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iTunes Virus

AVG decides iTunes is the Small.BOG virus
Users of popular free Windows anti-virus software AVG have been in for a surprise in the last 24 hours after the software started identifying iTunes files as a virus. According to warning messages received by AVG users, iTunes.dll and ...

AVG: iTunes as Small.BOG virus -- iTunes virus | The Composed ...
BOG virus -- iTunes virus. Friday, July 24, 2009. AVG anti-virus software seems to have problems lately in its virus identification. The popular free Windows anti-virus software detects iTunes files as Small.BOG virus. ...

AVG decides itunes is the Small.BOG virus - The Inquisitr ...
BOG virus The Inquisitr According to warning messages received by AVG users, itunes .dll and itunesregistry.dll are infected with “ Trojan horse Small.BOG ”. ... AVG identifies small.BOG trojan horse or virus in iTunes Soft Sailor all 2 ...

Small.bog: AVG Sparks iTunes Trojan Horse Alert
AVG, one of the most popular anti-virus programs, is causing confusion today by wrongly identifying iTunes files as trojans. After updating its virus.

“itunesminiplayer.dll failed to register” error comes right after ...
Right after AVG detected a trojan horse or virus in iTunes, people start getting an error and need to download iTunes again. The error is “itunesminiplayer.dll failed to register” and currently we don't have an official fix for this, ...

AVG creates confusion by recognizing iTunes as Trojan Horse Small.Bog
You will seldom find a false alert popped by the AVG anti-virus programs but that is exactly what is happening when you install the iTunes today. avg-anti-virus-rates-itunes-as-trojan-horse- You can have my word, there is absolutely no ...

iTunes Trojan Horse small.bog - ucelebz
iTunes Trojan Horse small.bog, AVG is one of the most popular antivirus programs, now is causing confusion in identifying iTunes files incorrectly as Trojans. After updating your virus definitions, antivirus software is up to 181 ...

iTunes trojan horse small.bog
Today I finally installed iTunes 8.2 on my Windows Vista PC and I got the iTunes Trojan Horse small.bog virus alert. Could there really be a iTunes trojan or iTunes virus in my download? The problem was in: ...

Small.bog: AVG Sparks iTunes Trojan Horse Alert |
AVG, one of the most popular anti-virus programs, is causing confusion today by wrongly identifying iTunes files as trojans. After updating its virus definitions, the anti-virus software finds up to 181 “viruses” in iTunes: attempting ...

Is this website have viruses? i thought it was apple.?
mine says that there's some virus (trojen horse...) and that i have to reinstall it, but it wouldn't let me when i tried....

is anyone else having a problem w/ their itunes...3 of my friends have including me...just wondering...?
whenever i try to load itunes it comes up with my virus program which is AVG sayng there is a virus (trojan) on itunes which it won't get rid of and then i get a message saying itunes cannot run because some of the files are missing and to reinstall.

next problem is that my computer won't uninstall itunes bcos it says i need to contact the administrator even though my account is the admin but i don't know how to get round this.

i have also tried downloading itunes from the apple site but i can't run it bcos the virus messages come up and i can't get past them.

hopefully you can help, thanks

Itunes virus and reinstall help?
and it says that it is infecting something, but when i check my computer status to see if it's at risk of a virus it says that it's fine...what do i do?

how do i get rid of Trojen horse Small.BOG...shows up w/ itunes in my AVG thing...?
When I tried to open my itunes my anti-virus protector came on and said that it was infected with a trojan virus and it'll be better to uninstall and reinstall itunes. But every time I download it and try to open it gives me the same message, why is that and what can I do to stop it?

Trying to install itunes and my anti-virus protector says it's infected with a trojan horse,why?
okayy so my bro did sumthing to itunes and noe its infected with a virus called "trojan horse" and i had to unistall it or my computer would crash and i was wondering if i could get my music back somehow i hav it on my ipod but my bro has his music and he is in florida right now.... PLZ help he has his stuff stored but i dont cause i ahv one of those bros who think they r all kool cause they listen to rap and metal and he is 6ft5 BLAHH BLAHH BLAHH!!!
i really want him to go to college and hav some desence in my life..

iTunes Help!!!!!!!!!!!?
so, today I was about to open my itunes and it said I had to update the software, so I did, and then while it was updating it said some files where missing and some error crap and then my anti virus started popping and saying the new software contained virus and crap! so I stopped it and then I tried to open itunes again and it was the same thing, and it appeared that some files were missing and i had to re install itunes.
I downloaded itunes all over again (first deleted itunes from my computer) and when setting up the virus thing appeared again and the missing files thing appeared again! and also a thing with ipod plugin error..idk D:
and I mean, I wouldn't care if I didn't have an iPod. I could use any other music player.
but I have an ipod and I want to update my music! and i can only use itunes. please help :( I NEED MY MUSIC DAMMIT! >.<

iTunes won't work and I have an iPod!! PLEASE HELPPPP!!?
last night when i was using itunes everything was fine, until this morning when i tired to start up itunes it said there were missing files and then AVG detected 99 "Trojan Horse Small.bog" files in itunes, wtf is this? and now when i try to reinstall itunes t6he itunes setup file has 99 infections of the "Trojans"...

itunessetup.exe Trojan viruses?
So I tried to start up iTunes.
and it tells me that multiple files are missing.
Then my antivirus (AVG) tells me I have 4 trojans, all have been healed. but iTunes won't start up. wants me to reinstall.
so i do. start iTunes up again, and now I have about 100 of these things. in about 5 different files. all but 30 are moved to the virus vault.

the unmoved/unhealed ones still remain.
But these files can't be removed because AVG can't use the specified path, because that path was removed in the reinstallation/fixing of iTunes.
and iTunes can't reinstall because well, i don't know.

and mind you I'm a 16 year old girl.
I'm on a Toshiba Satellite laptop with windows xp.
and my technical problems are my technical problems. my dad rathers i figure it out on my own/ get help on my own not from him.

Getting rid of about 30 trojans in iTunes. help? (complicated. details inside)?
I got a virus on itunes and it wont let me open it anymore. I either want to know how to fix this itunes problem or if there are any other programs that will work with an ipod.

Are there any other programs besides itunes that work with ipod?
Well, I have a really good virus scanner (AVG)
and it said there was a shit load of "Trojan Horse Small" they werre all in itunes...

I deleted my itunes and all the trojans went away (except for two) I don't download anything for my itunes... isn't itunes suposed to be a free (non-virus) music program thing installed freely on the computer?

So now, I can't charge my ipod, n'or can I add new music... great.

Any solutions? Or reasonable answers to my problem?


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