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Steve Wozniak: the return of the Patriarch

In early February this year, news was news: one of the founders of Apple, Steve Wozniak was appointed to the post of chief researcher in the company's Fusion-io. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of data storage systems for servers. Until now, Wozniak part of the consultative council Fusion-io, but now has decided to further immerse themselves in the design work to create a server-side flash modules. But in this case, it is important not to what it has borrowed Wozniak, and what we know about it. Steve Wozniak for many years been in the shadow of the Second Co-founder Apple, Steve Dzhobsa charismatic, and the press is not interested in them. Wozniak suddenly emerged from the shadows and became a public figure, about six months ago. Just at that time it became known that Steve Dzhobs really hard (though not fatally) ill and had to temporarily handed Apple the other top managers. Just a question: Is it possible that in the 2009-meters Apple headed by a man who 33 years ago, along with creating Dzhobsom company Apple Computer?

Character Computer Era

Stephen Wozniak, a Pole by birth (the Polish name of Stephen Gary Wozniak) was born August 11, 1950 in the California city of San Jose - in the heart of Silicon Valley. Many years later, in 1976, along with Stephen Wozniak founded Dzhobsom small firms (the term "start" then did not exist) Apple Computer, now turned into a huge Apple inc.

In the mid 70's is Steve Wozniak designed the famous Apple I computers, and Apple II. If Apple I was a frankly weak formulation, the Apple II became incredibly popular, and soon received the title of the PCs sold in the 70's and early 80-ies of XX century.

In the early years of "apple company" in the Apple by Stephen glued several nicknames: The Woz, another Steve, Wizard of Woz and iWoz. WoZ (reduction of Wheels of Zeus) - it is also the name of the company, which subsequently founded Wozniak.

Steve Wozniak - introvert type and believes its popularity only irritating thing".

Creating Apple

In 1975, Steve Wozniak left the University of California, that will soon emerge from the prototype of a personal computer - that is, that soon made him famous. But then he had not anticipated the future and just wanted to impress members of the Club home, located in the California city of Palo Alto.

His schoolmate Steve Dzhobs, however, was more enterprising man. It was invented to sell the computer as a fully assembled PC with this software. Interestingly, Wozniak first took to the idea with skepticism, but Dzhobs finally convinced him. As "the official legend," the corporation Apple, friends sold all their valuables (Wozniak sold scientific calculator HP, and Dzhobs - van Volkswagen), which obtained $ 1300. These funds, in 1975, Steve managed to build two prototypes of the first Apple I - first in the bedroom Dzhobsa, and later they moved to the garage Dzhobsa. Soon it became clear that the Apple I computer far exceeds the Altair 8800, submitted earlier in the year.

For reference: the Altair 8800 was not the display and storage of this data. The computer receives the command through switches (one program could require several thousand switching), and its output was a set of flashing lights. And, finally, Altair 8800 required a mandatory assembly. That is to say he was anything but a working tool. But the computer Wozniak, who he named Apple I, was fully assembled and operating the device - he had the MOS Technology 6502 microprocessor and ROM. To get a full PC, the user is left to add a keyboard and monitor.

Apple Computer Company was officially registered on 1 April 1976. (And got jokes!) On this occasion Wozniak resigned from Hewlett-Packard, which then worked, and became vice-president responsible for research and development. PC Apple I started to sell for a symbolic price of $ 666.66. The first one hundred computers had been sold to local dealers.

The first commercial successes Wozniak Apple Computer helped to focus on correcting deficiencies and expanding the functionality Apple I. At the same time was struggling to retain the simplicity and ease of use of a PC. Thanks to Steve Wozniak of Apple II came with a high-resolution graphics - a new computer can display not only text characters, and images. And in 1978, Wozniak also designed an inexpensive floppy disk controller Disk II.

No less than Steve Wozniak, made for the development of the software the first PC Apple. Together with Randy, Steve Vigginton and wrote a simple DOS file system. Then, to create a simple console interface was engaged company Shepardson Microsystems. Wozniak also wrote a significant part of other software for the Apple I and Apple II. Among its developments - an advanced programming language Calvin, a set of virtual instructions, 16-bit processor, known as SWEET16, and computer game Breakeout (it became an occasion to add to the functionality of a PC work with the sound). In 1980, the model Apple II came on the market and quickly made Dzhobsa and Wozniak millionaires. Moreover, Apple II was so successful design, which for many years remained the main source of revenue for Apple Computer, and Steve the opportunity to provide two free to experiment - even if the results of these experiments were non-viable projects like the Apple III and Lisa. Eventually, the legendary Steve Wozniak developed the Macintosh, and Steve Dzhobs successfully brought it to market and made a major technology "Apple Company".

At the light, and vice versa

In February 1981, in the life of Steve Wozniak has a very sudden and dramatic turnaround. During take-off from the fleet of Santa Cruz, he had an accident on his plane Beach Bonanza. As a result of severe head injury was the retrograde amnesia and temporary amnesia anterogradnaya. Outside the hospital, Steve did not remember about what happened - did not know that they are in a plane crash. His stay in the hospital, he also did not remember. Every day he was usual, but the next day did not remember anything about them.

