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iTunes Trojan Horse Small.bog

Small.bog: AVG Sparks iTunes Trojan Horse Alert
AVG, one of the most popular anti-virus programs, is causing confusion today by wrongly identifying iTunes files as trojans. After updating its virus.

iTunes trojan horse small.bog
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AVG decides iTunes is the Small.BOG virus
According to warning messages received by AVG users, iTunes.dll and iTunesRegistry.dll are infected with “Trojan horse Small.BOG”. The odd thing about the alleged virus is that at least according to the databases of other leading virus ...

iTunes Trojan Horse Small.Bog | IT Mom's Corner
Your antivirus is AVG and you tried to open iTunes and got an AVG Alert telling you that iTunes.dll and iTunesRegistry.dll are infected with "Trojan horse Small.BOG"? Well if you are planning of deleting these files, don't! this iTunes ...

trojan horse small.bog !!!
"C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Apple Computer\Installer Cache\iTunes\iTunes.msi:\\iPodService.Resources_es.lproj_iPodServiceLocalized.dll";"Trojan horse Small.BOG";"Infected" ...

TechKive » Blog Archive » Small.bog: AVG Sparks iTunes Trojan ...
After updating its virus definitions, the anti-virus software finds up to 181 “viruses” in iTunes: attempting to quarantine the files prevents iTunes from working. The supposed virus name is “trojan horse small.bog”

Trojan horse small.BOG - -
But the weird thing is that all of these viruses are in my itunes folder. And I'm just wondering how they got in there, if they are real, and will it effect my itunes ? Attached Thumbnails. Trojan horse small.BOG-untitled2.png ...

AVG decides itunes is the Small.BOG virus - The Inquisitr ...
BOG virus The Inquisitr According to warning messages received by AVG users, itunes .dll and itunesregistry.dll are infected with “ Trojan horse Small.BOG ”. ... AVG identifies small.BOG trojan horse or virus in iTunes Soft Sailor all 2 ...

AVG: iTunes as Small.BOG virus -- iTunes virus | The Composed ...
The popular free Windows anti-virus software detects iTunes files as Small.BOG virus. Those who were affected received warning messages that iTunes.dll and iTunesRegistry.dll are infected with "Trojan horse Small.BOG". ...

AVG Detects Trojan horse Small.BOG In iTunes - False Positive or Real Trojan?

i have the problem everyone is getting in the last past hours. Anyone with AVG and Itunes suddenly have a virus and their itunes wont open. There is a loophole to this. You just go to Resident Shield and manage exceptions and choose the place your itunes is installed. But i uninstalled Itunes. What do i do?

Trojan horse small.bog!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AVG!!?
Yesterday I installed the new Itunes 8.2. Today my virus protection (AVG free) says i have a Trojan Horse Small.BOG in Itunes resources/itunes.dll. I dont know why this happened, and nothing is spreading into any other files or programs. Help ?!?

AVG free Trojan Horse Small.BOG?
When I tried to open iTunes just now, a message box popped up that said I needed to reinstall it and that some required files were missing. Then, about 2 seconds later, another message box, this time from AVG Antivirus Free popped up, and said iTunes was infected with a "trojan horse small.bog".

1. What's going on?
2. How do I fix this?
3. Will my iTunes library still be safe (songs, videos, apps, personal and credit card info, etc.)?
4. Is it safe to plug in my iPod touch to charge?

Any information will be helpful. Thanks!Alright people i've figured it out=====
Here's how I did it (Microsoft Vista OS and AVG Free)---------
1. Open AVG Free
2.Click "Tools" at the top, scroll down to "Advanced Settings"
3. Under the "Resident Shield" directory, (expand it if not already), click "Exceptions".
4. When the menu pops up, click "Add Path" at the upper right.
5. When the window pops up, click these folders in this order-


When you click on the iTunes folder, make sure you don't click the arrow, but click on the folder itself.

6. Hit okay and save your settings, click apply and exit AVG. When you look at the exceptions on AVG, the itunes directory should look like this C:\Program Files\iTunes\
7. Restart your computer.
8. When you turn it back on, open iTunes, it should go through a little setup process, then iTunes should work.


trojan horse small.bog when I open iTunes?
So I was watching TV, and my younger brother calls me to the computer about an hour ago to check out some kind of threat AVG detected.
At that time, it had only found 2 of the infections (Trojan horse Small.BOG).
Using AVG, I moved the infections to the Virus Vault and then proceeded to delete them. I did successfuly.
However, I am doing a system scan right now using AVG Free, and AVG found 196 Trojan horse Small.BOG's. In fact, the scan is still running as I write.
All the infections are linked to iTunes. Most all the files end in .dll .msi, or .qtr with one .cab.
Since every file is an iTunes file, I beleive that AVG is misdiagnosing these threats, but neither AVG nor iTunes have updated in the past 24 hours.
I googled "Trojan horse Small.BOG" but I got nothing useful. I'm convinced that it is a misdiagnosis, but I'm not going to go ahead and uninstall iTunes, or AVG Free.
Anyone with any information or anything, post here, start up a discussion and grab 2 points while you're at it.
Help is much appreciated.


Trojan horse Small.BOG iTunes-AVG Problem?

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