Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Advertising in social networks: Features

In the days of turmoil business cuts back on staff costs and advertising - it is almost an axiom. However, the current financial crisis was the first time in nainoveyshee such events, where advertising spending fell in the traditional media, while the cost of advertising on the Internet virtually fallen (yet, at least). However, «within the internet» advertising budgets redistributed. Less money going to the banners, rich media, video, top sites, and other «beautiful». But more money spent on contextual advertising, BTL-how and advertising in Web 2.0 - blogs and social networks. Indeed, today the growing popularity of social communities, blogs of all kinds and mikroblogov, photo and videoobmennyh networks, where millions of people every day and spend their leisure time, offers almost limitless opportunities to advertise and promote the brands.

social network
Readiness for advertising revealed

According to a study by marketing agency Universal McCann, which was conducted in 29 developed countries, approximately 83% of Internet users have ever watched online video, 72,8% - read blogs, more than 63% - use the site fotohostinga, and 57,3% -- regularly found in social networks. The number of visitors to sites such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and is growing. Just last week Facebook announced that the number of users exceeded 120 million - the figure rose to 30 million over the past four months. While in the past year and a half the most rapidly growing local social networks - in the national domain zones, and in national languages. In this study another marketing agency - Razorfish - shows that users of social networks are not afraid to advertise. On the contrary, they are products based on advertising and on the basis of recommendations received by them in social networks. 76% of respondents stated that they did not object to advertising on Facebook, MySpace or other social sites that they visit. 49% stated that shopping, finding a social site recommendations, while 40% bought, just saw it advertising. Experts Razorfish sure: people in social networks not only communicate, but also look for information - hence, the interested companies simply must give it to them - for their own profit the same. These additional marketing agency - American Cone - show: 60% of Americans regularly interact in social networks with commercial companies. Almost 93% of voters at the agency respondents felt that business was present in social networks. Networks, in turn, must provide services that help customers solve problems and offer new products and services.

Advertising Web 2.0

It is estimated the research company eMarketer, on the basis of the current year on advertising in social networks will be sent $ 1.4 billion about $ 1.8 billion will be spent in 2009. Of course, due to financial crisis, the growth of this market is now slowing. But eMarketer notes that the trend is ascending. Advertisers integrated into social networks in a variety of ways: place the standard advertising, contextual advertising, create pages for their corporate brands and products, conducting various PR-campaign.

EMarketer senior analyst Debra Williamson Ago said: «The social network is unique in that give companies the opportunity to directly interact with consumers. For example, if a company creates a page of its product in the social networks, consumers can write to her comments and reviews, ask questions and interact with each other to discuss the brand or product. Consumers can also become «friends» and «fans» product or brand, and agree to receive regular updates via email or through their profile on the network ». Large companies already use Web 2.0 technology on a full reel. For instance, Visa has established its own business network on Facebook, to help develop small businesses. HSBC has created its own business network, in which customers interact through blogs, forums, and video sharing. In 2005, IBM became the first multinational company, running corporate blogs. Today, IBM has thousands of blogs, covering all areas of the company. Cisco Systems has 12 blogs of various orientations. General Motors is using blogs to communicate directly with their customers on any topic ranging from design to environmentally friendly technologies. Nike created a social community, attracting athletes and offering sponsorship. Dell is actively trying to attract the attention of consumers through social platforms, among other things the company owns its own island in the virtual world of Second Life. Fujifilm has recently launched a social network to create a community around their new camera. Jeep communicate with consumers via their profile page on Flickr, MySpace and Facebook. It is the original draft, it is very popular on YouTube, has launched a company Blendtec - manufacturer of mixers, blender and other appliances. This is expensive and successful video «Will It Blend?», In which the company blender grind all subjects ranging from cigarette lighters, shoes, and hockey washers and finishing with modern hi-tech-gadgets - for example, iPhone.

A study

It is obvious that advertisers do not have denutsya of social networks. But while skills in this mediasrede they have very little; companies until it is difficult to navigate and implement profitable strategies. Debra Williamson of eMarketer Ago acknowledges: «In general, companies are still thrilled social networks, because earlier this tight interaction with customers they did not have. For them it is a challenge, because the openness of consumers in social networks is the reverse: they say everything that people think, and companies do not always like such reviews. Therefore, when the company is too straightforward attempt to promote something, the consumer is often openly critical reaction ». In turn, the vice president of Internet company Six Apart Olivier Crash said: «In most cases, the primary goal of the company - in the social network, or through widgets - just to attract attention, to compel the consumer to remember her, to convey information, make it go to her site . Tactics is effective in combination with traditional methods of advertising - television and outdoor advertising. However, companies do not have to be straightforward and intrusive, their actions should entertain the user, to simplify the interaction and to offer content, rather than the bare product ».

But «of non» company still poorly prepared to conduct extensive marketing campaigns in social networks. An independent analyst on social networks, I am sure Eric Polsen: «At this stage the companies are still some concerns that are more closely associated with has not yet been organized by the principles of working with sotssetyami, as well as the lack of data and research. I would advise companies to do a thorough sociological study before «dive» social network. In the first step is to examine the culture-specific resource and the applicability of their own goals ». Experts warn us of the desire to use only traditional advertising. Thus, according to experts Razorfish, success in social networks will be companies that will be able to blur the boundary between advertising and content. This content and will serve as advertising.

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Google Chrome, in theory and in practice

Google ChromeThis year has proved to yield quite serious news browser. Suffice it to recall that they were just a few months ago, we met a long anticipated release of many Firefox 3. And there in the early autumn of us proposed a preliminary version of the new pretender to storm Olympus market Web browsers, many have rushed to define a firm place in the group leaders. It is about Google Chrome.

Started a new web browser, as it should be, in an atmosphere of heightened attention. He was not offended Note: news items, blogs, reviews, and all that - in the first days. The first reviews were written, as they say, hot pursuit, of course, interesting, but often sinned monotonous - repeated rows of press releases, discuss the characteristics of a pair of triple-interface. In order to experience the strengths and weaknesses in the application, to determine his place in his own «Arsenal» Online tools needed at least for a while. According to folk wisdom, it is necessary to live their minds, so let's try to understand themselves as new Google may be useful to us in networking. Here and now, not ever after, with the favorable location of the planets.

Brief description of Google Chrome

Well known formula, under which the vast majority of users will work with the application pre-installed on your computer. In this circumstance usually writes off the success Internet Explorer, supplied with Windows. Do not forget that «donkey» is constantly evolving, and many users really does not make sense to look for alternatives. In such a situation it is necessary to attract potential users. First, they should be interested - enough to find and download the browser. Secondly, it must offer them something that makes noticeably better than competitors. The process of installing the browser is simple and transparent. In addition to the main program, Chrome can put in startup application checks for new versions and updates to the browser site. The interface of Google Chrome is built on the familiar to Mozilla, Opera, and now - and even Internet Explorer 7 tabs. At the start page browser default image thumbnails are the most frequently visited your pages. The list is updated on a regular collection of statistics on the user's surfing. Note the convenient grouping of bookmarks - if we open a link, then bookmark this new page will be located next to the bookmarked the original page. Note presence of a «incognito» - in the browser stores the information on visited Web pages, as well as attempts to conceal information about the user's IP. There is a built-manager, support for the protocol FTP. Design workspace browser pointed minimalistichny. There is even the familiar toolbars and access settings are available through a single button, located to one side of the address bar. This line of multifunctional: in addition to its direct purpose, it works as a search string. By default, this is, of course, Google, but have to pay tribute to - you can also add their own search engines just as it happens in Firefox. Moreover, the first time you open Chrome offers to import not only the traditional bookmarks, passwords and history, but also search plugins Firefox.

Google Chrome and Mozilla Prism

As Google clearly have for example not operovsky approach «all in one», and the model of Mozilla Firefox: lightweight web browser and additions that will implement the necessary functions of specific users. However, as these supplements some time in the future - just announced the possibility of their creation. As a result, the picture is mixed. Since at this point realized a modest features, and more than likely prospect of massive improvements (but what else can we expect from the program, which appears in the output data is not even version, but the build number?) Google Chrome unlikely to be able to replace the role of the key browser recognized leaders. So what, in his charge Khalifa level for an hour or toys for a few days?