Realizing this, Wozniak began literally to pieces to collect information from different people. One of the first of those surveyed became his girlfriend Candy Clark, who also once worked at Apple. So Wozniak and learned about the crash, and about the fact that Steve and Candy actually have been engaged, they ordered the wedding rings in San Diego and flew there for them.

After that, the story of Steve returned short-term memory. For further elimination of amnesia Wozniak still thanks ... computer games for Apple II.

Immediately after the crash he did not return to Apple. Steve Wozniak married Candy Clark (he called her "superwoman") and returned to the University of California at Berkeley under a new name Rocky Clark. Where did this name is known: Rocky called his dog, and Clark - his wife's maiden name. In 1986, in Berkeley, he received his degree. But even earlier, in 1983-m, Steve decided to return to the team that developed Apple. In his own words, he then needed an engineer and "enabling element" of the company.

Life after Apple

6 February 1987, the, 12 years after the founding of Apple, Steve Wozniak once again left the "apple company" - stating that "this time forever." Nevertheless, his namesake Dzhobs speech team is not taken seriously - Wozniak officially still is Apple employee and receives a salary. He also owns shares based them once in the garage computer company.

In the same 1987, Steve and Candy divorced. By the time they already had three children: two boys and a girl. Later, during a meeting of graduates, he resumed his long-standing relationship with his beloved Susan Mulkern. They married in 1990, but divorced in 2000. From hi-tech industry Wozniak never left. Since 1987, Steve founded a small company start-CL9, which developed the universal "smart" remote controls. That is it in time to market the first universal remote control. Steve Dzhobs do fairly angry and began to threaten suppliers of components for CL9, demanding that they cease doing business with Wozniak, otherwise they will lose business with Apple. Then Steve Wozniak showed uncommon faith and commercial ingenuity, to find other suppliers to replace those with whom he worked for four years. However, after this incident, according to eyewitnesses, Steve was deeply disappointed in his once-closest friend.

Later, Wozniak is largely devoted to teaching activities, and philanthropy in education. He even had to teach fifth grade students. After the dismissal of Apple Wozniak donated almost all of its resources technology program at the School District Los Gatos. This district is Steve himself, and it was his children attend school.

Long before that, back in 1981-m and Steve Wozniak founded the organization Unuson (Unite Us in Song). Initially, he used it for two national festivals. This is a national rock festivals The US Festival, which focused on developing technology and community of music, computers, television, and people. They were a combination of technology and rock festival. Took part in festivals such well-known rock musicians, like Motley Crue, Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest, Scorpions, Van Halen, U2, and others.

Both the festival, which took place in 1982 and 1983, organizers and sponsors of Steve Wozniak. Now the organization Unuson Steve uses to achieve its educational and philanthropic projects.

Recent history of Steve

In 1985, Steve Wozniak received from the hands of Ronald Reagan's "National Medal of Technology".

In 1997 he was elected a member of the Computer History Museum in San Jose. At the same time Wozniak was the main sponsor and sponsor the Children's Discovery Museum, even the street in front of the museum was renamed in his honor, named Woz Way.

In September 2000, Steve Wozniak went into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

In 2001 he founded a company start-Wheels Of Zeus. The company is developing a wireless GPS technology, which was, as stated in its advertising, "to help ordinary people find the usual things". And in 2002, Wozniak joined the Board of Directors of Ripcord Networks Inc. By the way, there with him were almost all former top managers of Apple, at different times left "nadkushennoe apple". Later that year, Wozniak became a member of the board of directors of the company Danger Inc.

In May 2004, Wozniak received an honorary Doctor of Science from the University of North Carolina, for his contribution to the industry of personal computers.

And now, Steve Wozniak was the principal researcher in a company engaged in the development of data storage systems. Meanwhile, Steve Dzhobs withdrew the head and spiritual leader Apple.

At the time, Steve Wozniak was famous for saying: "Never trust a computer that can not throw out the window." But now he has all chances not only to once again return to Apple, but also to lead one of the most prominent IT-corporations in the world. Then he had to deal already with computers that you can not just throw out the window, but in the toilet bowl later.

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IT-industry is not for the faint-hearted

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBase

The economic crisis continues to have on the IT-industry pressure, and companies from a variety of areas continue to announce losses in IV quarter, pessimistic forecasts for 2009 and often - and major cuts. Even giants such as Cisco, indicate a weakening in the past quarter and adjust the forecast for the future. For example, Cisco recently announced that in the fiscal quarter ended January 24, profit fell by 7.5% compared with the previous year and amounted to $9.1 billion.

But most of the other crisis hits the manufacturers of hardware. Upgrade computers in the corporate sector - this is the first, on what companies are starting to save, when the hard times. With regard to specific companies, for example, Lenovo has announced that its quarterly profit fell by 20% - to $3.6 billion.

It must not bypass the crisis and the traditionally "hot" markets, as, for example, mobile communication. Many companies in this market report is not just about slowing growth and a decline in its volume below the level of 2008. For example, the Motorola announced that their company's profits fell by 26% compared to last year.

In addition, the company against the backdrop of the crisis began to spend less money on advertising, which, in turn, affected the online sector. Here, only Google has been able to show positive dynamics (growth - 24%), while other players have noted the reduction.

