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Scientific Method

scientific methodHow to explain the scientific method of research?
Which statement is not how a scientist should act when using the scientific method? experiment with only a few organisms or test subjects to keep the number of variables in the experiment manageable randomize any variable that is impossible to control, like seed genetics use statistically large samples in experiments to ensure that uncontrollable variables do not skew the results test one variable at a time to ascertain its effect on the outcome of the test group

Which statement is not how a scientist should act when using the scientific method?
1.) Natural phenomena hard to explain? - Godditit. 2.) Evidence of such claims? -The Bible 3.) How is this a verifiable source? -Cuz the Bible says so 4.) Why do you put so much stock in the Bible? -It's the word of God! 5.) How do you know it's the word of God? -Cuz the Bible says so! 6.) Final Thoughts? - LAWL EVILUTION IS JUST A THEORY NOOB"if I didn't have faith, then I might be so inclined to believe a 60 plus year old professor who used to be into the flower power movement, but I'm not!" I love the fundie assumption that some old guy in a lab coat just pops out a theory and it's instantly in the science books.

Is this the fundie's version of the Scientific Method?

If something transcends matter, can we use the scientific method to UTTERLY disprove it?
Seriously, this especially goes for those who support spanking (because they say it the most often) where are all these horrible, disrespectful, little daemons everyone keeps saying need to be spanked. In all of my 21 years on this earth, I can count how many times I saw a kid truly acting up on both my hands. Which means no more than ten times. I have worked in retail for years and in the elementary schools system for about two years. The kids that are apparently so bad do not seem to exist. Yes, sometimes kids do act up or get a little rowdy, yet people here seem to act like it is a epidemic. I've come to this conclusion: with new scientific research saying how bad spanking is, parents who spank, have spanked, or were spanked themselves, feel insulted by this overwhelming negative view on spanking. So they feel they must try to defend it to protect themselves, or their parents from looking bad. They start saying things like "kids are so disrespectful these days" and "children have no respect these days." and there reasoning is that "parents are scared to discipline their children." or "the taboo on spanking has caused problems and made kids disrespectful." Please, if any of you value the future of our society, stop making things up to defend barbaric methods of discipline. Please in the face of all the scientific evidence, please admit you or your parents were wrong. I will concede to you people that I too once thought children needed to be spanked, I too once thought I deserved it as a child, I also realized it was only in defense of what my parents did because I loved them. I am thankful that I have changed and even talked to my parents about it, my mom whom was regretful would say she wish she never spanked me. AANNNNYYYWWWAAAYYY after going WAY off topic, I will tell you kids these days are NOT the disrespectful monsters people claim them to be, and in fact you disrespect them for making things up based on the actions of a few. Again, where can I find these disrespectful children?LOL The best is parents who think that people who don't want to spank, don't do anything at all. You can easily tell which parents know facts, and which parents try to cover up their "childish tantrums" (good one King). Again, this epidemic of misbehaved kids does not exist, I am certain you people are making it up, OR just view everything a kid does in a bad light. If you are talking about teenagers from underprivileged areas, that has NOTHING to do with discipline, usually it actually is because the parents are abusive at home.

So, where do I look to find all these disrespectful children everyone keeps rambling on about?

what is the definition of the scientific method?
A very common science project for young kids is making a volcano out of cardboard and using baking soda to make it erupt. But what is this teaching the kids? And in what way is it science? This is NOT how a real volcano erupts. It does not model a real volcano in any way. It does not demonstrate any geology or siesmology. It does not use the scientific method to investigate anything. It seems to me that this is just an art project. Why do so many teachers allow it to be called "science"?

baking soda volcano science project?
What Natural Selection CANNOT DO: HImmelfarb reports that: "A growing number of Scientists....have come to question the truth and adequacy of natural selection. And these are neither religious nor philosophical malcontents. So unexceptional a devotee of Science and Scientific method as Bertrand Russell has said that the "particular mechanism of "natural selection" is no longer regarded by biologists as adequate." Source: Gertrude Himmelfarb, Darwin and the Darwinian Revolution(Garden City, New York: Doubleday and Company, 1962), p.445 Her Bertrand Russellquotation is taken from Russell's book The Scientific Outlook(London, 1931), pp.43-44. Have faith dear friends in God. Isaiah 45:18 Colossians 1:16