We will not hurry - it is not that easy, and Google Chrome has a secret weapon that can be raschehlit only one click on the item «Create application shortcuts» menu in your browser's settings. This arhipoleznaya button on the desktop, Quick Launch or the Start menu shortcut for the currently active online application. This is not just a shortcut to a Web page. Run this application in the interface is Spartan - from Chrome, it remains the only title of the window. There is not even the address bar - the area of the window is fully web-based applications. Google Chrome becomes nothing more than a kind of framework for the online service. In Internet Explorer and Opera are close in functionality of yet. And the community is Mozilla / Firefox already has a similar tool. This project Mozilla Prism. Attempts to combine desktop applications and online services into one convenient platform is generally in favor. Microsoft and Adobe to include the development of Silverlight and AIR, to combine the best features of Web applications and desktop programs, among its priorities. In short, the raison d'être of such platforms is to increase the convenience of working with web applications on the local machine. Now more and more programs in one way or another referred to the appropriate web service. Platform AIR, Silverlight and Prism is just trying to bridge the gap between local and web-based application, withdraw some of the limitations caused by the work of sophisticated web applications in standard browsers. In developing Prism apparently used the principle of «the simpler, the better», not trying to impress the audience sverhvozmozhnostyami, but rather worrying about simplicity for the end user. As a basis for development of the project was taken WebRunner. Prism uses the core of the browser Firefox, with its usual user interface - its content is fully at the mercy of developers working in environments Prism applications. Not stopping at the technical nuances of, say, that from the perspective of a user starts using the Prism Web applications look like normal local window.

In practical terms, the first candidates for conversion are Web services for users to keep on your desktop, open multiple browser windows. This web-postal, online aggregators RSS, various information services of all kinds Pages «vebdvanolnyh» projects. The following candidates - online office applications. Freed them from the browser, we get the opportunity to launch this online with a click on the shortcut Prism or Google Chrome. Let trifle, but helps save valuable working seconds. As soon perceive Google Chrome as a direct competitor working browser for everyday browsing, and you begin to look for it in terms of work in online applications, all at once become to their seats. This is really handy «Frame» for web applications. From this point of view of another perceived minimum instruments in the interface - the browser as it is in a «stand» and does not distract from the open pages, which have enough of their own tools and panels. It is tolerant of lack of «poleznyashek». For the «framework» is not it, and the ability of the Web applications: a browser-supported technology, speed and stability of its work. Let's start with speed. Suppose that there is no election, even blocking the images, or other usual functions.

But look at the action on the V8 engine, we can now. Heavy web services really quickly opened, and it is noticeable by eye, without a stopwatch. Own guglovsky online office simply flies. Very, very good look at Google Chrome and other services, is actively using JavaScript / AJAX. And now we are seeing in the News of the Firefox developers that speed applications in the future, release 3.1 will be given special attention ... Now, about the reliability. As is known, for each opened tab, Google Chrome creates a separate memory process. This increases the stability of the system as a whole due to the fact that one tab of the error can be closed without prejudice to the other and did not catch away for the entire browser. In some surveys it is possible to meet concerns about the increased requirements of Google Chrome to memory caused by this architectural feature. Indeed, looking at Task Manager in the active work with Chrome, prizadumatsya fit. But even here, if Google Chrome as a framework for applications that are solved by simple changes in the perception. Working with labels Google Chrome, we have, in fact, opening more than one browser, and several different applications. And it is quite another matter - few who come to the head fold the amount of memory used on your computer in several local programs and to blame on this basis ogulom all developers to increasing demands for operativke.

Let the summary results of our review. Setting in the main browser program with a version 0.2 at least recklessly. The most practical use of Google Chrome so far - is its exercise to create shortcuts of your Web applications. A similar problem is a draft and Mozilla Prism. Comparison of «Prism» labels and Google Chrome is in favor of a newcomer. Horse Firefox - its complement - in Mozilla Prism is out of the game, but the performance of Google becomes noticeable, as they say, the naked eye. In my case, Google Chrome has safely replaced on the desktop shortcut is Prism. His perspective - in close integration with online services. If developers really be able to solve this problem on the head better than competitors, the future of Google Chrome, you can not worry.

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Crisis and semiconductors

semiconductorsIt would be strange if the global crisis must not bypass the semiconductor industry - one of the largest industries in the world. In recent weeks, various analytical agencies have issued a number of estimates and projections relating to the world market for semiconductor products. Of course, the evaluation of these different, but we, in turn, will try not only to review the agreement, but as something to bring them to a common denominator.

All analysts, without exception, recognize: the current economic crisis is already having a significant adverse impact on the semiconductor manufacturing industry products. According to Gartner, the growth of global semiconductor production market in 2009 is expected to be 1%, which is about 7% lower than earlier projections. Earlier in the III quarter of this year, experts from the agency predicted that the income of producers of semiconductors in 2009 will grow by 7,8% compared to 2008-m and reach $ 307.7 billion now Gartner analysts have adjusted the growth of this market in 2009 to $ 282 billion ( lower at $ 25.7 billion). Growth in 2009 by only 1% more than in 2008. Despite the proven expectations of III quarter of 2008 (quarterly growth rate of the semiconductor industry accounted for 5%), projections for the IV quarter continued to fall. According to Gartner, revenue in the semiconductor industry as a result of 2008 will grow only 2% to $ 279.4 billion, in turn, the company IDC, in its analyst report notes that the volume of shipments of microprocessors for PCs in the III-rd quarter of 2008 again reached the record levels, however, the prognosis for the last quarter of 2008 and for 2009 not obvious. Volume shipments of microprocessors for PCs in the III quarter has grown by 14% as compared to II quarter and 15.8% as compared to III quarter of 2007. This significant contribution to the work of industry, introduced a new microprocessor for the Intel netbukov - without it, the volume of shipments grew at a quarterly 8.3%, and for the year - at 8.7%. The volume of the market in monetary terms, reaching $ 8.3 billion (quarterly growth of 7.6% growth for the year 4.1%). Supplies of Intel and AMD in the III quarter were at a level slightly lower than typical for this period. If you look at segments, growth in the segment of microprocessors for mobile PCs have been higher in the segment servers - sluggish, say analysts IDC. Intel, on the basis of block III is the leader in market share 80,8%, AMD took 18.5% of the market, and Via Technologies - 0,6%. Due to good market performance during the first three quarters of this year and a large volume of sales Atom IDC raised its forecast for growth of the market for PC microprocessors in the current year up to 18%. Nevertheless, because of the anticipated weak demand and uncertain forecasts from Intel and AMD analysts give a conservative forecast for the volume of shipments in 2009.

Company iSuppli analysts also believe that the financial crisis will cause a slowdown markets semiconductors and processors. As iSuppli has reduced the forecast of market growth of semiconductors in 2008 from 4% to 3.5%. The company is also confident that the microprocessor market will grow by only 0.4% instead of previously planned 2.7%. Analysts believe that the financial crisis impact on several segments of the market of semiconductors. In particular, they are confident that the demand for consumer electronics, as well as many producers are unable to obtain loans for business development. In the past month, analysts iSuppli also reported a reduction in forecast sales of chips in 2008. They estimate that this year sales of $ 280.1 billion that will be at 3,5% higher compared to last year. The last adjustment was in August - up to 4%. Over the next four years (2008-2012 gg.) Market continues to grow, but insignificant rate - about 6%. Vice President Dale Ford, iSuppli commented so happens: «The financial crisis affect the semiconductor market is gradually and completely. In the first stage, from buying new electronic equipment declined banks. In the second phase, more importantly, the crisis has touched the corporate sector. Most companies can not borrow, and therefore their leaders decide to save, including the equipment. The third and final phase of the crisis has reached the ordinary users. This segment of consumers is the most extensive and most important ».