At the same time, shares of technology companies still hold good, in spite of the bad news. According to analysts, this may be related to the expectation of action, which not so long ago suggested that Barack Obama, not with a real strengthening of IT industry.

Chronicles of the crisis

IBM provided the company an opportunity to some of its employees came under the reduction, to preserve jobs. To do this, they will move into the offices of IBM in countries with lower wages. This offer is valid for employees of American offices IBM. They will be able within the framework of Project Match, which provides assistance with relocation and adaptation to the new location, go to work in the offices of IBM in a dozen countries, including Brazil, India and China. Use this proposal can not all sacked employees - primarily transferred to other offices of IBM will be able and promising young employees who have families and mortgages.

Experts believe that this move IBM helps companies to retain their skilled personnel while reducing the cost of their maintenance. The transition specialist from the United States, for example, to work in India to his salary at the new location would be comparable to the income of his Indian colleagues, and not with a salary in the U.S. office.

Let me remind you that the reduction in the company IBM started in January this year. A few days had been dismissed more than 4000 people. According to the site Alliance @ IBM, all of us can be fired up to 16 thousand people.

Representatives NEC announced that the company in 2010, dismiss the order of 20,000 employees. These measures relate to the deteriorating situation around the NEC. In the last quarter the company incurred a loss on $1.45 billion, while sales fell by 9.9%. Therefore, management decided to take aggressive steps in the reduction: of these 20,000 employees who are laid off, half will be in the regular staff, and the second half - on contract and temporary staff. Moreover, as the president of NEC, and more dismissals are possible if the situation deteriorates. The crisis hit, and AOL, which plans to guide in the near future, to dismiss about 700 employees, representing 10% of the total personnel. In a letter to staff guidance AOL explain these actions harsh economic conditions in the market, which forced customers to spend less and less money on advertising. At the very same reduction may require several quarters. In addition, for those who escape dismissal at AOL as they prepared is not very good news: this year the company is not planned to increase the standard of wages.

But the company Pioneer intends to completely abandon the release of televisions and sell its stake in the joint with the Sharp company for production of DVD-players. Caregivers with a TV Pioneer expects the market to prevent the losses incurred by the unit during the economic crisis.

Previously, the company said that waiting for the outcome of years of large financial losses. In addition, they announced the intention to dismiss 2000 persons in order to optimize costs. Pioneer representatives did not comment on refusal of issuance of televisions, but stressed that a restructuring of the company's business was announced in March last year.

I recall that Pioneer was one of the leading manufacturers of plasma panels. But in March 2008 it withdrew from the business and began to set their televisions plasma panel Panasonic. In mid-2008 were released on the first LCD televisions Pioneer based panels Sharp.


Corporation Nvidia, a leading manufacturer of graphics cards, began work on the Intel-compatible processor. Nvidia beginning professionals to develop a set of processors throughout Silicon Valley. According to insiders, the unit is almost fully formed from the newly hired employees.

Rumors about Nvidia plans to build a family of x86 processors run in 2006. The main obstacle to the implementation of these plans - the legal risks. Experts are not sure that Nvidia will be able to produce such a chip, Intel is not having a license, or AMD, which it will be difficult to obtain. Nvidia recently provided a platform Ion, for netbukov. The platform is not entirely composed of the components of Nvidia. In particular, it requires a processor Intel Atom, which the company could replace its own chip.

Company AMD has announced the start of deliveries of new models of 3 - and 4-nuclear processor Phenom II, produced by 45-nm production methods (code-named chip - Dragon). The cost of the new trehyadernogo processor Phenom II X3 720 Black Edition (2,8 GHz, 95 Watts) is $145 (direct competitor in this price range - Intel Core 2 Duo E8400, which, in contrast to the Phenom, has two nuclei and are sold at a price of $163 ). The new Quad-chip Phenom II X4 810 supplier put the price at $175. An alternative from Intel presents the Core 2 chip Quad Q8200. Processor from AMD is clocked at 2.6 GHz from Intel - at 2.3 GHz.

In addition X3 720 and X4 810, were submitted to X3 710 ($125), X4 805 and X4 910. The cost of the latter two are not reported. Processors are compatible with both the slot AM2 +, and with AM3, supports both DDR2 RAM and DDR3.

Corporation Intel, the largest manufacturer of processors, will in the next two years to invest in the construction of production facilities in the United States, using the processor, nanotechnology, and seven billion dollars. These factories will allow Intel to move to 32-nanometer manufacturing process, which will make the new chips faster, smaller and reduce their energy consumption. The first processors to appear in 2009-m or early 2010. Currently, Intel processors are manufactured on 45-nanometer production methods, and sales in the semiconductor market falls due to reduced demand from end users. Quarterly profit at Intel IV quarter of 2008 decreased ten times. In January it was reported that Intel will close five factories for the production of electronic components. This would reduce the approximately five thousand employees.

For Apple, as usual, is characterized by paradoxes. The unstable situation in the market and forced to leave Dzhobsa on health led to the cost share "apple company" exceeded the psychological mark of $100. His role in the raising and analytics company played FTN Capital Markets, which gave the Apple to the unexpected conclusion. "We re the situation and now believe that the absence of the head of the company less than a negative effect on the release of new products than previously thought. We also believe that Apple investors are well prepared for change in that position," - said in a letter in a leading specialist firm, Bill Firnli.