Do all atheists place their "FAITH" in spurious Evolutionary theories?
As we do scientific research, we're amazed by the complex mechanism of the effects of those naturally incurring poisons of an animal that happen inside the body of another individual. Just like why a sperm from a male individual naturally finds its way to reach an ovum in another individual (a female) to achieve the subsequent chain reaction of fertilisation and reproduction. My hypothesis is male and female are originated from a single programmed individual at genetic level in their early ancestor, so "they" know each other well inside their program (say DNA or something else) ever since their common ancestor. Do you think the same hypothesis answers my above question of how a snake (or an animal) know its venom can poison another individual? I wonder if we're able to tackle this question by investigating the mystery inside the genome of all living organisms to find out a common password linking all of these living stuffs! How can I prove my hypothesis through scientific methods? Please give me your invaluable advice to inspire me for further investigations! I am looking forward to your honorable reply from all over the world! Thanks a lot!

I'd like to know how a snake (or an animal) know its venom can poison other animals?

what different steps in scientific method?
Help please for World History =^-^=? Please help me <3 World History is a very HARD subject -.- For this little gal, so please do help o^-^o 1.believed the universe was heliocentric 2.long considered the greatest genius of the Scientific Revolution 3.created the scientific method 4.argued that every person was born with a tabula rasa, or blank mind 5.well known for his criticism of Christianity and his strong belief in religious toleration 6.believed members of a society should be forced to follow a social contract 7.composer of the Messiah 8.made Great Britain the world’s greatest colonial power 9.first country to grant diplomatic recognition to the new American state 10.created a federal system in which power would be shared between the national government and the state governments Defenition A. France B. Voltaire C. Nicholas Copernicus D. George Frederick Handel E. Jean-Jacques Rousseau F. Francis Bacon G. Constitution of the United States of America H. Treaty of Paris in 1763 I. Isaac Newton J. John LockeThis are the only questiong im missing by the way -.- !! its an assigment of 85 question and im only asking for 10 question the rest is taken care of by me ..

The effect of philosophic thought on the scientific method
The effect of philosophic thought on the scientific method.

The Scientific Method - What is the Scientific Method?
Science is defined by the method scientists use to make discoveries and produce knowledge. The scientific method separates science from unsuccessful attempts to produce knowledge which people try to sell: faith, religion, pseudoscience, ...

Stop Global Warming - Cherry-picking vs. the ...
If so, construct a new hypothesis and start to examine it anew using the scientific method. If you determine that your hypothesis is true, you may well want to test it again in a wholly different way, as well as compare it to the work ...

OneNote Testing : The Scientific Method and testing OneNote ...
We finished one of our performance rounds of testing a few weeks ago (one of many) and were looking at our numbers. In some cases, the numbers looked very good and others showed some "areas for improvement." One of the folks involved ...

Cosmic Voyage: 8A Scientific Discovery of Extraterrestrials ...
Brown writes that replication is a yardstick of the scientific method, but he presents no evidence from other practitioners of SRV who allegedly shared his discoveries. Most surprising, no attempt has been made to establish physical ...

Scientific Method Data, Facts, Theories and Laws: Science Yields ...
Experiments designed and completed in the application of the scientific method yield data and results that often result in valid scientific facts, theories or laws.

Climate Progress » Blog Archive » Anti-science conservatives are ...
Why do so many apparently intelligent conservatives and libertarians — ones who accept the science of evolution, ones who take medicines prescribed by doctors based on the scientific method, ones who rely on science and technology every ...

Scientific Method Thinking, How It Works: Scientifc Methods and ...
True science is the rigorous application of the scientific method: observation, hypothesis, experimentation and conclusions. Good science is logical and very calculated.

Scientific Method, Observations and Hypotheses: In Science ...
The scientist is trained to observe, hypothesize, experiment and reach conclusions. Science relies on logic and inductive reasoning. Scientific facts are always reasoned.

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