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Amero - the greatest scam

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Two years ago, the internet has become a glimpse of information that the U.S. is going to introduce a new currency - Amero, which must be completely replaced by the dollar. Company Larson & Holz IT Ltd - a professional Dealing center on the world currency market Forex could not help but draw attention to this phenomenon. Moreover, the first customers and then simply visitors trainings Larson Holz Ltd became more and more frequently asked questions: "What will happen to the dollar? Not whether the United States subject to a huge vnezhnim duty to conduct monetary refomu"?

Unfortunately, experts Larson & Holz Ltd with the responsibility of state, the probability that there are substantial. For thinking people, capable of «uhvatyvat» causal relationship, this fact is not a surprise. The point is that in theory, this problem was discussed long ago - initially in the range of economists, but then (especially in light of recent events), the idea of replacing the currency is increasingly visited by the leading minds of politicians. At a recent forum of professional forex dealers in Limassol (Cyprus), Larson & Holz Ltd is satisfied that so believes the majority of foreign exchange brokers, and now switches to the euro in their domestic transactions.

And the idea, as philosophers say, financially. More 20 August 2007 Canada, Mexico and the United States to establish their own договарились «continental integration» - an analogue of the European Union. This means that the general would not only borders and defense complex, but the currency...

Based on the available economic data analysts Larson & Holz IT Ltd agree that the current economic crisis is a stage of well-planned plan. Very schematically, it can be represented as follows:

1. The collapse of the banking system and a crisis of confidence (2009).
2. The reorientation of most major banks in the United States dollar currency.
3. Reducing the volume of trades in the market Forex.
4. The devaluation of foreign currencies. For example, up to 40-50 rubles. the dollar (2009-2010).
5. The drop to 30-40% of all становых economies.
6. The devaluation of the dollar. Reduction of 25-50%. Amero Demo (Spring 2010).
7. The development and launch of the program of saving the world economy (spring - summer 2010).
8. Complete abolition of the dollar. Go to the Amero. (Fall 2010).
9. Creating a North American Union (fall-winter 2010-2011).
10. Beginning a new era (2011).

Probability of Amero, means the complete bankruptcy of the U.S., but in fact - the U.S. bankruptcy. For ear knowledgeable person, these words are the greatest sound like thunder, truth, now is not among the blue. United States - the State, whose external debt is more than ten trillion dollars (more than 70% of GDP)! This means that the United States could potentially throw the entire planet - it will be the greatest economic swindle in the history of civilization!

Indeed, some commentators (larson & holz among them) believe that the United States have become bankrupt. Today in the walls of the White House plan matures as a way out of crisis with minimal costs and the unseen, but grossly «throw» other countries. Financial system of America can be compared with лохотроном, pyramid or ramshackle car, and the actions of Federal Reserve System (which performs the role of the U.S. central bank), with an infinite prikruchivaniem loose parts and blatant Luting of rust on the body. Throw the whole world to America is not difficult, said Larson & Holz Ltd. To do this, it is not even required to declare default. You can simply devalue its currency, which is related to many of the world economy. And because the dollar is not backed by, the investment in dollar assets would suffer greatly. And as we know, the U.S. must now substantial sums to many countries.

Will this America? It is likely to consider Larson and holz Ltd, bearing in mind that in the last century, it has different kaverzy podkidyvala world. Let us recall, for example, in the great depression (which, incidentally, is very symbolic) head of state said Roosevelt first refusal of the "gold standard", but when again touched upon it, without conscience zazreniya devalued the dollar relative to the precious metal, and forced all Americans to hand over all of their gold to the treasury.

But at the same time their «chip» is not ended. As you know, the United States led the majority of countries in the Bretton Woods system, making the dollar at the center of the world's financial system. Since then the world, simply saying, "podsel" on the currency, it has become the backup. And in 1971, Nixon announced the termination of the sale of precious metal for dollars to foreign central banks, thereby breaking the link the dollar and gold! And then the United States has been able to collect about 30% of the world's gold! Other states, including Russia, had to stay with unsecured green piece of paper...

What happens next? Larson & holz Ltd suggests the following scenario about the development of the situation:

The first result of the introduction of the new currency will be a significant improvement of the U.S. economy and create conditions for rapid and efficient economic development for decades. Hyperinflation simple matter of depress all debts and liabilities of America - direct loans, pension contract, social projects, salaries of public employees, etc., and the money again will be controlled. Parallel to this, hyperinflation pull people from the debt pit. In a situation cantering prices, companies are able to raise prices much faster than the waste of labor and maximum speeds up customer turnover and shifted to cheaper domestic products. This makes a stable consumer market and, consequently, the production and the labor market. Ie remove distortions from this man of wealth and population formed the conditions for productive economic development.

This will be the suppression of the economies of many foreign countries and the elimination of foreign competition. In many countries, receive their own crisis, similar to the U.S.. Moreover, global liquidity will be, sterilized America Hyperinflationary pump in combination with controlled collapse of the markets - in other words, a great part of large foreign capital would cease to exist.

The government of America will announce defaulted at approximately noon when all the stock exchanges have closed. Larson & holz Ltd is not a newcomer in the "stock of focus." This is a favorite "feature" NYSE, publish important data on post-market. People just do not uspeyut take their money. On another day markets open and immediately crash, and American banks would stop their work to stop the diversion of money.

The most powerful blow, think of Larson & Holz IT Ltd, will take place in such states as Russia, countries of the former Soviet Union and China - are the main custodians of dollars. In Russia, for example, large dollar reserves lie in the hands of citizens who naively believe that they can win on the difference in the dollar. In addition, the dollar is calculated means for energy exports to Russia. Today, even the calculations are carried out through the Internet in the U.S..

Now imagine the situation - you wake up in a «perfect» morning for breakfast and announce the news, that the dollar is no longer ... Good or bad, finds themselves gentlemen ...

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