At the same time, Capital Markets raised the rating with a mark of Apple "neutral" to "purchase", raising the projected cost of the shares to $140. Investors reacted immediately - the psychological threshold of one hundred dollars was taken. Thus, last month the value of the company's shares went up by 13%.

According to research company IDC, the Taiwan notebook manufacturers have substantially improved their positions on the U.S. market in the IV quarter of 2008. For example, in IV quarter Acer supplied to the U.S. market 1,4-1,5 million laptops came out in third place on the presence in the market with shares of 16%. Asustek took eighth place with a share of 3%, by 300 thousand laptops. In doing so, the sale of Acer for the quarter increased by 57% compared to the same period in 2007, while market leader Dell deliveries decreased by 8%.

The absolute leader in sales of laptops in the United States in 2008 was the same all Dell, put 8.8 million units., Little of it left behind, and HP, sold 8.77 million laptops. Annual sales of reaching the third Acer accounted for more than 4 million laptops.

According to Taiwan media, Asustek intends to begin selling their laptops through the largest sales network USA Walmart in the second half of 2009. In this way Asustek plans to increase its annual U.S. sales of 650 thousand notebooks in 2008 to more than 1 million in 2009.

Mozilla and Opera to Microsoft

The company Mozilla, develops open the browser Firefox, supported the earlier filed a complaint with the European Commission, in which the company Opera accuses Microsoft Corporation in the use of uncompetitive practices in promoting its browser Internet Explorer. Executive Director, Mitchell Baker, Mozilla says that it "has neither the gram doubt" that the prior decision of Brussels against Microsoft was correct.

Recall that the European antitrust authorities have issued a preliminary conclusion that Microsoft "is trying to violate the conditions of competition between the browsers, denying consumers the choice of decision procedure." In his blog Baker writes that she would be personally and on behalf of Mozilla to support the actions of the European Commission, in addition, it intends to carefully monitor the antitrust case against Microsoft. "I would like to offer the experience of Mozilla as an expert resource for the Commission, as well as see it as sufficient and efficient," - she writes. Earlier, representatives of the European Commission reported that in the conduct of anti-monopoly investigation, they would like to connect several representatives engaged in similar developments. Interfered in the affairs of the company Mozilla may be very important to investigate, because Mozilla Firefox is the most successful competitor to Internet Explorer. Mozilla has already commented on the reaction and the Norwegian Opera, where Baker called the comments "timely and well articulated."

Game Industry

In 2008, the advertising and marketing of computer and videogames in the United States spent $823 million, said in a press release Nielsen, prepared jointly with the firm Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR). This is less than 4% of the total gaming market, which is estimated at $22 billion, and Nielsen EEDAR submit a report on marketing of games at the summit of DICE, which is soon to take place in Las Vegas. They also integrate the advertising monitoring service Nielsen Monitor-Plus, and a database of video games Game DNA, created EEDAR.

Until now, the serious study of marketing budgets in the gaming industry have been conducted. EEDAR and Nielsen intend to regularly monitor changes in the market. According to the NPD Group, the market of video games, gaming prefixes and accessories in 2008 amounted to $21.33 billion in the year 2007 the figure was $18 billion

The Japanese unit of Sony Computer Entertainment has issued a list of publishers and developers have agreed to support the project PlayStation Home. Total to date with the SCE 24 companies agreed to cooperate. While not specifying what kind of content they expect to produce. Previously, it was reported that PlayStation Home would support such large publishers like Electronic Arts and Ubisoft. It is now known that the SCE will work with Activision and Konami, as well as the major independent Japanese developers, for example, Nippon Ichi Software, and Q Entertainment. Home is a free online service that allows users to travel on a small virtual space and communicate with each other. Gamers can create their own characters, change their appearance and clothing. Also, users can theme locations on certain games.

Open beta testing of this network service began on 11 December 2008. In January, Sony Computer Entertainment president Kaz Hira during his speech at the Consumer Electronics Show said that the Home had already downloaded the 3.4 million owners of PlayStation 3.

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Creating programs without programming

Image representing Microsoft as depicted in Cr...Image via CrunchBase

Can I create programs without programming? This issue has become increasingly occur in the vast web. On this subject began to appear even forums. Perhaps this is due to the crisis, creative developers. Thus, in recent times they plant on us the same product, just changing the numbers in the version of the program. Here you nor new ideas, nor the stability of the project. Here are all accounted for and take into their own hands.

The first thing you need to decide on an idea. It seems that this is the easiest step towards the creation of the program, but it is only at first glance. Once you decide to move from an idea to its realization as soon as you have the following questions:

1. Do I need a future program users (if not create for themselves, of course).
2. Is there a better product than the one that I do.
3. Technical Support. Will power to answer questions like: "I have not loaded".

It would seem that all three issues, but the desire to create their own program here, and can divide. If your idea better than the existing analog (or not do), but the desire does not disappear, then it is time to find a tool for implementation of our ideas. On weapons, I took the program c Russian citizenship "algorithm" for version 1.1. Running a little ahead, I will say that products like Microsoft Office or Фотошоп "will not be able to get here, but a couple of utilities to do business - so please, plus understand the logic of programming.

