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Brighthouse Cable

Brighthouse Cable
Cable operators swept JD Power and Associates' 2009 residential phone service survey for the third year running, with Cox Communications ranking highest in.

bright house central florida : Bright House Sports Network Inks ...
comWidespread cable outagesMyFoxOrlando.comORLANDO, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) – Bright House Networks customers throughout Central Florida are reporting cable outages. At approximately 8:15 pm cable … bright house central florida Bright House ...

Bright House Customer Service
In the South, Bright House's 719 score was tops, followed by Cox (681), Verizon (669), Embarq (660) and AT&T (656). Below average were Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Windstream Communications, CenturyTel and Charter. ...

Bright House Orlando:Brighthouse Customer Service
Bright House Orlando:Brighthouse Customer Service- Bright House Orlando/Bright House customer service can be found at the following address.Brighthouse Cable.

Bright House Orlando
ORLANDO, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) - Bright House Networks customers throughout Central Florida reported cable outages Friday evening. Beginning around 8:15 pm and.

BREAKING NEWS: Widespread cable outages reported | US Post Today.
(WOFL FOX 35) – Bright House Networks customers throughout Central Florida reported cable outages Friday evening. Beginning around 8:15 p.m. and lasting for about an hour, cable customers from Orlando to Ormond Beach and Ocala ...

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My Brighthouse bill seems high for what I get?
I'm getting brighthouse cable internet, but i have another cable company as my T.V cable provider. Do i have to get brighthouse cable to get the internet or do they send the signal inside the same cable, or do they set up another cable just for the internet?

How does cable internet work?

Who has better reception and service - DISH network satellite or Brighthouse Cable ?
I got the digital cable box and realized that the HD channels arent working...I can hear whats going on but there is no picture its just a black screen...does anyone know why this could be?????


Brighthouse HD problem?
Okay, I have dell computer connected via Ethernet cable

The cable is running from the laptop to the brighthouse box.

However, when I try to connect another laptop using the same ethernet cable, I get no internet!

PLZ Help!!!

Ethernet Question?!!?
Ok, I have a combo with Bright House (Internet & Phone), this came with free basic cable. After the digital transition, they started offering a digital tuner for $1.00 per month that would allow you to pick up the free OTA digital stations plus the basic stations.

The funny thing is, when I hooked the tuner up, I receive MOST all of the channels on every tier except HD. I looked at my bill and there is no extra cable service charges except for the $1.00 plus tax for the tuner.

Also, the special features only partly work, for example Start Over isn't available but On Demand works. Also, if someone calls my Brighthouse Phone the number doesn't show up on the TV (probably because I am not subscribed to digital cable).

Some channels are slowly dissappering, but it takes a couple days to lose a channel or two. But right now, I get most every single station, including the major movie channels.

I seem to remember that Dish and Direct TV boxes did the same thing when they were activated for a few days as well.

What I want to know is is this normal for Bright House and kind of a bait and switch (give you everything free for a few days so you'll miss it when the box finally adopts to your subscription) or is this an error on their part or is the box broke and not acknowledging their signals to close the channels down?

I'm thinking it is a bait and switch tactic but I am not sure.

Even the Account on Demand isn't supposed to work and it does too.


Is it normal to receive all channels for a short time when you hook up a Bright House digital tuner?
i want to know how because im missing alot of my shows now

how do i record shows from my brighthouse cable box?
I have brighthouse. and we have a DVR i was just wondering if we can watch recorded episodes on regular cable boxes on other tvs besides the one with the DVR

Can you watch recorded shows on regular cable boxes?
Okay here is my dilema. I work from home and have my computer set up in my front bedroom but my daughter has to move home tomorrow so I need to move it out of this room and into my bedroom. My question is... I have brighthouse cable and internet. If I move my computer from this room, can I just plug it in in the other room and it work or do I need to call the brighthouse guy out to turn on that jack? Also, my television is hooked up to cable in my room. Will my computer and television still work or will I have to shut the cable off in the room to get the internet to work? They would share the same jack?I can't use wireless because I work for a major medical center from home and they want to be sure we are on a secure direct connection through Brighthouse. So if I buy a splitter, all the jacks in the house are internet and cable ready because it is turned on in one room? I'm sorry for all the questions. Just trying to get this worked out in a rush so I don't have to take time off work to get it fixed.

Computer question. Help please!?
help plz????

i have basic cable brighthouse now that junes 12's here with all my channels be in hd?
Especially weird, since WGN is on basic and YES is part of a premium sports tier.

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