Financial statements and projections chipmeykerov confirm analysts' fears. Even the largest manufacturer of processors - Intel - officially acknowledged that the crisis could adversely affect its business. Smaller producers, however, have much worse. Thus, the largest contract chip manufacturer TSMC (Taiwan), said recently that he expects 20% decline in demand for its products in the IV quarter of this year. President and Dutch NXP Semiconductors CEO Frans van Houten said: «The financial crisis and market semiconductor components have caused the rapid decline in demand by the end of III quarter, particularly in the areas of automotive and consumer electronics. We are convinced of the need for deliberate action and reduce costs - this will prepare us to work in difficult market conditions ». According to the published report did not so long ago, the sale of NXP in III quarter decreased by 4.2% compared to same period last year. The supplier expects demand for its chips in the IV quarter of an additional 8-14%. The losses of American manufacturers of chips Micron Technology for the quarter ended August 28 amounted to $ 344 million and net loss for the entire 2008 fiscal year reached a level of $ 1.6 billion and led to such disastrous results as the time the flash memory, demand for which declined significantly. Both companies are part of the top 15 largest chipmeykerov (annual rating iSuppli for the last year). Incidentally, referring to Intel: the representatives of the corporation told about what exactly the impact of economic crisis could have on the company's activities. Possible negative effects discussed quite a lot, but there are key among them: - the delay of release of different products because of problems at major suppliers;
- The inability of buyers to get loans for the purchase of products that leads to a decrease in sales;
- A decrease of investment in the company.

In addition, Intel said that, judging by the III quarter sales, the demand IV quarter should be very good, but the global economic situation could make their adjustments.

A separate issue - the global market for NAND-memory. The research company iSuppli, in its updated forecast he predicted further decline. At the end of 2008, its volume reduced by 14% to $ 12 billion in 2009 - at 15% to $ 10,2 billion Former iSuppli forecasts were more optimistic: a reduction in global industry revenues by 3% in 2008 and an increase of 12% in 2009. As noted in iSuppli, in this year's market NAND-memory for the first time may show negative growth. According to the research company, the majority of consumers have already received the needed volumes of USB-drives and flash cards and do not intend in the near future to acquire storage size. In such circumstances cease to work effectively and tactics to reduce prices, worked until recently. However, as predicted in iSuppli, reducing the cost of memory continues. In 2008, the average cost of 1 Gb NAND-memory decline by 62%, and in 2009 - a further 50%. Meanwhile, falling prices for flash-type NAND specialists called «secret weapon» Corporation Apple, allowing it to retain profits at the level of higher than expected earlier. Due to the negative trends in NAND-market Apple can improve profitability and increase the amount of memory produced by devices - like iPod and iPhone, and laptops. In particular, they can make greater use SSD drives instead of traditional hard disk drives - the first step in this direction Apple has made, presenting the possibility of optional equipment Disk SSD Laptop MacBook Pro.

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Panasonic + Sanyo =?

Two of the world's largest manufacturer of consumer electronics - Panasonic Corporation and Sanyo Electric - are preparing to merge. While correct to say that Panasonic is planning to buy Sanyo Electric - the transaction must be completed before the end of the year. However, interestingly, the two companies announced the opening of negotiations, only a couple of weeks ago - that is, everything will happen very rapidly. The company has already established a working group which will discuss the details of upcoming transactions.

Panasonic SanyoIn this regard, experts note that the main interest for Panasonic Sanyo represent developments in the production of batteries, as well as exclusive solutions associated with mass production (logistics, etc.). If the transaction is successful, Panasonic will be able to become the largest manufacturer of electronics for the Japanese market. Annual income of the combined company will exceed 11 trillion yen ($ 112 billion). According to danym, Panasonic intends to repurchase shares Sanyo, owned by Japanese banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking and Daiwa Securities SMBC, as well as the U.S. Goldman Sachs. Moreover, as explained agency Bloomberg, after the completion of the transaction Panasonic has no intention of changing anything in the Sanyo: the company will retain its name and its staff - jobs. According to several Internet media, Panasonic Corporation has already secured the support of top managers of a competitor. It is now up to the board of directors of Sanyo, after the meeting that the company intends to announce that, in principle, agreed to the deal.

Panasonic will be able to then proceed to a financial assessment Sanyo and begin formal negotiations with three of its main owners - banks, Daiwa Securities SMBC, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank and Goldman Sachs. The point is that in 2006, Sanyo, incurring heavy losses, they sold the preferred shares, which amount can be converted almost 70% of ordinary shares. Analysts and customers welcome the merger of Sanyo Electric. «Sanyo is in a strong position in the market for the production of batteries, including lithium ion batteries. If the companies merge, the business will become even stronger », - FT quoted a recent statement by Mitsuo Kinosity, Executive President of Toyota Motor. These batteries are used, inter alia, in the car Prius - hybrid model produced avtokontsernom. Meanwhile, the merger of Panasonic and Sanyo Electric will inevitably entail a redistribution of the world market of consumer electronics. It can be assumed that most of these developments affect of Sony and Samsung, which has so far also controlled large segments of the market.

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IT-business: the days of the crisis

Today, before our eyes, some IT-corporations are fighting fiercely with the world financial crisis, others are preparing for it, and others - did not notice. But the crisis in one way or another, directly or indirectly, but affects all. Let's see what is happening to whom.


IT businessThe State of Apple in the 2008 fiscal year increased by 10,400 workers in total employment - he was a 48% higher than it was in late 2007 on a fiscal year. Fiscal year ends in September, Apple, and as of September 27, the company employs 32 thousand employees in full-time and 3,100 temporary workers on contract. 8 thousand employees engaged in the Apple retail stores, which for the year increased by 50. Has also increased and the amount the company spent on research and development (research and development - R & D). Now this amount is $ 1.1 billion - a 40% increase over the previous year.

Revenue grew by HTC of 22,4%, reaching another record of $ 489 million Such huge profits have been ensured the launch of new models, the main one being a smartphone T-Mobile G1. Profit for the company 10 months of the year was $ 3700 million, which is 30,8% more than during the same period last year. Despite the instability of the global economy, the company HTC is building a very optimistic plans for their income. Thus, for the IV quarter of 2008, HTC is going to earn about $ 1.5 billion

The company nVidia has summed up activity in the III quarter of 2009 fiscal year, which ended October 26. NVidia's revenues for the last three months amounted to about $ 898 million a 20% lower than for the III quarter of fiscal year 2008, when the company's revenue reached $ 1.12 billion nVidia Quarterly profit for the year dropped by almost 4-fold. If last year the company received $ 236 million net profit, then this it fell to $ 62 million According to statistics of Jon Peddie Research, in the III quarter of nVidia controlled 27.8% of the world market of graphic accelerators. In the second quarter of the share accounted for 31.4% of the industry. Despite the decline in revenue and profit guidance nVidia the results of the financial quarter ended on a positive. The company stressed that the recently launched high-performance graphics accelerator for the 55 nm technology. This should help nVidia strengthen market position and return the lost position. In addition, the company presented its first set of system logic for notebook processors based on Intel. Among other notable events of the quarter highlights the announcement of nVidia GeForce 9400 integrated accelerators and 9300, a powerful mobile Quadro FX video card and specialty card Quadro CX.

Despite the economic crisis, the overall sales and Foxconn Electronics Foxconn Technology were higher than expectations and set a record. According to Foxconn, the sale of products in the markets and electronic networks have shown outstanding results, plus steadily rising sales of PC products, and this has allowed Foxconn in October to earn $ 5.2 billion, which is 7.63% higher than in September. Thus, the annual sales growth Foxconn at the moment is equal to 29.13%. As for the future, the analysts expect, and in November, and further growth in December sales, but is unlikely to be able to achieve annual growth of 30%.

