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Apple and all-all-all

The company Apple was rightly a major gleaned in 2007. And news of the "Apple" in most cases were purely positive. Let's try to deal with what the company has come to the final year and preparing what surprises us all in the coming 2008.

The success of today

Fresh version of Mac OS X, updated line of iPod players and Makov together will lead Apple to another record quarter, analysts believe. Recently, the American report has been sent to banks, which contains the conclusions of the main channels of distribution Apple and its Asian suppliers. As it turned out, on average, at the warehouses now in a three-week margin products (Macs and players), although this figure is usually one and a half, if not twice as much. It is noted that the decline was caused not by artificially restricting production - it is running at full capacity - and a very high user demand, which once again exceeded expectations. Experts expected that this quarter will be sold around 2.2 million trees and up to 25 million iPod players all versions. Visible contribution to the budget and make Apple iPhone Communicator, which should be sold to 2.13 million Thus, this year sales of around 3.5 million copies, but this is a very good process stock for next year. If the entire sum total record, it falls short in one sentence: from the Apple all good. At least, now.

Reserves Apple

To date, in the IT industry, only Cisco and Microsoft have more cash than Apple, which have already exceeded last mllrd $ 15. The company does not pay dividends, not make loud acquisitions, not repurchased its shares. So what Steve Jobs conceived? When earlier this year, said Lehman Brothers analyst Peter Oppenheymera - Apple chief financial officer - on the company's plans for such a large cash reserves, he noticed that several billion would help, for example, support some large projects. Also, the manager added that from time to time they have raised the issue of compensation for its shareholders, but so far it is not beyond the conversations went. In general, Apple is very carefully about his money by avoiding large and risky investments. The company prefers to acquire small, but potentially interesting development, among which were Emagic (today Logic package), the developer of video Nothing Real, as well as the creator of FireWire company Zayante. Similar waste can be expected next year. Also recently went a lot of rumours about the possible involvement of Apple in the United States to bid for the broadcasting frequency of 700 MHz. Having it will allow the company to deploy its own national wireless data network and the services of AT & T. But this "cost" will be a lot of toys. Only at the stage of bidding Apple can take up to $ 10 billion, so it's not all dleko unequivocally. No need to forget that the company has already engage in some expensive projects - such as rebuilding a new campus in Cupertino, which will cost it half a billion dollars.

Failure AppleTV

Macworld magazine is published preliminary results Presents AppleTV sales in 2007. They were markedly lower than expected. Earlier in the year, experts assumed that the first year would be about a million machines sold AppleTV, but counted on the fact that during this time of service iTunes Store catalog will be greatly enhanced video. This did not happen, and that was one of the main reasons for the failure of stations. Only in 2007 was sold about 400 thousand Apple TV, for the current festive season, at best, will be sold another 400 thousand, but the plan has been put clearly will not be fulfilled. If a company wants to rectify the situation, in the opinion of experts, it should work in two directions. First, is to recognize that AppleTV fate depends on the content accessible. The device can be wonderful, but without video, it "an empty shell". Therefore, it may make sense to make concessions to the studios, which want to sell digital video at a higher price. And secondly, it is necessary to actively engage in the development of most stations. Admittedly, AppleTV far from ideal, and picture quality is often insufficient for viewing on large "plasma". Perhaps the situation will improve slightly built the planned addition of a DVD player.


This year for Apple vydalsya very eventful, but what will be next? Analysts Piper Jaffray Companies and American Technology Research in general are positive, but their colleagues from ValuEngine more cautious in the estimates. In their view, in 2008, "apple company" expects a lot of testing. The success of Apple, which we have seen in 2007 - m in ValuEngine consider only the first battle won us in a very prolonged war. Apple entered into several new markets and confronted face to face with very serious adversaries. Let them first, and several opeshili from such swoop, but such a response can be expected by early next year. This could be, for example, the launch of new Nokia Communicators, which generally will be similar to the iPhone, but without committing to the operator and to support 3G. And this is the power of the Finnish company, which this year has sold more than 400 million sets. But Steve Dzhobsu, according to ValuEngine, more attention is not paid to the development iPhone and protection service iTunes - analysts believe it is his basis for all current and future success company. It provides the necessary influx of new users, but in 2008 - m may face serious problems. Major record companies dissatisfied with Apple dominant position, and therefore invest more resources in the development and promotion of alternative projects. None of them can compete with the iTunes Store, but all together, so even taking into account the services of Wal-Mart and Amazon, they can distract from Apple up to a quarter of current users. This is a direct blow to the sale of trees.

