Thursday, April 22, 2010

iPhone OS 4

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April 8, Apple announced a new version of mobile operating system iPhone OS 4. The developer states that iPhone OS 4 has about a hundred innovations. Consider the most significant of them. So, finally, there was a long-awaited multi-tasking, however, will get its only owners iPad, iPod Touch and the third generation iPhone 3GS. Older devays, according to Steve Jobs, hardware can not provide the applications in the background. Also in the new firmware was introduced several new services: a game center, iAd, iBooks. Game Center is a social network of all the fans to play multiplayer games. Next on the list iAd - advertising services, through which developers will be able to provide free one to benefit from the display of advertisements. I would like to mention the ability to create folders in the menu, set as background wallpaper own and extra features for formatting text. Available for download the new OS will be the summer, when will the next generation iPhone.

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