From words to action

When you run the program, you will be able to take a course. Do not deny, it is simple and requires no programming skills. Even if the first time something did not understand something in the process, all will be at their seats. The program interface is simple, the whole process boils down to creating objects and assigning them values. And about 70% of the same work you are done with mouse! But as the saying goes: "Learning is better with examples." In anticipation of the upcoming Windows7, I decided to create an appropriate text editor (notepad tuning). In addition to standard operations, my program will be required to maintain the styles, plus the internal switching windows. But everything in order.

Booting, the program automatically creates the first object "form." Properties of this object can be viewed / changed in the lower right window. In fact, the form - this is the shell, which in future will be the remaining objects (buttons, graphics). In the "text" (in the Properties window), changing the word "algorithm" in the name of your future, in my case, this "7book". The background color I chose a dark turquoise, size, shape exhibited 580h620. Then in the left pane, click the icon "text field. In the property "multiline" set to "yes" (if you leave a "no", the text will be printed only horizontally without moving to a new line). Now stretches and moving an object so that it took most of the forms, but on top we still have room for the logo program and the right - for the future of the menu. Values: "name", "text" and "the" me: "text box", "7book" and "left edge, respectively. All the foundations laid down (easy, is not it?). If you run a preview of the program, we can enter the first characters. However, to retain the text typed so far will not be. To correct this, close the test window and create a button by clicking the appropriate icon on the left pane. The choice will be offered three options for the look of the buttons. While choosing classic. The "name" changed to "preservation of the document".

Logic Programming

So, in the first part, we got a window with a field for entering text and has not yet serving the button to save the document. Now proceed to the programming (yes, yes, you did not mishear), it is presented as follows:
when the object "object name"
commit to the "name of action"
then the object "object name"
in property "choice properties"
value will change to a value".

As you can see, nothing complicated, but if you have to take into account that all this will you do a mouse, the problem should not arise at all. But go back to our button. We stopped on the fact that this facility will be our responsibility to preserve the document. That is, if the judge logically and to translate this idea into the local language, it should look like this - when you press the left mouse button on the button "save" to offer a user directory for storing data. Just? Now, how to implement this program. Do click on the object, then call the "designer actions" (the button with plyusikom in the right pane). Using the keyboard switch boxes Designer (green arrow), go to "file operations. Then, as planned:
Object: "the preservation of"
Action: Click the left button "
Operation: "enable the user to save the file"
Data preservation: "text box"
All Hit Ok!

Repeating the same steps with minor modifications, create a button to open the document".

A little bit of chatter

Before you freshly editor. Yes not just a text editor and your editor! The idea brought to life! Thousands of lines of code, eleven sleepless nights and seven devastated with coffee cans (all this can help for the product, next to the number of e-purse). I hope this is your imagination and the desire to have not ended. As I said at the beginning of this article, except for standard operations, my editor will support the styles and switching between windows. Implement this in your example, try to become acquainted with your designer. Let's take that a little bit distracted you from phrases like: "click here to create fact." Therefore continue.

Creating style

Imagine the situation that this product became interested users. But not all the land. Someone wants a black background programs, some blue, etc. Therefore, make sure that each user could easily change the color. To do this, create a button size 25h25. The "text" left blank, change the fill color to the one that will be painted in the background (object shape). Give the name in accordance with the color, in this case "black".

when the "black"
commit to the "click the left button,
then the object "form"
in the property "color"
value will change to "choose the color black".
By creating ennoe number of buttons, the interface will adjust to any user (again, all easy:).

Recent steps taken to make the charm

Sometimes when working with a text editor, there is a need to open a second document, while not losing the first. To solve this problem could be a simultaneous opening of two programs, but why, if all this can be realized in one. To do this, create two buttons with the names "document1 and dokument2 respectively. Then open the file manager and go to the folder with the project. Here, create two text files with similar names. Back in the "algorithm". Now you need to achieve the following: When you click on the button "dokument2" content, the first document to be maintained in our previously created text file. When you press the same button document1 "saved data should go back, but it should save the content of the second document. A bit confusing, but realized there are quite simple. To avoid confusing, I recommend to start with the second button.

when the "dokument2"
commit to the "click the left button,
Operation "save"
path to file "folder with the program (in an empty field, type" dokument1.txt)
data to save the "text box"

This first document preserved, is now doing the same with the first button. Only the contents must be maintained in the file "dokument2. I went there.
when the "document1"
commit to the "click the left button,
Operation "save"
path to file "folder with the program (in an empty field, type" dokument2.txt)
data to save the "text box"

Save it saved, but need more open. That is, during the transition to the second document, except for transactions, data retention, should be an operation of opening the very second. Improviziruem!
when the "dokument2"
commit to the "click the left button,
Operation "upload file"
path to file "folder with the program (in an empty field, type" dokument2.txt)
load in the text box "

Repeating with the second button, go to the total.


Despite the size of the resulting article, just a couple of nights getting acquainted with the program for implementation vyshenapisannogo you'll need about five minutes of free time. Then it all depends on your imagination. Of course, the program does not give the user wants freedom, but for the first time, it is enough. Now the question: "Is it possible to create a program without knowledge of programming languages?" we can answer: "Yes, and working almost alone, the mouse".

