight module practically not affected. Is proud to add the item - the value of color in the entire coverage area 118% NTSC, and the brightness is slightly below normal. Otherwise, we are a normal TN-matrix with the usual set of values.

Color and other characteristics

Lights to LEDs affects a much greater extent on the visual perception of the image, rather than on some objective parameters, which are responsible directly to the matrix itself and manage electronics. So it should come as no surprise that the results shown by the monitor ViewSonic VLED221wm in terms of color, are on the average level of the normal mass TN-matrix. Of the positive features worth noting are the qualitative conclusion of shades of black and gray. Ordinary household monitors are almost always slightly peresvechennye, these templates allow you to serious color deviation. With regard to the color shades, for example, the same yellow, the monitor issues a wishful thinking, and bright and juicy colors such pleasing to the eye, are not quite objectively those that were presented at the video monitor.

The depth of black in the display is impressive, in which the credit is not the least of which is perfectly flat lighting. In conventional displays, as though we may like, but the lights are always flaws in the form of a bright area of the screen or the reflection of light. In our previous tests, when we wrote that a monitor's backlight to its beautiful black uniformity, it was only in comparison with conventional displays with lighting for CCFL lamps. A "LED" matrix in this regard, just outside of competition. With regard to the brightness of white, then, in our view, it is somewhat high, and more comfortable will reduce the brightness in the settings menu.

In general, the color setting of the monitor is some criticism - it is, in principle, for the usual cheap TN-matrix, but, given the LED backlight and nemalenkuyu price monitor, I would like to see a more sensitive attitude to flowers. So, call ViewSonic VLED 221wm suitable for serious work with the graphics of course we can not. His path - entertainment, here it is due to the excellent uniformity of the black, its depth and bright colors look very, very advantageously.

The situation with the corners of the review is typical of the TN-matrix - if the horizontal is still not bad, when the observer changes position, the vertical contrast drops significantly, and nuances of change - for example, the white becomes pink-violet hue. Recently there appeared a very good TN-matrix in the plan, but only in comparison with each other, to the corners and xVA or S-IPS matrixes them away. As a result of latitude angles review VLED221wm - serednyachok of similar class and type of matrix displays.

The work in real applications

As we already mentioned above, irrespective of whether the dynamic contrast, or off, the contrast images from ViewSonic VLED221wm very high. The level of brightness to the text can be a bit excessive for sensitive people in this regard, and it makes sense to him a little lower. And in general, due to the softness of the picture and juiciness of tones not notice that before you monitor with TN-trivial matrix that has, on the contrary, light pallor and removal inconspicuous image. Regarding the graphics, there is, as we have already said, everything is very visually lively and pleasant, but if you remember how we display the test image on the monitor of reference, you will notice that the tone of the photos on VLED221wm is replete with multiple and too tepid. With regard to smooth gradients, they are simply excellent - affect the use of LED lights. Step is visible on the factory settings before 3.3.3, and to 251,251,251. In general, however, to work with the surf and looking photos VLED221wm fits well and very accurate color reproduction in this case is not important, in the opinion of engineers ViewSonic.

When viewing the video it looks nice and juicy, and very black level and uniformity as simple great. Fault can only be to the vertical corners of the review of the matrix, but this claim is standard on all TN-matrices. Otherwise, as I said - the quality of video playback is very, very impressed.

Regarding the game, the speed at matrix ViewSonic VLED221wm does not record, and the market has more speed and adapted to the game panel. However, in this case the player must choose - either live with it faded image geymerskogo monitor (and it is they are usually just so), or play in the response time and enjoy the games juicy and colorful picture. And, frankly, a choice-it is not obvious.


ViewSonic VLED221wm - this monitor is primarily for entertainment and recreation. Due to the unprecedented rich colors, perfectly uniform illumination of the black and excellent contrast, a visual picture looks very good, and viewing videos or photos on ViewSonic VLED221wm really brings a pleasure. That is why it is intended for domestic rather than professional use, which requires a somewhat different approach to setting up the matrix. In addition, it is not hard to guess that among the buyers of this monitor will also be fans of the latest technological innovations, in the end, ViewSonic VLED221wm - this is the first consumer LCD monitor is equipped with LED backlight.

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