Saturday, February 20, 2010

News for developers.

1. Microsoft officially announced the release candidate release Visual Studio 2010. As stressed by the representatives of the corporation, this version does not contain new features and technologies - the main emphasis on performance. Output the final release of Visual Studio 2010 and. NET Framework 4 is scheduled for April 12, 2010. According to representatives of Microsoft, optimization of Visual Studio 2010 RC is made in response to feedback from users who are not satisfied with the speed of the beta versions. In Visual Studio 2010 RC improved parameters such as speed of loading of projects, typing, assembling and debugging of applications.

2. Micro Focus Company introduced its new subsidiary development tools, integrated development environment Visual Studio 2010. Package Micro Focus COBOL helps you work with already existing industrial applications on the Microsoft. Micro Focus COBOL helps to adapt COBOL-applications to modern technologies and media, including the "cloud" systems. Micro Focus Silk4J now supports automated functional and regression testing in Visual Studio 2010. Micro Focus DevPartner Studio is a set of tools for debugging, analysis, testing and tuning applications. The new version brought to the enhanced visualization of internal processes applications created in Visual Studio 2010. Micro Focus Analyzer Express for Visual Studio is designed for visual analysis of the code, and allows faster execution of daily operations support applications. Analyzer Express tracks the movement of data in the program and displays it in Visual Studio 2010 with one click. Developers can quickly evaluate the program, locate the artifacts and make the necessary improvements without having to switch from development to external programs.

3. Company ComponentOne announce the official release of Doc-To-Help 2010, a new version of its tool for creating help systems. The main difference between the package Doc-To-Help 2010 from previous versions was the integration with version control system Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS). Also to transfer the project to prepare the documentation package with other platforms Doc-To-Help 2010 for the first time offers the opportunity to convert any project created in RoboHelp, the documents in Word format and HTML, as well as in their own format XHTML. Convert RoboHelp-projects for processing in the editor Doc-To-Help allows you to move quickly to create content in XHTML format with the most stringent requirements and specifications. Also new version of Doc-To-Help 2010 offers three important new features: folding interface sections, nested lists and control page breaks. Ability to control the behavior of paper when printing eliminates one of the biggest problems when creating multiple versions of documents on the basis of a single source - now printed page will look the same for all users.

4. According, started porting Qt library on the platform Android. Enthusiasts with the nickname BogDan managed to compile the main modules of the Qt library to work on the platform Android. Currently only supported the latest version of Android, for which the released tools NDK (Native Development Kit). According to the enthusiast, modules QtCore, QtNetwork, QtXml, QtSvg, QtSql already working quite well in the future he plans to focus on supporting and QtGui modules QtMultimedia. The project is called android-lighthouse, it is completely open and free - an enthusiast invites all interested to join his work.

5. The new version of PostGIS 1.5, expansion PostgreSQL database to work with vector spatial data, said the same source. PostGIS - OGC-compliant free analog ESRI ArcSDE, Oracle Spatial and spatial possibilities of MS SQL Server. The new version added the type of "geography" for the native data management in geographic coordinate system (to avoid problems with the intersection of meridian 180 and poles). Improved performance of operations, measure the distance between complex objects, sold-read format GML and KML, the graphical interface to load shape-files, function of calculation of the geometric proximity between objects (Hausdorff distance) and the new features in design and analysis of distances ST_ClosestPoint, ST_DFullyWithin, ST_LongestLine, ST_MaxDistance , ST_ShortestLine.

6. Company Context Software released Context Database Extensions Suite 3.12 - new version of the library, increased opportunities VCL DB and add visual editing of the database schema from the Delphi IDE, reports DelphiPlus. Also released Context Database Designer 3.12 - new version of the utility to design database schema and generate DDL script to create the database.

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