Conclusion? Apple Shares, the value of which now stands at $ 180, significantly overvalued. Next year, their cost will drop to $ 135. The only way to keep the current rate of growth Apple - constantly give anything new, but how long the company will be able to do so? The logical chain ValuEngine looks convincing, but it was based on the highly debatable assertion - that business is built around service Apple iTunes Store. It plays a vital role in the model of Apple, but now its value is not in the number of tracks sold or songs in the catalogue - is held platform uniting all mobile companies. And so to such external factors as the emergence of other online music stores, it is more than stable.

Maybe all the same laptops?

What computers can be expected from Apple next year? Authoritative site made a number of assumptions regarding the company's strategic plans to release new models of laptops. So, what may surprise producer iPhone and iPod at Macworld Expo 2008?

With some probability it can be argued that in the next year the company will issue a Tablet PC. True, it will hardly enjoy great popularity. Not everyone wants to pay $ 1000 - $ 1200 for the iTablet, if for the same money you can buy a fully MacBook. There is no doubt that in his new device Apple multitouch wants to use technology, which has already brought us success reckless. But whether the market is ready for such a development of events? Instead Tablet PC Apple could launch a mini-tablet (or increased iPod touch) with 4.5 - inch display like devices for reading e-books, RSS-feeds and blogs. Thus, the Sony PRS-500 and Amazon Kindle would be a competitor. Also next year, Apple may introduce professional Canyon. Those users of Mac computers, which by the nature of their activities have to travel a lot, not very happy with the mobility of 15 - and 17 - inch MacBook Pro. They would like to have something like that, but 13 - or 14 - inch form factor and weighing more than 2.2 kg. It also could have been made to abandon the optical drive, and to reinstall the operating system and utilities you can use the built-4 - a gigabyte flash drive. This is the MacBook will not, as a completely new professional machine with fast processor (that is, with a new chip company Intel Penryn), multiple ports, bulk memory and operational large hard drive. If all this is put in the outer shell (for example, carbon fiber) and add 3G module, the Lights Out of the buyers will not. Another possible novelty - flash Canyon ( "Flesher") - is attractive appearance and value. Like previous device, "Flesher" has 13 - or 14 - inch screen and no optical drive, but it is thinner and lighter "professional colleagues." Another advantage of it - longer battery operating time. Classic HDD replaced in Fleshere "" 64 - or 128 - gigabyte Solid State Drive (SSD). To reduce the weight of the computer, it is probably facing fewer ports than professional Canyon: a USB port, FireWire and possibly 30 - pin connector for connecting iPod connector or Duo-esque docking connector.


But the most incredible news, I finally reserved. The head of Apple, Steve Jobs may leave his post. Another wave of rumours of a possible resignation from the post of CEO Dzhobsa of Apple jumped after the publication of The Times newspaper. The article refers to the possible replacement Dzhobsa Jonathan Yves - Vice President of Industrial Design. The reason for the departure of the present head of Apple may be his fatigue, accumulated as a result of the scandal over the options that occurred in 2006 - m.

I recall last year's Commission for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) USA suspect Apple to change the dates of options, bringing the recipients can reap greater than it should, profit. According to the results of the investigation violations were detected, resulting in at Apple has been fined $ 84 million for late dating more than 6.4 thousand options. Former Apple CFO Fred D. Anderson, accused of violations, settled SEC civil suit and in the framework of a settlement agreed to pay $ 3.5 million Anderson tried to shift the responsibility for what happened to Steve surprised, but that it had not succeeded. Now many experts and analysts of Silicon Valley are increasingly express the view on the need to find a replacement Dzhobsu and creating strategies for further development of the company, is not based on mere charisma of its founder. According to some reports, the effects are felt Apple stock option scandal to date - SEC continues to show increased interest in the company. Many investors can positively evaluate replacement Dzhobsa Yves, never been implicated in the matter. Iv - chief designer of key Apple products: iMac, iPod and iPhone. Experts believe that transfer the management rights in the hands of responsible for the fact that Apple has made a success - design - a very right step. Yves handed himself in response to the request of journalists through the company that considers itself more useful work than giving interviews.

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