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IT-industry: Ordered to survive

HQ of AMD in Sunnyvale, CA, USA.Image via Wikipedia

Sadness and gloom. These two words were sufficient to describe the current mood of the inhabitants of Silicon Valley. Another couple of months ago it seemed that the IT-industry crisis, if not will bypass, then, at least not so badly affected as other industries. But expectations are not met. More recently, the generous funding of startups completely phased out, as large IT-companies massively reduce the staff and all the universal "restructure", ie, start saving, even at the clip and toner for printers. But this does not save.

Semiconductor Sector

In the IV quarter of 2008, the supply of a family of x86 processors fell by 18%. At the same time, as once again underscore the analysts in the I quarter of 2009 the first significant improvement is not worth waiting for. Deliveries of the family of x86 processors in monetary terms in the IV quarter of 2008 decreased by 18% compared to III quarter of that year, said the report Mercury Research. These are the processors of all commodity groups - for notebooks, desktops and servers.

The negative trend was followed immediately after the strong recovery in July-September, when revenue, compared with the same period in 2007 rose by 13%. However, as analysts emphasize that there is no prerequisite for further growth. "According to the results of I quarter 2009, sales will decrease significantly more than the 7.4% - a figure that has marked the beginning of the year", - analysts contend the company Mercury Research. It seems, in I quarter of 2009, the market will decline by 15%. In its assessment of the experts based on sales in mid-January. They understood that the microprocessor industry fully hit by the impact of global recession and financial crisis.

The market share of AMD and Via Technologies declined by 0.7% and 0.2% respectively. The percentage of Intel rose from 81.2% to 82.1%. However, we can say that if the ruler does not Atom and confident sales netbukov, the share of Intel would remain unchanged.

As a result of the whole of 2008 Intel Corporation took 80.4% of the market for x86 processors, compared with 77.1% a year earlier. The company holds leadership in the segment of x86, and semiconductor components on the market as a whole, including flash memory. The percentage of Advanced Micro Devices declined from 22,1% to 18,5, Via (for the year) increased from 0.8% to 1.1%. Compared with the 2007-meters at last year's revenue producers x86 CPU family has increased by 13,3% (all the same crisis occurred near the end of a successful year as a whole). The supply of processors for notebooks and desktops, in quantitative terms increased by 18% for servers - fell by 25%. The latter fact experts attribute the decline in the cost of new equipment and the completion of the next renewal cycle IT infrastructure companies.

Market size graphics accelerators in the IV quarter of 2008 decreased by 34%, analysts said the company Jon Peddie Research. As noted in the company, this decline is very atypical for the computer industry, traditionally a well-earned pre-sale. In total, during the last quarter of last year, has sold 72.35 million graphics cards, while in III quarter has sold 111.26 million graphics accelerators. Sales in the segment also significantly (by 28.5%) yield and performance end of 2007, when it was delivered to 100.5 million cards.

Commenting on the statistics, the president of Jon Peddie Research Jon Peddi said that the development of the situation suggests that the market is expecting the worst I and II Quarters since the collapse of dotkomov "in 2000.

The distribution of roles is as follows: the proportion of Nvidia graphics cards on the market in the last quarter was 37.9%, while the share of its nearest competitor, and the core AMD increased from 20.3% in III quarter 2008 to 21.4% in the past.

Bankruptcy chip manufacturer Qimonda has led to an increase in the cost of DRAM-memory, according to research company Gartner. In doing so, analysts forecast a rise in prices in the future.

According to the report Gartner Semiconductor DQ Monday Report, a week after news of the bankruptcy of the prices of the most popular memory of 1 GB increased by 16%. On average, the same growth in the DRAM-memory was about 8.7%. Gartner analysts predict that the rising cost of memory and in the future. In their view, the effect of the fall will affect Qimonda completely after the reaction of Asian traders were celebrating New Year's east. In the long term specialists Gartner awaiting the resumption of the downward trend in the cost of DRAM-memory.

In turn, the research company IDC predicts that the DRAM market in 2009 will decline by 12.1% to $22.84 billion last year, sales declined by 17% to $25.98 billion Restoring growth IDC experts expect only in the the second half of 2010, when, in their calculations, must come to end the global crisis and renewed demand for consumer electronics.

However, for diversity is good news. The company handed over the city AMD Malta (New York, United States) plan to construct a new factory for the production of microprocessors. According to documents filed by the company is located on the outskirts of cities and Malta Stilvoter. The production line will occupy an area of about 82 thousand square meters. m, of which 25 thousand - the "clean room". Office buildings and auxiliary construction raspolozhatsya on 39 thousand square kilometers. m.

If approved, the proposed plan of construction of the plant will start in mid-June. And it is scheduled to complete by July 2011. Despite the high cost of the project, which is estimated at $4.6 billion, AMD does not delay the venture going. The point is that the emergence of a new business is expected to enable the corporation to increase the rate of introducing new products to market and expand the range of microchips. Financial support for AMD will Advanced Technology Investment Company, established by the authorities of Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). Manage the new facilities will be Foundry Company, formed through the reorganization of AMD.