Meanwhile, Apple and Dell began fierce struggle for the wallets of consumers. According to a new study of pre-consumer intentions conducted by ChangeWave, two-thirds of respondents willing to buy a laptop within the next 30 days, going to dwell on the MacBook or the Dell. Interestingly, the number of supporters of Apple and Dell almost equal: of the 3699 respondents intending to buy a laptop, 33% gave their preferences MacBook, and 33% - Laptop Dell. As noted in the ChangeWave, the popularity of these brands is due to the recent update MacBook lines and the traditional reputation of quality products manufacturer Dell. ChangeWave Experts also stress the fact that these data can not illustrate the state of affairs in the industry in general, because the consumer market accounted for only about 20% of sales of Dell. However, according to a study, the proportion of respondents intending to buy a computer this year, the lowest in the last few years. Thus, only 8% of the respondents are going to buy a laptop, while last year it was 11%.

Some manufacturers of LCD panels will close some factories, if the ratio of their use by the end of this year will fall below 50%. Noted that such a scenario is very likely, because almost all manufacturers of LCD modules has reduced production volumes in an attempt to counter the drop in prices for their products. Thus, the utilization of factories, a leading Taiwanese LCD panel manufacturers AU Optronics (AUO), on its own assessment of the company by the end of IV quarter is unlikely to exceed 70%. Another Taiwanese manufacturer of the world's leading industry - Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO) - expects that its factories will be loaded to end the quarter at 60-70%.

A contract prices for DRAM chips fell in the first half of November, another 10%. This is connected with the lowering of wholesale prices and release to the market DRAM module suppliers Brand chips. Contract prices for the main product - 1-Gbit chips DDR2 - fell to $ 1.19, which corresponds to almost 50% compared with prices in the first half of this year. In the market of 1-Gbit DDR2 memory chips currently cost less than $ 1, while still in the middle of this year's price was within $ 1,8 - $ 1,9. Stop the decline in prices has not helped even the reduced production to 10-15%, has recently undertaken a number of manufacturers of DRAM. According to sources, reducing the contract price will continue until such time as to stabilize and begin to recover wholesale prices.


The company Nokia Siemens Networks intends to dismiss a 1820 people. A reduction will fall mainly to staff of the Finnish and German offices. Upcoming dismissal will become final stage plan for Nokia Siemens to reduce the cost of 2 billion euros. Under the leadership Nokia Siemens, the work will lose 750 employees in Finland, 500 - in Munich, 500 - in Durahe (Germany), about 50 people - in Egypt, and 20 people - in the USA. According to the company to make such decision, forcing a difficult situation in the telecommunications market. Nokia Siemens Networks is a joint venture between Nokia and Siemens, in which both companies have equal shares. The activity of Nokia Siemens beginning in April 2007, not having to turn around the company launched an ambitious program to reduce its staff. This program provides for the dismissal of approximately 9,000 employees, aims to improve by the end of 2009 operating margin of 10%. At the end of September, Nokia Siemens office had 60,000 employees.

Apple iPhone 3G has become the most sold mobile phone in the U.S., the site AppleInsider, citing the research company NPD. Earlier, top best-selling cell phones in the U.S. for three years headed the Motorola Razr V3, squalid now into second place. Third place in the ranking of the most popular cell phones USA got Blackberry Curve. The fourth and fifth places were taken, and LG Rumor LG enV2 respectively. Previously published record company Strategy Analytics on the sales of cell phones in the U.S. in the III quarter of this year. At the end of the quarter the company Motorola for the first time since 2004, ranked second in sales of cellular phones in the U.S., giving the top line of Samsung.

It does not pay attention to the crisis Nokia. The site has a list of ready-to-run models of the company. For example, a phone, code-named Corolla - 8-megapixel device with a semi-QWERTY-keyboard, 3-inch VGA-display and 8 GB of memory, which should appear on the 11 th week of 2009. Furthermore, drew the attention of model Madeleine (phone side QWERTY-keyboard), as well as sensory aids IP08 (widescreen phone with QWERTY-keyboard), Ivalo (3,5-inch screen and 32 GB of memory) and Eitri (QWERTY - phone with a screen 3.5 inches and the resolution of 640x350).

Goskorporatsiya «Rostehnologii» became the owner of 25,1% of the shares of the Cyprus company WiMax Holding Ltd., Controlling Ltd. «Skartel» - the first Russian operator of the wireless Internet-based Mobile WiMAX. The statement was made by Director «Skartela» Dennis Sverdlov, and representatives goskorporatsii. The deal will not be disclosed. However, the assessment of experts, it has a minimum of $ 75 million, writes the newspaper «Kommersant». According to the «Kommersant», the existence of the company «Skartel», acting on the market under the brand name Yota, became known in May 2008 In September the company announced the release of the regional markets, and plans for three to four years to cover 40 cities in Russia, investing the development of a billion dollars. Mobile WiMax technology allows you to access the internet even if the user is moving at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour.


The company Microsoft is trying to intercept the transaction with Verizon Wireless with its rival Google. Google is negotiating with Verizon Wireless that the Internet search engine company's installed by default on all the phones Verizon, and Microsoft, in turn, provides manufacturers of mobile communication devices a similar deal, but with more favorable terms of the division of profits from online advertising. Representatives of Verizon currently considering the terms of deals with both companies and have not yet decided which to choose. Russian online-shop for legal digital music announced the commencement of sales of the music catalog of the world's third-largest label Warner Music. Users became available more than 100 thousand songs from the catalog of Warner Music, which - as the recent musical innovations, as well as tens of thousands of tracks from the back-catalog of the label. Sergei Sichkar, director general of, both commented on the deal: «We have set ourselves the task to give users the maximum amount of music, which is in the world. To achieve this, we do not stop at nothing - not the need to integrate the technical platforms of rights or to challenge the issuance of licenses for protected content, nor the need to organize a difficult process of clearing copyright for the newly acquired product».

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Apple: what happens to apples?

With Apple, as usual, there is a lot of interesting and controversial - and sometimes just strange. I'll start with the fact that Apple has recently unveiled the results of its work for the 2008 fiscal year, which ended Sept. 27.

Just figures

At the end of 2008 financial year turnover increased by 37% on the previous year. Net sales rose to $ 32 billion compared with $ 24 billion in 2007. Gross margin remains relatively stable last year and is 34%. At the same time, the company does not exclude the lower gross profit in 2009 to 30%. In the 2008 fiscal year, sales of computers Mac reached 9.75 million devices, up 38% on the previous year when the figure stood at 7 million computers now occupy the most significant place in the structure of revenue Apple. At the end of the fiscal year, revenue in this product segment totaled $ 14 billion with an annual increase of 38%. The company noted that sales of mobile computers MacBook demonstrate strong growth.

The share of notebooks accounted for 62% of the total supply of computers. During the past year, revenue from iPod sales was $ 848 million, an increase of 10% compared to last year. Apple increased its supply of iPod players to 54.8 million units (in 2007 it sold 51.6 million devices). IPhone sales amounted to 11.62 million units. At the end of 2008 fiscal year, the level of retail sales of Apple made $ 1.3 billion - a 53% increase over the same period of 2007, average revenue from a retail store was $ 29.9 million year earlier the figure was $ 23.1 million In 2008 Apple opened 50 new stores, 19 of which came outside the U.S. - already have, even in China. During the period 2007-2008. company added to their bank accounts to $ 9 billion, and now the total is $ 24.5 billion Regarding projections for the future, despite a fairly stable position, Apple, and the increasing interest in its products, the companies anticipate a number of possible negative factors for further development. It was expected that because of the financial crisis will decrease the level of pre-sales, as the precarious financial situation could affect the financial results in the first half of 2009.

Competition elephants

His main competitor in the Apple believe, incidentally, a corporation Microsoft. Steve Balmer, seems to think so too. Competition Apple and Microsoft are not only in advertising - the company has long position their products, matching their competitors. The notorious «I am Mac» and «I am PC», seems to have shifted to another, more serious realm. From time to time, top managers of Microsoft makes a very unflattering about the prospects of the products Apple. Painstakingly created the impression that Apple has not seen by Microsoft as a competitor. However, independent experts, analyzing the financial performance of both companies, concluded that progress on some of Apple items, even exceeded those of the Microsoft.

