Saturday, April 21, 2018

Design Office Hour (Capstone Project)

And will join as they do right.

Welcome to you office hours everyone and today we have a very exciting capstone project presentation and I get asked who completed a course you weeks ago so yeah without further ado I'll let him introduce himself and talk about it background and yeah and then I'll show you is his project.

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I'm going to go.

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That would be great.

So thanks to everyone one my name is guy every group of because I'm from.

And in short that's why Catherine I said yeah.

I'm a currently a credit technologies in Philadelphia when that is engine or not did you see and I try to diversify myself into doing user experience our user interface some department sometimes so I try to mix it also that's what the title kind of makes me a little bit more what I want to take this class because the past couple of years I have been doing your experience like more last like just doing some.

Air frames users will things like this but never I never had like a real class the real source of information where I know that this is the basis of how it should be done or about how it should be done.

So then I found springboard own Facebook click on that and then that's it I started in April and I finished in July so now I'm going to show you might have some projects I do by my website because it was all like my portfolio wasn't done for the past 5 years and I can see coming needed a little bit like that so I'm gonna share my screen right now here.

And all the ones that can.

It's not showing up.

And when we tested at home once every.

That's where it now chairs the whole desktop but.

  Can you see the presentation entirely on the children perfect.

So this is my logo this is my name and my title so for the custom projects like I just mentioned I wanted to be you know revisit my professional portfolio.

I've been working you expressed your is and I really wanted to showcase what I need recently because that would explain a little bit more like my role and things like this for the most recent project.

So as inspirations I was very.

It was very tough to find like very like your inspiration because I wanted something very simple like come to Jesus Christ Mike where people were like all the people were saying I look at that was a problem and this was their solution to their problem so here are some links to the I like the most is the very simple you can get to the work very quickly arm and then you can also like read what they what they said example the the 2 parts.

I'm sure and the guitarists your Jack I don't know if I'm saying it right.

All very simple you just click on their projects an initial some pictures of things that he did it normal or by user experience or user interface and the third one is very sick you express our unit where she explains every single thing that she wasn't very like hell approach so I can like everything but I just wanted to have like.

You know panel of like ideas on his first chance by like you know how to show my work one I need to show and.

And that's why I like so my strategy was to have something like this I work in the field of hiding shows he.

Like you know like in the field of housing or an or design shops.

These people all again and on a local or is when you're in the face of every drift forward not to me.

Do not discuss some ideas about section will going to be just the work at hand likeable or not copy underneath.

And went straight to the projects on the homepage contact information on.

Or else you go like a giant in the field top and another half.

Right in and.

Maybe I'll make some.

Pattern under any might use okay some of my work recognize you can click and you will go deeper on stop all over though some of the more visual.

Well like.

Just having a mile.


Are so.

Yeah well it was very we don't have a.


So I think the work from home page.


Users you work right away.

We need.

Like you can play it words you know just like one hand what do what's my wrist inside and contact of course just like.

And on the page I come by chance.

I chose menu is inserted mine 14 X. also I came to mind grows even more on one tablet.

And in a moment each check and stuff.


In that way was very simple and I can just put in there and and everything easy for me to them like in the future.

On a long page so this was like in the early design when I started to work on a small microphone park again the logo on the top left navigation on top right.

My main logo introducing Korean and then getting into the different projects are just.

Like preview about like fellows who for example that was my main project during the spring for.

And just saying like he was about research the bank the next project on her health was by user experience these are the things that I did with the company not working with right now and of course I I've been adding it will be more projects since then.

Because it was about a month point 5 ago but I'll get to in a little bit or maybe during the questions and then follow work projects pages for example for troubles you I'd picks are some elements of you user experiments during the during their curriculum eyed young one I mean my mentor mentioned to me like I was here by the way I meant to mention to me that if I showcased every single part of the curriculum it doesn't show that I know every single part I she trying to tell tell me like she told me that you will be more interesting for people to look when you look at our website too needy.

See what our main focus will be as a maybe a potential employer he's so we can personalize your empathy maps side mobs or user flows and wire frames the things that these are things I do.

More or less in my in my work already and these are things I like to do and I enjoy it you know like they were being in things like this so she mentioned to me like I I first I have a page that was very very long it was maybe like I don't know like I don't know if I can count scroll because screen size of your type of people but it was about what you like 10 scrolls you know with your mouth like if you go down like 10 pages now.

And so I shortened it to the most and.

And just kept the most important parts of what I wanted to show to keep it like simple straightforward and and very easy to digest.

And then for the me page.

