Wednesday, April 16, 2008

IT-business: prior to the end of the year

In the global IT industry over the past couple of weeks anything wrong, fortunately, did not happen. Horse racing world oil prices and the American financial crisis has not had a significant impact on the market of information technologies and telecommunications. But something important has happened yet.

We begin, as usual, with global issues. According to the research company Pyramid Research, in a few years, the global market for mobile undergo unprecedented change, and to the existing 2.8 billion users of cell phones in the next three years by a new billion. Of these, 87% occur in developing countries amount. The majority of potential users do not give China and India. Overall, in those two countries will be about 35% of the promised one billion new users, and the rest pridutsya on the part of the world where the level of urbanization is less than 50%. By 2010, 74% of users live in countries with developing economies. However, due to low ARPU their share of 40% of total revenues. And an important point: the majority of those customers will receive cellular networks to access the Internet. US-French company Alcatel-Lucent - one of the world's leading manufacturers of telecommunications equipment - announced that shorten 4 thousand employees by 2009. This measure will help it cut costs by 400 million euros ($ 578 million) a year. I recall that in February Alcatel-Lucent has already decided to dismiss 12.5 thousand employees. This happened almost immediately after the company Alcatel and Lucent have decided to unite. In the Alcatel-Lucent noted the need to reduce costs because the company's net loss in the III quarter of 2007 amounted to 258 million euros. At the same time, sales grew at only 2.3% to 4.35 billion euros, compared with the previous quarter and were 7.8% lower than in the same period of 2006. And: simultaneously with the announcement of reductions Alcatel-Lucent also announced resignation from his position as the company's financial director Jean-Pascal Bofre.

Commercial success YouTube video is still not resting television. American Fox Television and NBC announced the test launch of the new videoportala - another competitor YouTube. The site will host full movies and television shows. A trial run was held on the site on 29 October. Microsoft now operates on a conditional-closed beta testing: an application to participate in the testing project may submit anybody, but the letters of invitation code had to wait for several hours. The final version of the site will be provided to Internet audiences in the coming months. Content will provide for Hulu, in fact, Fox and NBC, as well as Sony and the film studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

One of the best-known Linux companies, Red Hat plans in the next two or three years, a number of changes to the existing business model. Currently, Red Hat receives the bulk of profits from the proliferation of server and the Linux operating system support. The company also develops and promotes virtualization direction in the area of Linux desktop computers, but revenue from these initiatives are relatively low. However, Red Hat has to compete with other major Linux vendors, pressure from the ever-growing. About two weeks ago, Red Hat has appointed vice-president of Nike Wayka Wang for the post of head of unit, whose staff will address the transformation of business models. It is envisaged that the transformation will be carried out in several stages. Experts are now reviewing the scheme of company management, particularly relationships with customers and partners, a subscription model, the financial system and other factors. The next phase of Red Hat address the identified weaknesses and enhance the efficiency of the service interaction with users. In addition, Red Hat expects to increase profit from the distribution JBoss. This company Red Hat, recalled, acquired last year for $ 420 million It is anticipated that changes in the business model will enable Red Hat to strengthen market position. In addition, the company expects to double the amount of annual revenue. Currently, Red Hat receives revenue of about $ 500 million a year. Companies involved in the production of laptops, may face shortages of components in II quarter of 2008, this will be possible, if the components suppliers will not be able to increase production to meet the rapidly growing demand. Deliveries of notebooks from Taiwan in the second quarter of next year amount to 25.98 million units - about the same as in the III quarter of 2007, I note that in III quarter deficit component has led to a slowdown in growth of supply laptops, which has been almost 10% less than previously thought. In the IV quarter will be more than 30 million laptops, and that increases the supply of 27%. In III quarter of 2007, a serious deficit touched PWM, graphics cards, high-capacity hard drives, monitors, power supplies, etc.

Incidentally, the manufacturers of laptops. The company Acer has brought financial results of I-III quarters of 2007, consolidated turnover for the III quarter reached $ 3.74 billion, which is 28.7% higher than last year's figure and 30.4% - the previous quarter. Overall Acer consolidated turnover for the first three quarters of this year totaled $ 9.67 billion, an increase of 25.7% compared with last year. Operating profit Acer III in the quarter reached $ 86.16 million, increased compared with last year at 42.1% and 43.1% compared with the previous quarter. Operating profit for I-III quarters grew by 24% compared with last year and amounted to $ 206.14 million In III quarter the company received $ 89.53 million net profit after tax. Net profit after tax for I-III quarters reached $ 324.19 million

Anti-virus companies integrate their products. Panda Security and Commtouch signed an agreement for the inclusion of anti Commtouch technology in the product from Panda TrustLayer Mail. According to data provided by Gartner in a report for the year 2006, Panda took 4 - first place in the world market for anti-virus software. According to the company's management Panda Security, antispamovoe Commtouch solution chosen because service TrustLayer Mail spam detection rate should be more than 98%, and Commtouch help achieve this. Commtouch anti-engine based on the Recurrent Pattern Detection - content-diagnostic technology that can detect and block spam in any language. RPD real-time analyses large volumes of Internet traffic, detecting and defending against new flow of spam. Among the clients TrustLayer Mail - Internet providers, application providers and telecommunications operators. The quality of service is guaranteed TrustLayer Mail Agreement on the level of service (SLA) and provides a clean e-mail viruses.

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