On the one hand, sales of computers and servers, the company Apple has not yet occupy a considerable share of the global market. The market share of computers and servers, owned by Apple, is too small - the company owns about 5% of the market for PCs. However, the site AppleInsider has compared the financial performance of these companies, and came to interesting conclusions: Apple have a lot more cash than that of Microsoft, and its profit is about 75% profit software company. In concrete figures, it looks like this: for the quarter ended in September, Microsoft had received proceeds of $ 15.06 billion, its net profit - $ 4.37 billion, while cash reserves, cash equivalents and short-term investments totaled $ 20.7 billion financial indicators Apple are as follows: $ 7.9 billion revenue and $ 1.14 billion net profit. This reporting does not include the results obtained from the sale of iPhone. These data are not included in the reporting rules of GAAP. Accordingly, the total revenue Apple is $ 11.68 billion and $ 2.44 billion net profit. The company also reported that the amount of cash - $ 24.5 billion Apple Sales for the quarter was 48% higher than sales volume, as calculated by GAAP, net profit - 115% higher than reported under standard accounting rules. Thus, according to the last quarter of the financial performance of the two largest computer corporations not differ significantly from each other, and the reserves even more from Apple. A major factor in the success of Apple can be called a phone iPhone. Communicator has brought the company revenues of $ 4.6 billion, representing 39% of total revenue Apple. In addition, analysts believe that Apple promotes the success of the situation in the semiconductor market - in particular, inexpensive flash memory.

What to buy?

Recently, analysts have actively circulated an interesting question: who of the participants in the IT-market is prepared to buy Apple. Indeed, free $ 25 billion it is available to expand at the expense of buying a company, one of the leaders in its market segment. Moreover, the financial crisis help reduce the costs of the shares of most of them. Here is a riddle: In what way can extend the business interests of «malic Company»? The most frequently named as a possible purchase grants the computer industry such as Adobe, Vudu, Synaptics, as well as several smaller firms. It is, above all, independent companies - developers of applications for the iPhone. However, knowing the non-standard way of thinking Steve Dzhobsa, to make any predictions in this area very difficult.

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Internet police is becoming a reality

In most countries around the world are now discussing the control of communication in the Internet users and content for web-sites and services. We will not mention the «Great Chinese digital wall» - this is a separate topic of conversation. Let's talk about what is happening in Europe, the USA and other countries.


Internet PoliceAt the first International Summit on Information Security, which took place recently in the Malaysian capital, it was decided to establish a global center for monitoring threats on the Internet. In total, the forum was attended by delegates from 30 countries including Russia, USA, Canada, France, Sweden, Japan, India, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. The general view of participants expressed the phrase: «Because kiberprestupniki using the Internet do not recognize state borders, the fight against them must be the world». The final summit declaration states that «The rapid development of information and communication technologies has resulted in the number of users world-wide network has reached 1 billion people. However, along with a great advantage in business and everyday life that brings people to the Internet in their homes and offices, and entered a new kind of threat - the so-called network or cyber crime, including cyber-terrorism. Criminals are increasingly using the Internet to the detriment not only to individual users, but also the whole enterprise, and companies regardless of ownership, as well as public entities including the defense ». As a result, in Kuala Lumpur, government officials and IT-business in 26 countries, as well as world experts in computer security have agreed on the formation of an international group of «early warning network attacks to large business and government information systems and immediate response to the threat of cyber-terrorism». It includes the creator of the Internet architecture Vinton Cerf, executive director of Trend Micro, Steve Cheng, a former U.S. adviser to the White House on cybersecurity Howard Schmidt, president of Symantec, John Thompson, Head of Research F-Secure Mikko Hipponen and head the same department «Kaspersky Lab »Evgeny Kaspersky. In case of emergency situations related to IT-systems, all countries of the «International Organization for multilateral cooperation against cyber-terrorism» (International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber-Terrorism - IMPACT), «will be the rapid exchange of all available resources and knowledge».

IMPACT system will continuously monitor the Internet periodically make threats and expert reports. IMPACT - a non-profit structure, the idea of creation which was launched in May 2006, Prime Minister of Malaysia Abdullah Ahmad Badawi at the World Congress on Information Technology in Austin. He also announced then for it to grant $30 million to date in the work of representatives of government and commercial entities of 40 countries. As the only member of the expert council of Russia IMPACT Evgeny Kaspersky, this structure is the search and the introduction of the most effective ways to counter cyber crime, including in the banking sector. In addition to the prevention of IT-attacks, IMPACT is promoting the concept of a secure internet. This new building is an analogue of the American project Manhattan, but at the international level. Opening of the Center is scheduled for the end of 2008, when the city Kiberdzhayya (there is a built in 30 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur) to complete the construction of the buildings, the erection of which the Malaysian Government has allocated $16 million.


The Swedish Parliament adopted at first reading a law that allows the Technical Intelligence (FRA) to monitor all phone calls, SMS-and e-mail people in the country. For the adoption of the law voted in the parliamentary majority, represented by deputies of the coalition of bourgeois parties. In turn, representatives of Google and Telia Sonera said that in the case of the final adoption of this law will take their servers outside of Sweden. «This is possible only in Saudi Arabia and China, but not in a democratic country», - said one of the heads of Google, Peter Fleysher.

Swedish Ministry of Defense has attempted to establish a general surveillance of the population two years ago. Then it stopped at the cost of his life, director of the Swedish Security Police (SEPO) Klas Bergstrand. 22 December 2006 the Ministry of Defense sent to concerned authorities document proposes to introduce the country's total listening telekompyuternogo all communication with the outside world. The last working day before the two week Christmas vacation has been chosen not by chance - in law, government authorities have been obliged to express its views within two weeks, and only then the government could make a decision. Klas Bergstrand, seeing that the time to actually prevent the unconstitutional coup by other means not be posted on the site SEPO protested his service. After the scandal broke out the military draft was withdrawn from the agenda, but the Bergstrand, 22 January 2007, died of a heart attack. He was only 61 years, everyone knew him as a good athlete, had never complained of health problems. This same leadership SEPO protests are not states.


American employers find a way to monitor those employees who work from home. Electronic monitoring is built into the site, which helps programmers, network administrators, graphic designers, editors and other professionals and their clients around the world to find each other. The system makes random screenshots of your screen worker six times per hour, records keystrokes and mouse clicks, and can make shots for freelancers using web-camera. Each time is a screenshot, the bottom of the screen the worker выскакивает small icon. Customers may at any time enter into the system and see whether their contractors that they are doing and how much time they spent at work. Weekly accounts of customers are heavily dependent on these data. The Director-General of oDesk Gary Svort said that the customer who pays freelancers, likes to think: «You can not play Blackjack. You can not watch YouTube. Why? Because I watch for your work ». When one of the customers doubted overbuy invoice issued by freelancer screenshots check revealed that he watched over the internet Match cricket. An employee had to reduce the expense.

Peter Ueddl, author, consultant and researcher on employment sites, calls this trend «The big brother of the XXI century», which risks becoming «terribly intrusive». Skilled «not require that someone is constantly watching them over his shoulder». Although monitoring does not turn aside for a personal matter, many people are seeking to get rid of the need to dangle every day to work, that agree to this condition. One of the biggest competitors oDesk - Company - said that the installation «spyware software» - this is too much. Elance recently introduced its own monitoring system which allows the freelancer to document the work electronically, but control remains entirely in the hands of the worker. «We do not believe prudent to put the camera on your computer to make pictures and monitor every move», - said Director General of Elance Fabio Rosati. A few of their own programmers oDesk gone, when the company insisted that they work under the monitoring. At first you think: «Oh, this is Big Brother, and he watches», recognized Russell tweed, computer network administrator from Oregon working on oDesk. But he said that none of his clients from oDesk has not tried to control his every move during the work. One of the clients oDesk Julian Carroll - a consultant in the financial services area of Manhattan - contends that saves up to 25% of the time, using the services of freelancers - they are doing the work faster than contractors, which it found itself. The company oDesk, located in California, takes clients to 10% in excess of the amount paid freelancer. They said that their revenues for June 2008 on increased 2,8 times in comparison with the beginning of the year. In turn, the companies serving the call-centers, put «electronic leash» working from home for staff who take calls for companies engaged in retail trade, sale of travel tickets, etc. Call routing technology company, located in Florida, helps so firmly adhered to a telephone 8000 people working from home that they have to plan trips to the toilet for hours. But most quickly come to call workers to high productivity. In the independent members of Arise, working from home, there are incentives to take a lot of calls. Their basic salary starts from $8 an hour, but added the commission for selling cruises, computers, etc.