Some things just like we're talking about me introducing myself and explain where where I live what I do you know like and and I decide to just let my redeeming simple we like just using the 2 colors are like my main colors all the blue and black and and just very simple straight forward and you don't want to do anything crazy with like icons or anything I just wanted to you know keep it simple.

And then thank you and then as if yes I played please don't judge me home the local I just I am still working on it so let's just call you my portfolio better.

As I'm cool thanks for sharing your personal.

And yeah it was scary and.

A TF IBL and have to say I just to clarify is that the travels to is the idea that you worked throughout the curriculum correct that's correct okay awesome so we have many times later junior welcome to share that as well as students have any questions about that project since that's.

Project of the curriculum in terms of breaking down different steps from user research to apprehension yeah but for now I'll hand it over to me and only I can still staring right.

Yeah yeah unless audio has any things you like I.

I would love to see like the project for the vision so so so just to clarify you didn't work on the part of the course.


Oh okay.

No the capstone project it was I had a choice between mired in my portfolio or.

The subject.

I said yes appear in that troubles you a project as a nation is that easy for you to I'm glad.

Hold on one second.

You mean on my website or yeah okay.

Can you share the screen.

Yes this is this is that project that you worked on throughout the curriculum cracked yeah that is cool if you I don't I'm just doing a brief overview of this as well I think that would be really helpful.

Okay as.


I say I'm I'm just tryna real quick what I said here.


So for curriculum like I've I think troubles with the reason why troubles on is just because I was like being on our own ideas of like you know what you and I know that was something that was suggested in the curriculum like you know like an example like you know what it could be but I'd be troublesome because to me was more like.

In the in the idea.

In the subject so we.

I'm just so.

It can make you full screen.

And the other.



I just make sure that no one knew what seem like yourself in my screen and it's not so so the things like I wanted to do trabalho who just because I knew it was about processing number.

The self so when I started to work on and I thought you you interviews I started to learn more about how people were shopping online or.

You walk.


Would you mind using a microphone.

I learned.

In more than one what you were calling somebody to to make reservations if they were using a mobile apple things like these by doing interviews and by doing.

Online surveys are from that I can learn a little bit more about like you know you're in there and I.

I could also like capture will be more like personas so for example if I go here like you have like 3 personas like here we have a deep water clean water side critical so I based on the research I did I can learn like you know like well what most of the person's goals will be whatever her challenges will be because she's 56 you may not be tech savvy as much as a 25 year old might that's why you didn't want records will be like what snapshot because of course you know knowing what it is only she knows but in that case you're not down.

And then we have our brains when the ball where you will be more pics of me but she leaves articulates the A. troubles cross country and once in 3 months so that kind of show that will build the how many how many times more troubling during the the the year like as opposed to you like you know like sometimes people just trouble once a year and then you just go to a different country or they just trouble need for like you know like work every 2 weeks also like so it was just cultural will be more like you know what the different type of users will be easy.

Either an apple website because right now I'm at the point wasn't sure yet if I was going to make a website or an ad or anything like this so those person and a dictator will bit of my direction like in you know like just knowing S..

If you want to be an apple or anything like this and then then after a person has a wire into the embassy my process where I to put myself in the shoes of their third person Sarah Johnson and just see how she was thinking you know like if you were able to find and you get to bring home when she's away or and struggling what she would say what should we do and how she was should feel what are you fluent season our goals to trouble why she troubling why you know all all of what could be happening to her mom does was going mad because you have to put yourself in the shoes of you know other people or at least right now fictional people.

And then.

Home check your in in here although the mom I would say I should move will be more about like this site map matching use of flows so.

When I came up with the first one to sign up ID card sorting so I had to go get some more interviews with different people.

And then going through the courts sorting I I discovered some patterns between people how they were collecting different information under a different categories and then account of revealed a little bit about how the site my would be what agent will fall and there are other categories in things like this and then I came up with decide not here where on the permanent and handle links will be like a help section of linguistics in because if your even if you're in US man of the house speaking which you can be defining what is obviously and you may need to store book a trip so I missed having a language section was important here because many people realize that it was important for them but you know that you can still access the website descending into their parents or something like this if any English from things like that are having a surgeon and I am not blogging section so you can create an account things like this and then I had 3 sections I had featured below will be for the future deals are Mike you know things to have parents like the last minute deal.

How to live deal how to have like the best experience for the.

Cheapest amount of money and all things like this or maybe like the most popular treats of the moment of the week something like that.

For the details are in the middle your will be more about like the the coupons the we have local restaurants in that location that have those you know like offers in things like this demanded tolls section will be more by like having a calendar a map and then having each trip planner in the system that will help you if you could feel like you book a trip that will be mined using you emails and I'm telling you okay don't forget you are reading about 2 days also.

