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TetheringI am thinking of returning to what I grew up as (Mormon).?
so ive seen people use their iphones as tethers to their xbox to get xbox live. now i dont have the wirless thing for the back of the xbox so i want to use my wirless linksys signal on my ipod to be used for my xbox. anyone know how to do this???

xbox live using ipod touch?
i am taking care of my sisters dog while she is in hospital, he is two years old has not been castrated and has had no training whatsoever. i know he pees in her house i have seen him do it but he is driving me crazy. i really want to take him to the pound as i really cant take him fouling my home. i have two dogs both also boys but who have been castrated and jack is peeing all over their beds, my carpets, under my cooker and washer and even on my bed. my sister says he is marking his territory but that's no excuse in my book as mine have never done that. i just don't know what to do with him, i have been to pets at home and bought a cage to put him in at night and while i am out but he screams the place down when i put him in it and is peeing in the house in front of me anyway. neither me or my sister can afford to kennel him as she is going to be in hospital for at least two weeks, i feel like crying as the little beast is wrecking my home. shutting him in a single room is also not an option as my dogs have the run of the house and my oldest dog can open the doors. no-one else will take him, believe me i have tried, i even offered to pay our other sister but she flat refused. please help me im at the end of my tetheri couldnt really take him to the pound, my sister may have no idea how to raise a dog but she does love him. the family wont help, she has alienated most of them and only my sister and i still speak to her and as i said my sister wont help me either. i think he would just jump a baby gate, i could put a catch on the outside of the door i suppose but he would scream and scratch the door to pieces. i know he is not to blame and my sister cant help being ill but im feeling so resentfull at having my home invaded this way. to top it off he has just P****D on my little dog, so now as well as pulling out the washer to clean under it AGAIN i have to put my poor bobs in the bath.is rained solid for two days, im going to have to fork out for a kennel arent i. i have better things to spend my bloody money on.

how can i stop my sisters dog from peeing all over my house?
i try to load the driver from the Original setup disc but keep getting the message "requires sp2" i have sp3 installed (which includes sp2 files) but the ....thing wont allow the driver to install any help welcome as am at the end of my tether i need this ap to download from my Analogue camcorder

i use the easy grabber audio/video usb Stick 10195 but cant load driver says sp2 needed already have sp3?
I would like to have a few questions answered before I consider jail breaking my new ipod touch 2G 32gb. 1. Can apple detect it? 2. Difference between tethered and untethered? 3. Can I run the GBA,GBC and NES emulator offline? 4. Do you really need it connected to a usb all the time for tethered? 5. What program/s should I use? 6. Is it worth it?

Ipod touch jailbreak?
My dog was outside on a tether. Apparently, the little ring that the dog tag is attached to gave way and the tether came off. My dog is fine, but I cant find the tag. Do you think he could have eaten it? Would that be bad?

my dog ate his dog tag?
Does the Samsung Memoir have copy and pasting? Can it hold videos downloaded from your computer? Will it turn on while I'm in class accidentally? Does it have tethering if you have the internet plan? Can you download music to your phone from iTunes? Can it use the app Tap Tap Revenge? How bout Shazam? If you can use Shazam, can you download the music straight to the phone on the phone? What are this phones flaws? Thank you!

Why won't anyone answer my question? :(?
Does the Samsung Memoir have copy and pasting? Can it hold videos downloaded from your computer? Will it turn on while I'm in class accidentally? Does it have tethering if you have the internet plan? Can you download music to your phone from iTunes? Can it use the app Tap Tap Revenge? How bout Shazam? If you can use Shazam, can you download the music straight to the phone on the phone? What are this phones flaws? Thank you!

