Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blackberry Storm 2

blackberry storm 2

BlackBerry Storm 2 Vodafone launch and deal » Phone Reviews
The second coming of the Storm, the BlackBerry Storm 2 has now seen official launch in the United Kingdom on the Vodafone network, and delivers a new and improved SurePress touch screen which makes messaging and social networking easier ...

Walt Mossberg leaks the BlackBerry Storm 2
Well, well, looks like Unkie Walt accidentally programmed his calendar to publish a combined preview of the Motorola CLIQ and the BlackBerry Storm 2 a little earlier than everyone else. Nothing particularly insightful on the CLIQ, ...

TG Daily - BlackBerry Storm 2 lays siege to Apple iPhone
Research in Motion (RIM) is readying an all out attack on the successful Apple iPhone with Storm 2 - likely to be released by Verizon in the US in November. The Storm 2 will have wi-fi and improved touch technology and provide a full ...

BlackBerry Storm 2 hands-on photo overload! | Electricpig
The BlackBerry Storm 2 has landed, folks. The new and improved sequel to the touchscreen emailer has been outed official style, and we've just had a first.

BlackBerry Storm 2, first impressions hit the web
Photo from Crackberry, check out intomobile's review as well As the BlackBerry Storm 2 becomes official, the first reviews are starting to pop on the web. So far, the first impressions are quite positive. Obvious stuff like the clicking ...

BlackBerry Storm 2 | Geeky Gadgets
RIM has officially announced the BlackBerry Storm 2, which features the same clickable touchscreen interface, with improvements to it with faster typing and multitouch capabilities.

PHOTOS: BlackBerry Storm 2 - Pocket-lint
PHOTOS: BlackBerry Storm 2 - We gently caress RIM's new 'Berry.

Blackberry Storm 2 unofficially official - Pocket-lint
Blackberry Storm 2 unofficially official - Mossberg files ahead of RIM.

BlackBerry Storm 2 Available on Vodafone for Pre-Order
After a few months of seeing reviews and information here and there, we now hear that Vodafone in the UK have the BlackBerry Storm 2 available for pre-order and.

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