Wednesday, March 3, 2010

News for developers.

Oracle today announced the launch of a new version of a package of tools Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse Release 11g within the strategy to support communities of developers and Open Source, said C using this free set of plug-ins, developers can create applications based on Java EE and web-services, executed on the platform of Oracle Fusion Middleware. For this platform, Eclipse is the preferred IDE. In this version of Eclipse includes a set of important functions, which provides Oracle, including the unique features of the application server Oracle WebLogic Server, WYSIWYG-editor-web-pages that support the Component Architecture SCA, possible to verify the correctness of code web-services-based specification JAX-WS, an integrated toolkit to work with tags and data (tag and data palette), as well as editors from the development of logic (smart editors). Another novelty of this version - function Oracle AppXRay, which provides tools for analysis and visualization of the dependence of the period of design (design time dependency). These tools simplify the Java-developers to work within a team, significantly reducing the time to debug programs (run-time debugging), and increase the quality of code.

The company announced the launch of Altova Altova MissionKit 2010 Release 2. The new version of the set appeared the 64-bit versions of components and increase application performance. In this case the most significant innovation associated with the transition to 64 bits - is, of course, a noticeable change in size limits XML-files. Now, instead of 100-megabyte limit, developers can handle XML-files up to 1 GB. XMLSpy 2010 R2 is now faster with large files quickly checks XML-schema, as well as for the first time supports the HTTPS protocol in the SOAP-client and SOAP-debugger. In the R2 release also supports version control platforms SharePoint Server. In addition, the editor learned to generate code in C + + for Linux. Among other features production Altova MissionKit 2010 R2 noteworthy new features in data processing and linking of electronic documents in the cartographic component, MapForce, and support for editable variables in the forms of Authentic, created by the constructor StyleVision. In component UModel appears support for the latest UML standard version 2.3. DiffDog now supports integration with Windows Explorer for search operations differences (diff) and merging (merge). The module SchemaAgent supports the standard WSDL 2.0.

According to "Computertape", Rhomobile updated to version 1.4 open framework Rhodes, intended for developing applications for major mobile platforms. Rhodes simplifies the creation of mobile applications through the use of Ruby and HTML instead of Java and Objective-C. In theory framework can and does write code for all possible platforms only once, and then translate it for all supported mobile "axis", including the Apple iPhone OS, Symbian, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Mobile and RIM BlackBerry OS. In practice, however, everything as usual, more complicated. Prepared by the hosting application development environment RhoHub: the program can be created directly in the browser.

Released Release 1.7.1 free library GDAL/OGR for processing raster and vector mapping information, said This is a bugfix release, as in release 1.7.0 have been found such serious errors that his sources have been removed from public access. Nevertheless, compared with 1.6 .* branch, there is a significant increase in the functional. It became available to new GDAL drivers BAG, EPSILON, Northwood/VerticalMapper, R, Rasterlite, SAGA GIS Binary, SRP (USRP/ASRP), EarthWatch. TIL, WKT Raster; new OGR drivers DXF, GeoRSS, GTM, PCIDSK and VFK; new tools and gdaldem gdalbuildvrt. Implemented support for Python 3.X and significant improvements GDAL drivers GeoRaster, GeoTIFF, HFA, JPEG2000 Jasper, JPEG2000 Kakadu, NITF, as well as significant improvements OGR-drivers CSV, KML, SQLite (SpatiaLite support), VRT.

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