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How to send picture messages on iPhone?

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How to send picture messages on iphone - The video show you how you can send MMS messages from your iPhone or iPod Touch using a great application called Picfree. The application costs $5.99, but thats all you pay.

Now Send MMS on iPhone 3G, 3GS! | Affiliate Program Marketing Online
AT&T has finally enabled MMS support for iPhone 3G and 3GS customers, who can now can send text, photos, audio, video messages from these mobile gadgets.

MMS finally comes to iPhone - MaldivianDigital® :: Forum
The picture will be inserted into a message -- you just have to determine who to send it to and add any text. The second method involves opening the Messages app from the iPhone home screen, and then tapping the new messages icon. ...

How to enable MMS on iPhone - iPhoneWave
It is an extension to SMS where you can only send text messages. To use this service on the iPhone you do NOT need a new separate application. The existing messages app on you iPhone can be used to send MMS. ...

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It works as advertised, but haven't found another iPhone yet to send a picture message. I bet traffic picks up on Saturday and Sunday as the update is applied to more devices. But maybe the real traffic problem will be that now the 4 ...

MMS finally comes to the iPhone
The install just takes a second and you then need to restart your iPhone. When you do, your Messages app will gain a small camera icon to the left of the input box. Tapping it will bring up a screen allowing you to take a picture or video or to use an existing one from your ... steve said 2:41PM on 9-25-2009. "One picture took about 20 seconds on Wi-Fi and a 5 second video took about 30 seconds to transmit. " You can't send MMS or SMS via wifi. Reply. 3 stars ↓↑report ...

MMS For iPhone Is Finally Here | Cult of Mac
“AT&T Free Msg: Picture and video messaging (MMS) is now available for iPhone. Your existing messaging plan includes unlimited send and receipt of text, picture & video messages. To enable MMS, connect your iPhone to your computer and ...

Picture Messages
Ok so I managed to update the carrier to 5.5 and I can send pic messages but the cell data network option in network is gone. Is that bad or can I get it back or do I really need it? ...

AT&T finally brings the much-requested MMS to Apple iPhone ...
AT&T have finally brought the much-requested multimedia messaging service (MMS) to the smartphones in the US, thereby enabling countless iPhone users to send picture and video messages to other phones. ...

Iphone How to send a video message?
I'm planning on getting an iphone but i want to get it jailbroken and unlocked so i can use it with T-mobile. So i was wanting to know if there are going to be any problems with like Internet access and like sending picture messages and stuff like that.

Does it cost to use an iphone on T-mobile service?
it says that iphone is supposed to be getting mms on sept 25th? I updated the firmware to 3.1 but still dont have the ability to send pic messagesp.s. Ive already restarted my phone and that didn't work

how to get Iphone picture messaging?
T-Mobile is my service provider, and I really want an iphone. I saw some cheap ones that were unlocked on ebay. Should I rick buying one? I heard that some unlocked phones will not have all the features included, like sending, and receiving picture messaging and other things, although they aren't mentioned when buying an unlocked phone. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

What is the risk of buying an unlocked phone?
Yea? no? it came out about 2 mo ago3g[S]???

Can the New Iphone G {s} Send and receive picture text messages?
I just got a new iphone 3gs and i read the instructions manual on how to send a picture or video in a text. it says there should be a camera button next to where you type your message but it's not on mine.. should i go to the store and ask about it or is there something else i can do besides emailing the pictures?

iPhone 3G S question!!?
I am thinking of getting an iphone. Can someone please tell me if both the 3g and 3g s sends picture messages?

I need some help about which iphone to get?
How do I send pic and video messages in the new iPhone?

How do I send picture and video messages on the new iPhone?
Can someone please help me send a picture or video in a text message using the iphone 3 gs

How do you send a picture using the iPhone 3gs?
can the iphone 3g s be hooked up as a gophone by putting in your sim card?

and if so Is there an iphone app that works with att gophone messaging plan?
I have att go phone plan. I pay 20 a month for unlimited text picture and instant messanger. But heres the thing. Some instant messanger services are covered. Some are not. I am currently using the palm centro. For instance the aim app that came installed on my centro lets me use the unlimited instant messanger under my plan. But when i installed a 3rd party instant messanger it charged me for internet fees. If i put my sim in the iphone. Is there An instant messaging app that comes with it allowing me to use unlimited im with my gophone plan? Or will i have to add the aim app and be charged for internet? And also can the iphone send and recieve pictures yet?

Can the iphone 3g s be hooked up as a gophone?
okay so i'm thinkin' i want an iphone 3g S for my birthday . to make it easy i'll just post details in bullets ...

- i text alllllllll the freakin' time .
- i talk on the phone for at least 10 minutes a day . not much , i know .
- i have an ipod touch with the app store and all .
- i have an LG voyager with verizon .
- my dad has at&t for himself and he has an iphone 3G .
- i'm sick of carrying my ipod AND my phone around everywhere .
- as long as the battery lasts from 7 am to like 9 pm, i'm fine .
- i use twitter, myspace, and facebook apps for my ipod touch .
- i need picture and video messaging . not for nudes or anything hehe just for pictures and videos i need to send to people .
- i know some people with the iphone 3G that love it .
- i want internet wherever there's service .
- i want a nice camera .

what would look better with a girl ? a white iphone or a black iphone ? which one is nicer ?

is an iphone 3G S right for me ? NOT the 3G . the 3G S ...

and don't answer with "yes" or "no" . That's NO help .
thaaaaaaaaanks (: