Sunday, August 8, 2010

Facebook can be purchased for $65 per share.

Trading Platform SecondMarket published statistics of trade in shares of private companies in the 2 quarter. 2010. This includes information about buying and selling shares, which are not traded on the open market. Seller was mostly former employees of companies.

In 2 quarter. 2010 turnover on the Stock Exchange fell to $51 million (though only in March, were sold at $70 million), but the average value of the shares continued to rise. For example, shares of Facebook have already offered for $65, while in April they can be bought for $50.

Facebook PurchasedShares Facebook constitute 64% of all traffic on the closed markets. Second place at Zynga (12%), followed by LinkedIn, Bloom Energy, and Silver Spring Networks (6%), Twitter and MobiTV (3%).

In the second quarter in the list to purchase the application appeared in the action eGarmony, Groupon, Skype and Mozilla Corporation, although the supply of shares in these companies is absent.

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