Friday, April 18, 2008

A good year for IT-sector

Neither one month is not without costing a landmark event. In January, in my view, such an event was the conclusion of a strategic alliance between corporations Sun Microsystems and Intel. As part of this alliance will advance the Intel operating system Solaris, and Sun is include in its product range servers level enterprises, telecommunications servers and workstations based on Intel Xeon processors. The agreement covers products such as Solaris, Java software and NetBeans, Intel Xeon processors, as well as Intel and other technology Sun-level enterprises.

Actually, in 2007 - m Intel threw a major force in the development of new technologies. In particular, the continued building of new factories for the production of 45 nm chips - is Fab 32 in Arizona (investments 3 billion USD) and the factory in the Israeli town of Kiryat Ghad (3.5 billion USD). Although personally, I remember the story with more advertising Intel. Recall campaign for dual processor Core 2 Duo Corporation has ordered posters, in which six black athletes preparing to flee stometrovku, stagnant office tables between each other. And between them stood and smiled "white master." Advertising read: "We vyzhimaem make the most of our employees." In affected politkorrektnostyu America has enormous scandal.

February marked the emergence of the market for software package own office applications Google - Google Apps Premier Edition. The package valued at 50 USD per year joined Google Docs & Spreadsheets, Gmail, Google Talk and Google Calendar. It seems to me that Microsoft Corporation in a special joy on this occasion not experienced.

Michael Dell is back in the direct management of the company he established immediately and resolutely embarked restructuring business: three weeks Dell replaced leadership as a whole. And also decided to change the company's business model - direct sales to supplement retail focus, ie to invade the territory of Hewlett-Packard and Apple. The challenge - to return the company's status leading manufacturer of PCs in the world. (I recall recently the first line in the world ranking won Corporation Hewlett-Packard.)

Of course, IT-striking development was the release of long-awaited and all zaintrigovavshego Communicator Apple iPhone. But, with your permission, I will not address the topic - NADOELO.

Let go first rumours that Microsoft is a company intends to buy Yahoo. Even this amount is quite logical transaction called - 50 billion USD. The deal did not take place (at least for the moment), and Yahoo all year with mixed results continued to struggle with the crisis. This impression that the condition for Yahoo permanent crisis has become a standard - a fourth year already shoe.

But MySpace social network for a quarter of a billion dollars bought most popular online GalleryMy - service Photobucket. Another popular resource category of Web 2.0 - music site - was bought mediakorporatsiey CBS for even greater amount (280 million USD).

Motorola Company has been one of the few losers year, which "merit" units of cellular phones. For far too long not occur dramatic upgrade model range, and in the case of marketing at Motorola are unimportant. Overall, it came to restructuring. To begin with, was appointed the new head of the mobile unit Stu Reed. A Motorola will soon break up into three units: Mobile Devices, Home and Networks Mobility and Enterprise Mobility Solutions. The main competitor of the American manufacturer - Nokia Corporation - also break up into three parts under курантов battle. True, in contrast to Motorola, Nokia, in the case of this is not a crisis - quite the contrary.

In September, the Taiwanese company Acer for 710 million USD suddenly bought a fourth-largest PC builder in the United States - the Gateway (and incidentally - and still belongs to a European company Gateway Packard-Bell). So now Acer - the third largest world producer of PC (after Hewlett-Packard and Dell). Moreover, the Chinese manufacturer Lenovo now has slipped to the fourth position. And that, after several years of phenomenal growth. Now sharply ukrupnivshayasya Acer plans to produce 20 million computers a year and sell their products at 15 billion USD.

Toward the end of the year, the corporation Google seriously interested in wireless technologies. First, Google plans to participate in the auction for ransom from the government of the United States 700 MHz radio frequency band. Currently it comes to the amount of 4.6 billion USD. Do we have Intended Google, it is too early to judge: the package of frequencies freed only in 2009, when American Parliament will reach a standard digital broadcasting. In the future, Google plans to donate bought frequencies leased telecommunication companies.

In November, however, Google has released Android - a package of software for mobile devices based on Linux, distributed under an open license Apache License 2.0. So far, of course, it is difficult to make any projections on the commercial success of the project. But Android immediately received support from the telecommunications industry grants such as Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG, Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile in the United States, as well as China Mobile, Telecom Italia and Telefonica outside of the United States. Then, to set up around "Androida" unification Open Handset Alliance joined eBay, Intel, Nvidia, the largest Japanese wireless KDDI and NTT DoCoMo and a number of other companies. Overall, it looks very impressive.

And, finally, the change in December occurred in the rating manufacturers of cellular phones. No, Nokia remains the undisputed leader (38.1% of the market), but the second is now the South Korean Samsung Corporation (14.5% of the market). Motorola, on the crisis in which I mentioned earlier, retreated to third position.

Among other notable trends in the year - an impressive growth in the volume of Internet advertising and sales of laptops, boom social networks and investment in IP telephony, as well as the emergence of the myriad companies startups. And yet - currently the Apple-boom ": products fruit company in 2007 Imari just as hot pasties. As a result, the company Apple (which, in addition to all sorts of gadgets, and even released a new version of MacOS) significantly strengthened its financial position. If spring Apple shares were sold at USD 112 per piece, and now they are already 198.8 dollars: net growth for the seven months was 78%. As for the reasons for such a rapid take-off company, Steve Jobs of Apple compared the chair, which has three stalk - Maki, iPod players and communicators iPhone. Fourth stalk apparently had become AppleTV stations, but not a ...

Overall, in 2007 the global IT industry ends on the rise. And projections for 2008 - and will do in January.

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