The British government is obliged to Internet service providers to use a unique system for storing data. With the help of so-called «black boxes» authorities plan to monitor all electronic communications and web-site attendance. These measures, taken in the name of security have already been recognized by many experts the most stringent in the world and led to complaints from the public. But even at the beginning of the year plans to track Internet traffic discussed in the meeting of representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Great Britain and the country's leading providers - BT, AOL Europe, O2 and BSkyB. When the government has yet voiced plans to control the Internet, it is expected that the initiative in the form of the bill will come no earlier than 2009. But the decision was made earlier. Although quickly became apparent that the measures which, according to the authorities needed to combat serious crime and terrorism do not find favor with the public. Here is a typical view of a small Internet service provider: «siloviki say that they want to return to the situation (before the advent of the Internet), when, if necessary, to keep track of all correspondence in the country. But the difference is that the Internet authorities to spy on where a large number of people, studying their behavior in the network ».

Passport help?

The famous «ethical hacker» and the international expert on security Sebastian Schreiber believes that the best way to protect against network threats to Internet users will be the attribution of passports, IDs to enter the network. Here's what he said about this: «The best and perhaps the only solution to the problem of security on the Internet can be assigned to each network user a permanent ID. This idea has already expressed a Russian anti-virus developer Evgeny Kaspersky, and this is a good idea ». According to Schreiber, although the idea is good, it would be difficult to implement because it would require the support and concerted efforts of governments and leadership of large corporations. Since this may result in denial of freedoms of Internet users, such measures require good thinking and preparation. «Freedom in the Internet is important but not least, security», - said Sebastian Schreiber. Sam Schreiber prefers to call himself not an expert, and «ethical hacker». In his field of interest - testing of networks of large corporations, which is the subject of his business is based in Germany, the company SySS. Among the regular customers SySS usually mention SAP and Daimler Chrysler. The name of a few large customers, referring to the obligation of confidentiality, Schreiber does not disclose.

The need for radical measures to combat online threats, and indeed there is - this is reflected in record CSI Computer Crime and Security Survey. If, according to analysts at the beginning of the XXI century IB-threat distributed more or less evenly, with the bulk of them were classic viral and DDoS-attack is already in the 2007-m interest kiberprestupnikov completely shifted to the direct financial fraud, which This year the company have a maximum loss. Interestingly, while the worldwide damage from virus attacks in recent years has declined by a quarter - from $17.5 billion in 2004 to $13.3 billion in 2006-m. This is due to the massive shift from hackers virusopisatelstva to a more pragmatic ways of «money».

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Yahoo, Google, AOL and Microsoft: Dance continues

It is now four companies - Yahoo, Google, AOL and Microsoft - continues «ritual dances», began the spring with Microsoft trying to buy the Internet Corporation of Yahoo. That attempt failed (Yahoo has made saving alliance with Google), but the nerves members destroying a lot of events. Meanwhile, the race around the deal is still in progress.

Yahoo Google AOL MicrosoftI'll start with the fact that Google has abandoned the transaction on the partnership with Yahoo in the market of internet advertising. The official blog search giant says that the review of conditions of transactions by United States competition authorities has been held for four months, but regulators are still many questions remained. According to Google, the Department of Justice antitrust investigation into the U.S. could negatively affect «the relationship with the company's valuable partners». In early October, Yahoo and Google have postponed the conclusion of transactions for a month due to negotiations with the Ministry of Justice. Originally the company planned to sign the final contract in October 2008 In addition, Google and Yahoo announced their intention to revise the terms of the transaction on the exchange of online advertising so as to obtain the approval of antitrust authorities. In particular, the term of the contract was to be reduced to two years (from the original ten). The emerging deal between Yahoo and Google became known on 12 June this year. Under the agreement, Yahoo's search results should have been placed contextual ads Google. This contract extends only to the USA and Canada. If the transaction was approved by the antimonopolschikov, Yahoo would raise the income of at least $ 800 million a year. However, preparing a contract has caused concerns among advertising companies, which found that Google and Yahoo could monopolize the market and improve pricing for Internet advertising. Indeed, in August, the share of Yahoo and Google accounted for about 80% of the market for online search. The transaction involved the use of advertising technology to Yahoo and Google AdSense advertising content from Google when displaying search results in Yahoo.

Meanwhile, the positions of the protagonists changed 180 degrees. Director Yahoo Jerry Yang, it turns out, is ready to revisit the deal with Microsoft. At the Web 2.0 Summit Young himself suggested that Microsoft buy Yahoo. Quote: «Buying Yahoo - the most advantageous option for Microsoft». Jerry Yang also said Yahoo was prepared to consider any options for cooperation, not only selling the company entirely. For example, he admits that could be sold only to the search business Yahoo. I recall that earlier this year, Microsoft offered to Yahoo for more than $ 40 billion, estimating the per share in the $ 31 search engine, which was then at 62% above the stock price. Microsoft later increased the offer to $ 33 per share, but Yahoo management found it undervalued the company. At the Microsoft proposal to buy Yahoo search business leaders also rejected the company. However, now the head of Microsoft, Steve Balmer said that Microsoft is not planning to return to negotiations on a full or partial purchase of Yahoo. Balmer said that Microsoft made the offer twice about buying Yahoo. In addition, Microsoft has offered Yahoo to sell only its search business. But the leadership of the Internet company has responded to these proposals rejected. New Microsoft search engine offers do not intend to. However, Microsoft added a chapter that does not refuse to cooperate with Yahoo. He believes that Microsoft and Yahoo could become partners in the market of Internet search. What exactly is meant by a partnership, Balmer, however, did not specify.

Meanwhile, Yahoo and AOL (the Internet division of Time Warner) for several weeks in negotiations about the merger and the joint business. The goal should be the reduction of costs and strengthening market position of each company. The final decision regarding the effectiveness of the merger will be decided shortly. For the first time the possibility of such a transaction was reported several weeks ago, when Yahoo reported a reduction of the state, and one way to optimize the company called its merger with AOL. Then the company looked for alternatives and not on a transaction with Microsoft. The point is that with the beginning of the financial crisis, the value of Yahoo shares dropped to a mark of $ 12,65. This decline was the biggest in the history of the company over the past five years, and for the entire market hayteka: Yahoo stock is cheaper most. During the negotiations on the merger being discussed actively integrating services and advertising business in the AOL business Yahoo. At this time, already know that Yahoo and AOL combine their web-projects, and the owner of AOL - a company Time Warner - will receive a share in the new company. The truth is, this time is more than just fear. For example, whether to retain two postal service, or would be better to merge them into one? And how will interact advertising service companies? Interestingly, while the deal under discussion at the level of rumor: the representatives of the companies did not formally comment on the deal between Yahoo and AOL, although an anonymous source reported that the deal is almost complete. Such secrecy is linked including the fact that in today's environment companies behave very carefully so as not to cause a greater drop the value of their shares.

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Safety: going up?

Today I will speak again about security. Analytical articles of this type, I usually begin with quoting the definition given, for example, from Wikipedia or a similar source. This material will be presented to my subjective opinion. For all the years of work in the field of IT security, I formed a view on the regional situation as concerning only the RB, as well as global. Today I will try to show the real picture of things.