In 2009, online retail sales continue to grow despite the economic downturn. The projected research company Forrester Research, by December the volume of Internet sales in the United States increased by 11% reaching $156 billion, however, a slight slowdown in growth will still occur: in 2008 the income of online shops rose by 13% on performance the previous year and reached $141 billion Share of online sales in total income of U.S. retailers will be 7% compared to 6% in 2008.

Forrester Research Specialists are confident that this year more and more American consumers will prefer shopping in online stores, since the Internet allows you to easily compare prices among retailers and find the desired product. Net profit of American company, owns the world's largest online store, for 2008 grew by 36% to $645 million against profit of $473 million from a year earlier. Such information is contained in the recently distributed the financial report the company. Sales in 2008 increased by 29% and reached $19.2 billion against a similar figure of $14.9 billion recorded in 2007. Profit for the company's results of operations in 2008 increased by 28% - from $655 million to $842 million

The growth of the company's financial indicators is due primarily to growth in sales in the electronics segment, as well as profit from the new customer service company.


The company Sharp and Sony decided to postpone the launch of a joint venture for the production and sale of LCD products. As noted in the two companies, the reason for the delay are the changes in the global economy. Thus, the joint venture, the opening of which was previously scheduled for this year, starting no earlier than March 2010 st. Let me remind you that it planned to establish on the basis of a new factory in western Japan's Sharp, whose construction has already begun. The company noted that the transfer of launch joint venture will not affect the construction schedule of the plant: as planned, he will begin production in March 2010 on.

The world's largest electronics manufacturer Panasonic Corp. close the 2008-2009 fiscal year ending in March 2009 on, with a net loss of $3.9 billion this would be the biggest loss of the last six years. The reason for such serious financial loss was a sharp decline in demand for electronics as a result of the global economic crisis.

Meanwhile, the company refused to comment on this information. Previously, it was reported that in November 2008, the company lowered profit forecast for the 2008-2009 fiscal year by 90% - up to $326 million instead of the previous forecast of $3.37 billion sales forecast for the current fiscal year was reduced to $89.5 billion against $96.8 billion, projected earlier.

The American Corporation SanDisk, which specializes in the production of media based on flash memory, announced the results of activity in the IV quarter and the year 2008 as a whole, which the company has been unprofitable. From October through December by SanDisk to gain about $864 million This is a 31% lower than for the IV quarter of 2007. Net loss SanDisk last quarter reached $1.86 billion, or $8.25 per share converted. This year, according to analysts SanDisk, will be rather difficult. Since the publication of financial reports SanDisk shares fell in price by about 17% - to $9.45.

Public sector

The British Government over the next five years to spend on IT-projects of 102.3 billion pounds. At the same time, eight major projects will cost taxpayers in the 18.6 billion pounds. Please note that the projects are already overdue for a few years, because of the cost of some of them grew up in a few times, and spending on IT in general just went out of control.

Thus, the program will translate into a digital form of all medical records in the country, which will enable 30 of thousands of officials to receive data from the three hospitals, requires 12.7 billion pounds sterling. Four years ago, its budget was only 2.3 billion pounds sterling. Computerization of the tax system for tax and the Royal Customs Service initially estimated at 2.9 billion pounds, but now stands at 8.5 billion project for database connection, the Ministry of Defense has been allocated 5.8 billion pounds, but this amount was later increased to 7 1 billion

Many British (and only) company to work on increasing IT-spending hundreds of millions of pounds, and some, on the contrary, because of the constant delays, the contract with the Government. In particular, Fujitsu in May 2008, ceased to operate with the authorities in the UK. Now requires a 600 million pounds, as officials were forced to alter product 650 times (!) At no extra cost.

Mobile Devices

Mobile industry still sums up the past year. Company LG 2008 on the results of the first rose from fifth to third place among the largest manufacturers of mobile phones in the world, overtaking Motorola and Sony Ericsson. The market share of Korean companies in 2008 increased by 1.5% to 8.3% mainly due to certain sales in North America. Company Sony Ericsson has lost 0.7%, and Motorola - 5,1% of its shares in 2007, with this LG sold in the past year, 100 million phones, overtaking Motorola only 100 thousand tubes.

Nokia and Samsung added to 1.8% and 2.7% respectively. According to the results of 2008, Nokia took 38.6% of the world market of mobile phones, and Samsung - 16,2%. Overall, in 2008, has sold 1.21 billion cell phones - on 5,4% more than in 2007 By comparison, in 2007, growth was 16%. The company Motorola has continued steep peak. Its net loss in 2008 increased almost 85 times - up to $4.16 billion against $49 million received in 2007 on the basis of such data contained in the latest record company. In doing so, Motorola earnings fell by 18% to $30.15 billion (in 2007 - $36.62 billion). Operating losses in 2008-m increased fourfold and reached $2.39 billion

The company reported that during the economic crisis is actively working on a program to reduce costs. (I've already lost the account, which is in their savings program.) It was expected that after the implementation of the company will save $1.5 billion already this year.

I recall that in March 2008 on Motorola announced the intention to split into two separate companies - for the production of mobile phones and to provide broadband and mobile business solutions. In the case of obtaining the necessary approvals from the supervisory bodies of the division of the company will be held this year.