The fear of people like I realized he did put those sections together like the about us newsletter sign up anything about like more corporate like you like to log on troubles in for example like troubles will be explaining their nutrients all things and there's other social media channels and then decide not been named the customer support I'm going to be getting a little bit of help sections and it still exists mall on 2 occasions.

And then for the this is an example of the use of low so one side to side much sense than I did some research about like what should be happening in to a login sign up process.

As you can see on top like you should click on login sign up and you have a choice in.

May be you were hurt you shop in the capital you can.

Click on the.

I mean pages you will.


Your that information or using the Facebook walking in.

Finally when the war broke all.

Angel pro file a sign that you have.

All the sharing or going through.

It looks.


Process for.


We're climbing is still going to you tell you can just go to New Jersey and you are climbing in but ya know about it troubles.


And on the right side is pretty much the same thing just for the toppling of the language to help to search and then did you find.

Different proposed deals for activities and then.

And then as a result and I just felt like a on what it could look like as a wireframe idea and you go into doing a style guide adjusting our.

A matter of time and then.

I just.

  When you stay with this surgeons to car if I like what I wanted to live on my intent was with the white.

In later but again more about the process of what you want about how to get to that point as opposed to just because sometimes I initialed by the may have an idea and then to get it together enough so he likes because the Aidid south bend fade out as opposed to be based on research which I went through the curriculum and just like the will to live long although for other little a little more than just like couple months or a year or 2.

And that's how my.

Projects came to light.

Thanks for sharing.


I'll turn it.

Okay also.

At the first part of presentation.

It doesn't quite work you did that for small think so.

As for for that.

It's a city.

Like that it always gets mixed up in it stations you did work for your father did look for different actually got some projects spurred on top yelled over to perform like a give and take asking.

Before you proceed back on the actual up projects.

The things I'm most passionate about I did.

A lot about cell but let's get to it I'm gonna show me screen real quick.

Our rights isn't can I guess it was fine.

Yeah all right perfect so I'm gonna get over with so he gets his full screen I'm gonna will.

Station the PDS the.

Is it white and you have some feedback on specific sections so strategy portion first what's really cool that you actually had a process for good now portfolio naturally consider this is an actual projects some people beat up there great designers and then when you actually have to put together before they even more that's a project in itself so.

Or should you talk a little bit about your target audience so people working in the field of advertising and or design shop at center and then you mentioned you needed something simple not a lot of color street forwards not too many words saying we want what you.

The thing about this is that it school that you decided to take the whole the strategy and its school they were identified our target audience.

Ideally you would understand what exactly does it what what does it mean that this your target audience what types of course full these guys used to looking at what what's gonna turn them on what's going to turn them off one left already used to visit formalistic you for what are the things that usually scanned up or fold your for what are the things that I had the most value for this audience at 7 such and so here you mention a few things not a lot of college before it settled why steps did you do the research I did have you found out that in these industries that for top as he and the sign shop in agencies they tend to value this or this is just a large coach topics it's a lot of white bills right stop because it is 5 turbulence that ship out to mask for you know what they want to see that or.

They would like to see that so that we might be worse than a little bit more.

She even wore.

58 you you were doing the strategy portion inspiration forced so you first understand yachts and.

What he wanted right what is that I dislike and then you look for inspiration that kind of fits the profile because the strategist should also encompass what is it what is it that your portfolio for 22 jobs once projects gonna get a branch when I get out of Jesus eat.

Another one of 4 and so that's part of the strategy is well understand your goals and only after you have left all nations that you get when you look for inspiration other websites that have switched back profile right and so that's the first thing moving on from there we yelled go straight to the navigation and is your I mean you mentioned really straight you mention my that I only need 3 weeks working in contact and then use the saddest menu because you might want you you might want to expand in the future right you only have 3 sections workman call this is enough even for a specific if you only had instead of having a menu had working in college they'll be given and ask for a 320 pixels wide eyed from Florida absence or ask.

Yeah once leaves you have right now there's absolutely no need for us sandwich menu and while I understand where you're coming from what you have.

A blog yet and now maybe when the ads I.

Servers any fun at myself in the future can do that but initial urge that.

That's adding a sandwich menu is an actual live complexity it's an extra step of user needs to take in order to fold exporter website and although that's a pattern that's commonly used that is excluded never last and right now you're in a position where you don't need to explore it's okay and it's also the site about growth and that's what you get but right now we should be focused on the present and in the presence it's problematic if you're not to have to so don't sacrifices ability for some that might come to future back but plan for that should that.

First you back next year.