Does the Samsung Memoir have...?
1.The diameter of a circle has endpoints P(–10, –8) and Q(4, 4). a.Find the center of the circle. b.Find the radius. If your answer is not an integer, express it in radical form. c.Write an equation for the circle. 2.The equation (x + 5)^2 + (y + 3)^2 =169 models the position and range of the source of a radio signal. Describe the position of the source and the range of the signals. 3.Sketch and describe the locus of all points in a plane that are 2 centimeters from a circle with a radius of 6 centimeters. 4.Draw a figure and describe the locus of points that are 20 cm from point P and 7 cm from a line perpendicular to line PQ at point Q, for PQ = 14 cm. 5.When Hiro has to leave the house for a while, he tethers his mischievous puppy to the corner of a shed in the middle of his large backyard that is 10 ft by 7 ft. The tether is 14 feet long. Sketch the locus of points in the yard that the puppy can reach. 6.Draw on the coordinate plane the locus of all points 5 units from (1, 4). 7.Describe and draw the locus of points in space that are 2 inches from line AB that is 10 inches long

im 13weeks pregnant and at the end of my tether with my partner he just doesn't understand how i feel im tired all the time so don't really get that much done in the day i also have my 3 and half old son to look after in the day and he runs me ragged. ive been suffering from headaches aswell so just feel really crappy. my hubby never asks how in feeling and still expects everthing to be done eg; clean washing to be hung in wardrobes walk the dog cook his tea the lot. hes really doing my head in now what should i do.im suppose to taking it easy as i bled early in this pregnancy and lost my twins at 17 weeks last year and it took me 16months to conceive this child. please answer.. how does your partner act with you and does he seem interested in the pregnancy x x

13 weeks pregnant. what is your husband like with you?
I know at&t 3g network can handle warcraft online from experience with tethering my black jack or blackberry but i want this laptop and want to know if wow can be played on it. the specs seem fine but i want to know for sure before i purchase it from this link belo

AT&T: we'll offer tethering on the iPhone
It's been known since day one that iPhone OS 3.0 would support data tethering, and Apple took the opportunity at WWDC today to drive the point home by saying that it'd be launching the service with 22 carrier partners in 44 countries. ...

iPhone 3.0 to support data tethering through Telstra, Optus and ...
Of the many new features in the fresh-baked iPhone 3.0 OS, which Apple will release on June 26th as a free upgrade for iPhone and iPhone 3G users, one of the traits most welcomed by road warriors will be data tethering. ...

iPhone 3.0 Brings Tethering to 20+ Carriers…Except AT&T
As someone who has played with the betas of the iPhone 3.0 OS, I was excited to see the availability ...

AT&T: Tethering and MMS Coming to the iPhone - Bits Blog
Tethering is the ability to connect your mobile phone (either wirelessly, over Bluetooth, or via a cable) to your PC and use it as a wireless modem. MMS is a format for sending multimedia, such as photos, over the wireless network. ...

iPhone Tethering is a Go, Just not for AT&T… yet
iPhone tethering got the green light at WWDC today, but with a big fat disclaimer: subject to carrier approval. They showed some of the carriers who would.

AT&T to Offer Tethering with iPhone [Gizmos for Geeks]
Gizmos for Geeks features gadgets and gizmos every day, coupons and deals, reviews, howto's, tech news, a newsletter, and more.

Rumors Say AT&T Will Support iPhone 3GS Tethering - Specs, reviews ...
There's even MMS and tethering support. That's when you might have been unpleasantly surprised by the fact that AT&T will only support MMS and tethering later on. What's the matter Apple, did you fail to tell your exclusive partner ...

Pet Tethering Issue Resurfaces at City Council Meeting
Breaking News and Severe Weather Coverage for West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky. WV, OH, KY, W.Va., Huntington, Charleston, Ashland, Ironton. WSAZ, WSAZ-TV, WSAZTV, WSAZ.com, NewsChannel 3, NBC, Local News, School Closings, ...

AT&T — MMS Later. Tethering… Um… Er… Bai! The iPhone Blog
Although humorous for the crowd attending the WWDC Keynote today, when Apple VP of iPhone Software, Scott Forestall, announced MMS and Tethering, AT&T being.

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