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Peripeteia plans and Intel

Image representing Intel as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBase

Intel has always been one of the leading newsmakers IT-industry. But now the news from the microprocessor giant has received so much that I decided to compile them in a separate article.

Main news: the president of the board of directors and former head of corporation Intel, Craig Barrett will leave the legendary company in May this year. On the reasons for his departure there is no reliable information, but you have to remember that in recent years due to financial crisis, Intel earnings declined. As a result of IV quarter of fiscal 2008, revenue of the company fell by 90%. Net profit of the corporation amounted to $ 234 million and total net profit for the year 2008 - $ 5.3 billion today the high-tech NASDAQ market share Intel is the order of $ 13. Recently, the company also announced the upcoming restructuring, which involves the dismissal of employees and closing five plants.

However, it is taken into account, as far down the sale of processors in the world. For example, in the Asia-Pacific region, which accounts for about half the market, sales fell by 22% as an average for the world. In Europe, sales of chips declined by 28% in the United States - 26% in Japan - 13%.

Already known that after the departure of Barrett will be replaced by a member of its board of directors of Intel since 1993, Jane Shaw. According to analysts of Wedbush Morgan, commented on the situation, staff changes should not affect the status of the company.

Let me remind you that Craig Barrett is working at Intel for over 35 years. From 1998 to 2005 he served as executive director, which was forced to withdraw upon reaching 65 years of age (these are the rules of the corporation). Currently, Intel is headed by Paul Ottelini.

Now we'll talk about the product's largest microprocessor company. Recently it was reported that Intel plans to disclose details of the processor Xeon at the Conference ISSCC (International Solid-State Circuits Conference), which will be held next month in San Francisco. Let me remind you that the Xeon will be the first vosmiyadernym processor model in a number of Intel.

At the same time, yet there are no details on how will be a demonstration. In ISSCC says only that the representatives will tell about the Intel processor, but that it is - it is not known. Moreover, Intel for the moment refused any comment on this news.

A few weeks after Intel dropped prices on some of its processors. And here again the corporation announced its intention to make its products more accessible to consumers. In the II quarter of this year should be cheaper, at least two mobile processor. Thus, 2,8 - gigagertsovy T9600 with 6 MB of cache and a frequency 1066 MHz system bus will cost $ 309 instead of the current $ 517.

Cost Quad Q9000 with a frequency of 2 GHz, will remain at $ 340, but the price of Core 2 Quad T8700, running at a frequency of 2.53 GHz and are 3 MB of cache will drop from $ 236 to $ 197.

The most significant price declines, which may refer to the mobile version of Nehalem, code-named Auburndale, should happen near the end of this year, tentatively in the IV quarter.

A separate theme - the future development of the corporation. Intel refused to release hybrid central processor Auburndale and Havendale, including graphical kernel. These chips scheduled to perform in compliance with 45-nanometer production methods. Instead, Auburndale and Havendale company intends to release a hybrid processor Arandale, created on 32-nanometer production methods. As Auburndale and Havendale, it will include a graphical kernel. Arandale processor will be presented in the I quarter of 2010. It was expected that the amount of cache memory chip of the third level of six megabytes. More on the processor are not known.

Chips Auburndale and Havendale should consist of two processor cores, four megabytes of cache memory, and third-level graphic core. Auburndale designed for notebooks, its power should not exceed 45 watts, while Havendale with 75 watts of power - for desktop PCs. The reason for the abolition announcement and Auburndale processors Havendale had an economic crisis. Previously, Intel announced the closure of the crisis of its five factories to produce chips. As a result, the company has reduced by at least five thousand people.

In addition to Intel, the processor with integrated graphics core of the company is developing AMD. It is called AMD Fusion. His release was appointed for 2011. Previously, AMD had planned to submit the chip in the third quarter of 2008. By the way, the company Nvidia criticized the idea of combining conventional and graphic chips. They believe that it will not bring great benefits.

Along with its core business Intel is forced to deal with the many external challenges. Court of the European Union at the end of January, dismissed the complaint Intel, filed in the antitrust proceedings against the corporation. As I have repeatedly told the EU suspect Intel in exerting pressure on partners to promote their own products. Last summer, the European Commission presented a corporation accused of illegally entering into exclusive deals with European companies that are infringing on the interests of competitors, and to provide surplus computers discount collectors who refuse to cooperate with AMD.

Intel has been given until 17 October to lodge objections, but instead, the Corporation has sent a complaint to the European Commission, which demanded to cancel the charges, calling them biased, to extend the deadline for filing objections, and corporations to provide access to a number of important documents AMD. However, the Court of First Instance in Luxembourg, Intel did not grant the request for review of the deadline for the submission of objections. In addition, the corporation has been denied access to documents AMD. In Intel regretted the decision of the court. Continued, as the saying goes, it should be. And the last. Investment fund Intel Capital in Russia and other CIS countries, headed by Igor Taber. As director of the fund Igor Taber is responsible for all investment activities of Intel Capital in the region, including the investment of the fund in Russian companies and companies of CIS countries, as well as the introduction of Intel Capital for the boards of portfolio companies. The activity of the corporation Igor Taber began seven years ago from his post as manager of marketing at Intel Communications Group. Recently, the scope of activity Tabera was the development of wireless access technology WiMAX.

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