Tell me your chin to my homepage I have I have to I have like actually 2 pieces of feedback I mean is if you back up the first piece of feedback is that I can see your name I can see what you do you are are you asking why developer ideally I would know what list a little bit more about you to help differentiate you from the huntress offered folders that scene my date like I've seen 50 other you why do I spelled with a minimalist sleepers why are you special had worked at apple have you worked at the ankle collar does 50 freelance projects in 6 months what makes it special write that down you show me where you were special then moving on.

Then moving down from that I can see travels to American health and now shows of my house and if you did you have another one your actual life before you tell me why you should care about this if you don't tell me right adults show me a picture like a ball doesn't like the fall so show some of project some some some of the actual product and the third thing is that this is not selling towards the sign but when you killed this you use like static images for each one of the sections and so that's awful forks SCLC engine optimization gonna make it really hard to get what you eat that supports all this like when did you when you told us make short you don't just use static images like code each independent sections because that allows you your personal **** about a visible in search of one that's an awesome page and the same is valid for each individual product page do not use a static image in the header actually codes act triple the taxes that makes it easier for search engines should include a website.

Then it did though one unless I'm gonna give that Billy would be that's I'm sorry about the last 15 back I had to get all of the actual projects they just is that you need to include more attacks like you X. this is not just not up to discussion you cannot simply brotherly rebels that have one paragraph explain what's going on and expected to understand what those deliverables me so have tax explain it you know you said you tried to make it as minimal as possible and try to simplify and that's cool and you can do that but do not over simplified you're asking whatever visit or is she pretty much gas how all of those deliverables arc which which is not a good thing so nothing ripe for the last thing the real thing is that in the last portion just let's get in touch try to be a little bit more specific with an extra section down wise once you get in touch with you that's that's all I must like my other piece of feedback those are must this be a nice addition are you looking for work or I'm not going to waste my time tried to hire you are you looking for for for I don't know working for and shows what are you looking for right that now over a good job just a few pieces of feedback.

Appreciate it.

I mean I have some other area can you get tired of all this for the past 3.

Yes so I think.

Yeah really good job and I know we're at 730 so I'll just give you a quick couple minutes and then follow up maybe via email if we can you know Katerini can help us exchange emails.

And give you some more in depth as us you back.

  So I think that you are a lot of great points here I feel like I might be breaking up still can you hear my so good.


If I'm not giving us that you're.

Colts yeah I think the the way that you put your project together the deliverables that you created are really strong and just like Bobby I was just saying I think is that all you need to do is add more context.

Project it tell us about what the what the challenge was.

Tens that I know nothing about travels to you because I don't I've never I've I've never you use that site before I don't actually know if it's a redesign or if it's something that you shot up so I would definitely want to know more about how you solve the problem and approach the problem and.

You know what were your what were the questions that drove you to the research and you know for each deliverable that you have I want to I want a couple of sentences about each section and how you know because you axes of.

Additional and it's cumulative so each thing that you create is built on the previous steps so I want to see the threads of you know everything that's it that you did is built on the research that you and I don't want that to go on and on and known for the user it's it's looking at this like bay I want to see that that's the common thread that's linking everything together and providing the really strong foundation for the really strong deliverables that you made.

So I think that it's all information that you have in that you've done the work for.

And just putting it out there and sort of pulling back the curtain a little bit so that we can we can see it is all all that you need to do but I can see more notes that I've got via email since we're a little bit over the time but yeah great job and they are presenting this is awesome.


Yeah I'm really quickly.

How did you choose which class for me are going to use for your portfolio he won.

In just like just so we can so are you wordpress and are used to playing called us employ it simply slab.

I can probably put the link in I think if 5 you'll just be on just what I've mentioned it before list local news.

Find the link.

I I think that's.

We're gonna have a rack estates privately to it's just someone's was like America it's it's public.

Thank you.

Yeah it sucks I use wordpress I had already like a FTP server of my own get out of town you well I just want to press on it but the theme on it and then I started with it and then I just you know design something on the side of course like you where Frank Raines and all that stuff and all the research and then putting to designing using someplace.

Thank you so much for presenting and next week we'll have a general accu an a and R. B. anomaly will be here to answer any questions that you have and will address the other questions in the chat air I next week so came out I had to create a portfolio if you're more of a multi disciplinary designer was asked on that we can start off with that next week and then if you have any other questions about your captain project about the curriculum that you access and in general ask me and I'll.


I think so much for joining and as always feel free to email me with any questions thank you thanks 1000000 thanks for your points now I really appreciate it thank you Sir thank you for the presentation thanks everybody for joining see like sweet freak out case for everybody chose.