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Cisco develops technology samozaschischayuscheysya network and strengthens its position in the field of IT risk management, security and meet regulato

Improved protection of end points, firewalls, a means of preventing intrusions, security routers, as well as management tools that improve the security of networks, end points, applications and content.

San Jose (California), April 8, 2008 - To meet the growing demand for corporate solutions for the management of IT risks, protect data and meet regulatory requirements, the company announced the Cisco expand its proposals in this regard and make the network Self-Defending Network (samozaschischayuschayasya network) in the wider system solution that provides general protection of networks, as well as a wide variety of terminal devices, applications and content.
New solutions to the security of Cisco empowers the protection of corporate information technology infrastructures from malicious programs and deal with the loss of data, corporate compliance with safety regulations and welcomed the legislative and regulatory requirements. Today, as the network becomes the platform for a variety of devices, applications and data protection cohesive whole network system acquires special importance. The company announced the Cisco improving protection for terminal devices, systems prevent intrusions, firewalls and means of shielding applications, monitoring and analysis of security solutions for centralized corporate governance rules, as well as many other hardware and software protection. Among them, Cisco Security Agent 6.0, Cisco Intrusion Prevention System 6.1, Cisco Security Monitoring Analysis Response System 6.0, Cisco Security Manager 3.2, the inclusion of Web-filtering functions in Cisco ISR routers, firewalls modernization modules Cisco Firewall Services for switches, the new features of firewall Cisco Web Application Firewall and support of voters in the firewall Cisco IOS ® Firewall.
"Cisco solutions to security are considered the best in the industry because we offer customers solutions based on the most advanced technologies, and go beyond point products, working at the level of a coherent system - said Scott Weiss (Scott Weiss), Vice-President and General Manager Cisco security technology group. -- As part of this strategy, we printed out new products and features that expand its systematic approach to security. Our innovative solutions dramatically expand transparency and control protection systems. Cisco is paying great attention to security issues, and continues to invest heavily in new developments that will provide us with a leading position in this market".
Here's what's new products and features Cisco announced:

Safety nets

Prevent incursions System (IPS). Cisco has simplified the management of their systems, IPS, to make them accessible to companies of any size. Decision Cisco IPS 6.1 gives the customer a better idea of the "health" of the network and includes a new integrated application Cisco IPS Manager Express to activate functions IPS, monitoring and reporting. In addition to software improvements, Cisco created a new module for IPS products Adaptive Security Appliance with a capacity of up to 650 Mbits / s and has developed services for the protection of unified communications (data, voice and video), better recognition of threats in Peer-to-Peer (peer-to-peer) connections and improving security in Microsoft.

Module firewall Cisco Firewall Service Module 4.0 (for switches) accelerates the safe delivery of large volumes of sensitive information, for example, during backup and transfer large files. The module accelerates the "trusted data streams and enables trusted host systems to share information at speeds of 20 to 50 Gbps.

Virtual Private Network (VPN). Cisco included technology GET VPN encrypted transport system in Cisco 7200 VPN Services Adapter, which increased its productivity by 300 per cent. GET VPN represents a new type of VPN technology, which encrypts data for the safe transfer of Global WAN networks. It eliminates the need for a tunnel point-to-point and an opportunity to disseminate corporate VPN network for remote offices with thousands of simultaneous support of intellectual functions that are critical for quality of voice and video quality of service, routing and multicast (multicast). Since applications GET VPN operate mainly in networks with mnogoprotokolnoy Labeled by switching (MPLS), it enables customers to manage functions flexibly protect their networks and implement their own camera through a global network, or WAN refer to outsourcing providers outside.

Safety terminal devices

Cisco Security Agent 6.0. Cisco Security Agent - software agent designed to protect the terminal devices (servers, laptops, etc.). It helps to recognize the threat and managed access to confidential information. Version 6.0 for the first time in the industry include protection for terminal devices from unknown attacks, the functions of data loss prevention and virus protection on signatures in a single well-managed applications. Updating virus signatures happen automatically and requires no extra cost. The unique combination of these features will help companies reliably protect themselves from known and new threats, as well as implement effective rules for the use of data and meet regulatory requirements.

Security applications

firewall Web Application Firewall solve security problems caused by the technology of Web 2.0 and social networks. It protects the privacy of individuals and companies in the Web-based applications. Web Application Firewall comes as a separate device or integrated into gateway Cisco ACE XML Gateway. It protects access to applications, inspects Web traffic HTML and XML, model defines signatures attacks and help companies meet the requirements of PCI in the Web security.

Security content

content filtering. Cisco expanded security features popular integrated service routers Cisco ISR. Today, the world found nearly 4 million devices this family. From today, they include content filtering function of the company Trend Micro. This will help corporate customers to block access to Web sites that are known as sources of malicious software, restrict access to indecent content and introduce acceptable to the staff rules of Internet use.

SIP-protection for unified communications. Another useful addition to the security features is to use the SIP protocol in the firewall Cisco IOS Firewall protection for voice communication. This innovation will allow companies to accept the concept of distributed enterprise, improve productivity and minimize the threats posed by voice.

Security Management

System Cisco Security MARS (Monitoring Analysis Response System) 6.0. Cisco Security MARS allows monitoring of security functions in real time. She recognizes the threat agregiruya information from the devices, Cisco and other companies, and determine how best to reflect the attacks. In addition, Cisco Security MARS a report on the data collected in order to meet regulatory requirements. Version 6.0 has new support system device, which allows users and the outside companies to build their infrastructure devices in Cisco Security MARS, and thereby distribute intelligent security features to the entire corporate network, including devices that Cisco Security MARS currently not supports. The new version of Cisco Security MARS - the first system of this type, which takes the log files in a format syslog and Cisco NetFlow Version 9 of devices Cisco ASA 5580 routers and Cisco ASR 1000.

Cisco Security Manager 3.2. Cisco Security Manager efficiently manages security at the plant, tsentralizuya corporate setting safety rules and Cisco Systems. Version 3.2 improves the efficiency of operations, significantly reduces the timing of diagnosis and correct problems, as well as simplifying management IPS signatures. This is achieved by closer integration and cooperation with Cisco Security MARS system. Cisco Security Manager 3.2 adds value to Self-Defending Network, expanding support for desktop and rackmount devices, switches and Cisco ASA 5580.

Cisco systems approach to security have appreciated in the credit union Coastal Federal Credit Union from the city Reilly (North Carolina). Alliance manages assets of more than 172 thousand members for a total of about 2 billion dollars. This credit organization, second largest in the region, built a security infrastructure based Cisco products. Close interaction of these products has allowed reliably protect the network, applications and content for the entire communications infrastructure credit union. In addition, the security system has increased the overall level of Cisco security, improved risk management processes and helped to satisfy regulatory and legal requirements.

"It is about protecting the company, its assets and employees - said director of security Coastal Federal Credit Union Uaytsok Chris (Chris Whitesock). -- All realize that the network must be protected, but of equal importance is the protection of all data stored and transmitted on the network on its channels. We spent a lot of time and effort to find a solution for full protection of all data. In our view, the decision of Cisco Self-Defending Network allows us to solve delivered. "
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