SafetyTo get started, I would like, once again, focus on the meaning of «security». Will use simple words and explain everything on the fingers, so to speak. The problem is that security itself is not an end product or result. Safety - is a continuous process, which reduces the risks to minimize or even remove some. There is no difference between security in the IT sector, or in any other. If we are talking about isolating the machine from the LAN or the Internet, it completely excludes the fact of breaking the network, while retaining the need to maintain data from different types of malware. So the expression «why me antivirus, I do not work in Internet» is quite inappropriate, because data, you still share. Флэшки, hard drives, optical drives - all of these pathways zlovredov on your computer, bypassing any communication. Contrary to the established social view of security - it is not installing antivirus or firewall redirector, it is much broader. In fact, in itself installing anti-virus system does not solve any problems promptly. Several times I had to provide services ranging from friends, relatives and ending, so to say, «friends of friends». The vast majority are very surprised when I found hundreds of phone viruses on their computers. The question was always the same: «and where they came, because I have Kaspersky Anti-Virus is the latest version». However, it appears that the antivirus had solid overdue virus signature database, has never held a full system scan for malware, but still could be completed with long term use of the license key. So it turns out that this anti-virus would be more sense if it did not have. This is a situation that has occurred with respect to ordinary users. Taking into account the advanced users, those for the most part, believe that constantly monitor operating proactive protection module solves all the problems entirely, but scanning is not necessary. Again, surprised by the great ... home computer security requires constant monitoring by the user. And it does not need to be an expert in the field of security. It is simple to correctly configure all the components responsible for the security program to protect data at the level of the hard drive and operating system. Of course, fully without denial to ensure the security has not received any ordinary user or advanced. If any expert to undertake a serious car, it is still at the outlet of the system could be jeopardized. Indeed, the need for a high level of security in this niche of the IT world in our society there. Home computer is not stored on your disk, no secret data, and Internet banking are not using the people of Belarus the exception of a few percent of the population.

In the West, painting the situation a little better. Access to the Internet does not cause any complications, and almost every European or American, without problems using a global network for peanuts. We have the services of Internet access, although rapidly developing, but still far from the level of more developed countries. This is quite natural. Yet western user (by the way, as well as the east) without any problems of anti-virus updates, without fear for his pocket. Yes, and for the work of antivirus is not used VAREZE licenses in 80% bought because value of the last just ridiculous, given the income levels of western users. For this same user is still difficult to allocate about 100-150 rubles (depending on the program and the manufacturer) to purchase an annual license. Another important factor is that the informational support in the West are much more developed. Literature on IS (information security), there is much more, as a professional or amateur, calculated at the average user. With regard to companies, firms, etc., the situation is almost the same as the domestic segment. True, there are small differences related to the presence in the West, high-class professionals who really know their job competently and maintain a security policy in advance. These professionals are actively used by companies, and the last at the outlet are good protection. We are much worse: there are specialists, but the company did not want to recruit heavily overweight person. Let us in turn. Modernity demanded by firms and companies creating another department - to IB (at large) and a new position (small). This entails extra cost, of course. And there still ibeshnik said the acquisition of necessary corporate licenses for antivirus software, software for data backup, firewall redirector (if it is a firewall systems, both for the purchase of servers, etc.). This all leads to the solution of «before that once lived - and now live». But, gentlemen, is not there it was - the time comes, and progress does not like conservatism. Bill Gates said: «If you're not online, then you are not in the business», - so it had to be considered. So it turns out that communication is the infrastructure there, but keep it there. I see this complete anarchy. Local networks are like Passing yards: prolez through the gateway of access to the Internet, and is ready - walking, as you please. This is not a good thing.

With all this in private companies were still hit-or-miss place. It is natural, because no hunting to lose by their own hands. But in most gosorganizatsy of the whole security is only available on the monitor nakleechka «processing of classified information is prohibited». Admit, looking at the state iteshnikov, it is difficult to believe that there is at least one machine in the organization, which is designed to handle sensitive information. All this, apart from the smiles and sadness, nothing else is. At the same time on aid, even gratuitous, many refused. With regard to specialists, the so little. Yes, it is so true. Tragically it is aware of, but a modern education system overlooked the need to prepare ibeshnikov. In doing so, I do not take into account people who study cryptography, hardware encryption, etc. This is information security, but it does not complete training. To an expert on security meets modern requirements, he must know the work of modern means of protection. And how is arranged and operates an emulator or a code module is heuristic analysis of modern anti-virus program, no one teaches these people. Therefore a classical specialist, is not prepared for modern threats. In such a case remains the only self. Again the problem, because with the device to work the first thing asked, «Where do you learn?» or «what kind of education?». In my opinion, the expert must clearly know how to «do security», and not explain where he studied and what kind of education received. In the West, such a specialist just to test and was pleased to have a job, because people capable of productive self, - a very valuable man, and he deal in everything. And in our case would be to think very long and in most cases choose the negative. The results you too can watch: findings of the machines from viruses - it is not just a nuisance, it has become commonplace, «bytovuhoy», so to speak. And while the employee prints any invoice, the list of active processes already reigns trojans, viruses, worms, etc.

«So far, no thunder gryanet, man does not cross» - there is a folk wisdom. The situation is certainly changing, but very slowly. Rather than immediately adopt the experience of others, prefer to learn from their mistakes. Any company that has decided to acquire a local network or Internet resources, primarily to take care of security, and then - on the availability of other IT professionals. Title of article and pushes me to the conclusion in terms: so we go up or down, but can and do stand on the spot. Naturally, we are moving upwards, but not as fast as we would like. And so to a satisfactory level is still a long walk. I hope that will successfully and with minimum errors. Draw conclusions.

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Mobile crisis following the financial

The world financial crisis in some countries has led, as in others - is about to lead to a sharp drop in consumer demand for various kinds of electronic devices. Simply put, people have become markedly less to buy various gadgets - from mp3-players to digital cameras. Let us try to understand how things in the market of mobile phones.

Mobile CrisisAnalytical company IDC summarized analysis of the global market of mobile phones in the III quarter of this year. According to the results, supply mobile phones in the period from July to September inclusive, amounted to 299 million units, which is 3,2% higher than that of III quarter of last year and 0,4% below the results of II quarter of this year. A decline in sales of cellular phones Analysts attributed the financial crisis in the United States and Europe. First place in the list of the largest suppliers of mobile pipes continues to keep the Finnish company Nokia. Last year, Nokia supplies mobile phones rose by 5,5% - to 117.8 million units. The market share of Nokia, on the basis of III quarter was 39.4%. Second place with 17,3% stake in South Korean company is the Samsung, have put in the period from July to September, 51.8 million phones. Quarterly growth in sales of vehicles for the year Samsung has reached 21,6%. Encloses three leaders Sony Ericsson, the position of the year virtually unchanged. In the past quarter, the company supplied 25.7 million mobile phones, which corresponds to 8,6% of the market. Motorola with a market share of 8.5% now takes only the fourth line the list of the largest suppliers of mobile phones, while about one and a half years ago, was in second place. In the last quarter of Motorola had 25.4 million phones. Closes five LG Electronics, whose market share last quarter was 7.7% (23 million cell phones sold).

By the way, on Motorola. Net loss for the 9 months of this year rose almost 4-fold - to $ 587 million against $ 149 million for the same period a year earlier. The volume of sales dropped during the period by 15% to $ 23 billion, while in January-September 2007 on the rate was $ 26.98 billion According to the results of III quarter of this year's net loss the company made $ 397 million, while a year earlier was recorded profit of $ 60 million Revenues for the period decreased by 15% to $ 7.48 billion (a year earlier the rate was $ 8.81 billion). In III quarter Motorola sold 25.4 million phones to 28.1 million quarter earlier. Beginning in March, appeared regularly reports that Motorola intends to split into two separate public companies: the production of mobile phones and to provide broadband and mobile business solutions. The division was scheduled for completion in the III quarter of 2009, as now declares Sandzhay Jakarta, soispolnitelny director of Motorola, is responsible for the fate of the mobile unit, by which time the restructuring is likely to not complete the work. The company also reported that the first Motorola phones on the platform of Google Android will not appear before 2009. On the contrary, are excellent cases in Samsung. In III quarter of this year, the South Korean company has become a leader in the number of cell phones sold in the U.S. - the data analysis led the company Strategy Analytics. At the end of III quarter of this year the market share of Samsung mobile phones amounted to U.S. 22,4%. In the second place fell Motorola, won 21.1% of the market. Seller number 3 cell phones in the U.S. on the basis of III quarter was the company LG, won 20.5% of the market. The proportion of Nokia at the U.S. mobile market is equal to 8,4%. In accordance with the data analysis company Canalys the market share for the year Nokia smartphones in the world market has decreased from 51,4% to 38,9%. The share of manufacturers such as Apple and RIM, in the III quarter of this year accounted for 17,3% and 15,2% of the global smartphone market, respectively.

