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IT Corporation: Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson - the youngest of the companies - manufacturers and mobile technology at the same time one of the most authoritative. And, moreover, with the most loyal army of fans with their products. In many ways, which is why the producer of the short story deserves attention.


Sony Ericsson - almost the only example of the successful merging of companies - manufacturers of mobile phones. Many have tried to unite, but to no avail. A BenQ-Siemens alliance, despite a number of successful phones, some believe almost a disaster. Although Sony Ericsson is the youngest of the leaders of the market, each of the founding companies have a long and glorious history. The company Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications began its activities on October 1, 2001 Its products, respectively, was to go under the brand name Sony Ericsson. (Ericsson and Sony Corporation have 50% of the company.), however, this event was preceded by a series of others.

Pro Japanese company as something I already told in detail. Sony Corporation came May 7, 1946 and was originally called Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering. Starting with the release devices, as early as 70 - years of the twentieth century m company has become a world leader in the manufacturing of consumer electronics. The main events for a company, and to the consumer electronics market at different times became the first Japanese output transistor radio (1957), colored cluster VCR (1971), consumer cameras (1980) and many more. In the field of cellular communications Sony Corporation has been known for a number of its mobile phones - in particular, models J and Z series, a number oznamenovavshimisya finds in the field of design, ergonomics and interface. For example, it was the first time they used the navigation wheel JogDial. Later, it was used successfully in the digital player Sony communicator and R-series Sony Ericsson. Menu machines-"top" models implemented in the form of a circle sector, which was very different from the presentation of a list or matrix from other producers. But Sony phones issued by the company "alone", characterized by extreme volatility in the work. And then no phone Sony Ericsson did not work at the Sony software platform. Swedish company Ericsson can boast even more rich history. It was founded as early as in 1876 by Lars Magnus Ericsson, and from the outset the scope of its activities related to the communications equipment - in particular, telegraph and telephones - even in the XIX century, the company has supplied handsets for St. Petersburg. And the latest production equipment for communications networks has been a major company in the business. Together with the Nokia company Ericsson stood at the roots of the new standard cellular communications - Global System for Mobile Communications, today known to all as GSM. In 80 - