Saturday, November 21, 2009

Vista? XP? Windows 7? Linux? or the fate of custom OS ...

Many disputes caused the emergence and rapid acceptance by users of Windows Vista. Let's try to understand why what happened and what to do next.

In fact, in Windows Vista for the first time in the history of operating systems from Microsoft implemented a sharp turn from OS to OS for housewives focused on security issues. This can not be denied. This is Windows Defender and UAC and BitLocker, etc. However, Microsoft launched the market such a variety of versions of the same OS.

And in previous versions of Home and Business security problems were solved for the user, perhaps on the basis that these versions will be used primarily not IT engineers and, therefore, users need to advance, "tighten the screws and make them work in the most secure.

But home users stubbornly refuse to Windows Vista in favor of the more secure Windows XP, corporate - not in a hurry to move to Vista.

Why? Is the problem?

In the reasonable expectations of "iron"? Yes like no. Not so today is expensive. And what? In the use of older, incompatible software? So Microsoft has long said that and how to do. As for safety many of the things that we use have to rewrite the day before yesterday.

So what's the matter?

In my view Microsoft as a corporation itself ideologically driven into a corner. And she has created for itself headaches. It has long been the motto of the company (explicitly or not) was to create a computer for housewives. And the corporation in this apparently succeeded. We really got a computer in every home simply as a toy, like furniture or part of the interior. How fun in the end. Look at how many users really represent how it works? But how many IT? Sad question.

The majority of those who uses the PC forgets that this is a difficult technique, which entails not only convenience but also security threats. Including the personal safety of users.

In the operating system from Microsoft, until recently did not have to think about. In the end, there are "masters", in the worst case is the one who will repair, and we will pay. The necessary addition to dating a doctor, priest and lawyer added a home sysadmin.

However, with the release of Vista suddenly turned out that whole generation grew up, which is only just able to poke at the keys, because it is written in the book, do not hesitate for a second. Just "Any key to continue ..." And everything!

The result as we see - in person! As soon appear on the revolutionary changes in the quantity and quality operating systems - all the "Catastrophe! She's bad! The funny thing is that while most of the screaming never in my life it did not set!

Why? But just because you have to learn banal! And break some stereotypes and learn! But the worst is yet to come.

After vperedigryadet transition to Windows 7. And in it, obviously, we again encounter a similar ideology, and eventually the same technology Windows Defender, BitLocker, UAC, etc.

Ie those technologies that have been successfully worked on Windows Vista. But, following the logic of Microsoft, but will be discontinued support for Windows XP or substantially limited, respectively, the patches on the operating system will not be issued. And what then waits for users? This will automatically lead to an increase in the number of attacks.

Well, we all understand that everything is bad. What to do?

In fact, today it's time to think and test applications for compatibility with Windows Vista, to teach users, if necessary, to think about moving to new versions of application software, update samopisnoe etc.

By the way, slyly smiling fans of Linux. Your problems are similar. And there is nothing to smile. Moreover, your position in the market of custom operating system even more unenviable.

Think of what Linux has got a nice graphical interface? In order to go and as soon as possible to win a custom market. And will it, in the end, to the same problems!

But where is the exit? And is there any?

Output, in my view is that employers need to learn ourselves, teach our IT engineers and regular staff, if you do not want in the future suffer losses and be in the end on the side of life!

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