In Russia - their problems. In the largest dealers of cellular phones have problems with the sale of cell phones on credit. The reason - banks tightening procedures for issuing consumer credit people in connection with the crisis. The decline in credit sales technique was observed in September. It tells Eugene Chichvarkin, chairman of the board of directors «Euroset», «sales fall at all, it is sufficient to severely tightened scoring (system for assessing the credit quality of the borrower)». Sales on credit in «Euroset», he said, fell by about 50%. The total turnover in Russia's largest mobile phone retailer in 2007 was $ 5.64 billion, or 13 million phones. Other companies say that the watch is also almost double the reduction of sales. Nevertheless, the majority of clients who have problems with credit, all the same gadgets bought for cash. The problem is that loans for the purchase of consumer electronics (the same cell phones) are bezzalogovymi, analysts believe. As a retail provider, and even more so in the home, which had recently been increasingly competing with the provider on its own field, the percentage of credit purchases in recent years has grown continuously. In the same general conditions of economic uncertainty, when many fear losing their jobs, borrowing has become less psychologically comfortable. In addition, the buyer will definitely relate to the selection of a more meaningful, giving preference to the budget model.

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Sort windows applications using GridMove

The main instrument of computerized office work are the various programs, editors. It is in spreadsheets, accounting applications, text editors, graphic or tools created working papers and projects. It is no coincidence that it is reviewed and guidelines for working with such a «serious» software filled pages of periodicals of computer topics. This is indeed true and justified. However, it is worth remembering that for a really good work with a computer is no less important, and small auxiliary tools to simplify and automate fulfillment of routine operations. This is different schedulers, auto switches the keyboard layout and other such programs to facilitate our everyday work at the computer. The hero of our review program GridMove also solves a seemingly insignificant at first glance the problem - sort of windows of other applications, but makes it so easy and with such elegance that literally after a few hours of work with this product ponevole catch myself thinking: and as previously could do without this program?

As you know, in Windows operating systems used by multiple. For each active application, which works directly with the user, creates a separate window which you can freely move around the screen or drill down on the entire screen. Full screen mode is useful when you concentrate on working with one application and do not need at this time in collaboration with other programs. Note that this mode allows you to really maximize the useful area of your monitor screen. Here are just a much more common situation is different when the work is necessary to keep the few windows. Suppose, when a text editor to see a good browser window messenger, dictionary or any other directory. I think you can easily remember their own examples of such «complexes» programs that run simultaneously in a particular mode of its work. For maximum convenience, these windows tend to follow a certain order, which is broken and the donors. To restore the windows had to re-build in the usual manner. Try to count the time spent on its decision within hours.

Not the most interesting lesson, and time is better spent on directly productive work. One common variants organize a large number of simultaneously open windows is to use multiple virtual desktops. At each of these applications can be placed to work on specific tasks and switch between them as needed. They really make it possible to bring order to a large number of windows, but they have a drawback. The point is that when we switched to a specific desktop, it loses its ability to control the behavior of applications in other virtual tables. There is a problem of sorting boxes, and another, «iron», aspect. Radical way to expand the working space is to purchase large screen diagonals, as well as connecting to a computer multiple monitors - that is creating multimonitornoy system. On the one hand, the effective area significantly increases. We can stretch the standard system of your desktop to multiple monitors and grouped windows suitable for us. It would seem that now, then everything is fine: all the necessary applications to the eye and do not block each other. But even multimonitornaya the system does not obviate the need to manually build a box for each session of the breach and to restore harmony with each new start, not by working «combination», Annex. Here, we will help and special programs, automatically position windows on the screen as well as offering various additional capacity to manage the windows on one or more monitors. GridMove is one of the leaders in this field.

GridMove it works is simple enough. The program divides the screen into several conditional zones. They are the windows and open applications. Settings area - the size and location - set in the template. Such patterns may be several, and switching between them, you can flexibly manage their workspace, activating the template best suited to specific tasks. Because windows applications are located in individual cells and thus excludes them overlap and to ensure maximum useful information, filling in the area of one screen or multiple monitors. Ten default templates that contain settings of the screen area, originally built in the annex. Among them are schemes of dividing the screen into two zones horizontally or vertically - a convenient way for simultaneous work with dvupya programs or documents. Plans for the three zones are ideal for use with a pair of main and subsidiary programs. Owning monitors pokrupnee suitable scheme of the four cells. The set also has templates for dvuhmonitornyh systems. Template GridMove takes effect when you drag windows around the screen. Mobile window automatically «stick» to the nearest zone of the grid, while its size-tuned to the parameters of the cell. This is achieved, the main objective of the program - the rapid deployment of windows without overlaps and with maximum use of screen area. Depending on the program settings on the screen it may show a hint: marking the currently active grid GridMove and the number of cells. If you are working with multiple monitors, one of which is deployed in portrait mode, the program is simply irreplaceable, because it allows a continuous adaptation to avoid moving windows that do not want to fit in the space allocated to them.

After installing and running the GridMove requires a minimum of attention. Its presence in the program reported using small icon in the system tray. It is able to gain access to your program. They are grouped in tabs «Templates» (Templates), «Options» (Options) and «Hot keys» (Hotkeys). The first tab allows you to activate the appropriate templates. In the «Options», special attention should be given mode of operation. By default GridMove react on virtually any attempt to drag the window. It is not quite convenient, since it may lead to false positives. Perhaps the most convenient is to recognize the activation GridMove to drag a window with middle mouse button pressed. In this case, the likelihood of unnecessary alarms, for example, when moving the dialog boxes are practically reduced to zero. Such a method of dragging windows, and to all a good, quick to get used - sort of windows takes a few seconds and goes, if you will, on full autopilot. I have this habit, and the reverse side. Appearing for the alien computer, you begin to experience noticeable discomfort in working with multiple windows. Each zone in a template GridMove has your number. Switch between them using the keyboard by typing the number of cell in which you want to send the currently active window. There is a GridMove and work with the original command line, which includes a combination of Win + G. In this mode, you can move the window on the grid with the keyboard, quickly switch between the template program, expand and collapse the window. It supports hot combination, consisting of key figures and Win, send the active window in one of the numbered grid areas GridMove.

In principle, the above is already enough for the most flattering assessment and recommendation program for permanent use. However, GridMove there are a few trump cards. First, GridMove can work not only with the initially assumed in the program templates layout, but also allows you to create your own templates. This feature gives a great flexibility of the program. However, for the creation of templates will explore a simple embedded language. All necessary settings are typed in a simple text configuration file. There are no masters or subsidiary windows dialog settings are not provided. This circumstance can scare some inexperienced users, but those who are not afraid of working with a very simple code that will have full control over the behavior of the program and will be able to realize the most complicated variants of partitioning of one or more monitors. Secondly, the extremely compact - in unpacked form takes less than a half megabyte, and the archive, which can be downloaded at the site of the project, and that weighs less. Finally, you will note that the program is distributed under the scheme Donationware. This means that the fee for its use of voluntary, and its size is determined by the consumer. Those wishing to support the author of this remarkable material can take one of the proposed site GridMove payment options. The program works without problems with Windows XP and all Vista versions. Moreover, it can be run without installation, for example, with a flash drive that allows you to work in a style suitable for even the computer that you do not have rights to install software. An excellent option for those who by the nature of activity accounted for during the day to work with multiple computers - at home, at work or at school.

As a result, you do not mind pokriviv say that GridMove - it is really a program-level must have. The sake of objectivity, and mention of some of its shortcomings. This is purely an English interface and the occasional errors that occur when certain combinations of settings in the command line.

Download GridMove, please visit: In addition to the program, the site of the project, you can also download additional templates for GridMove.

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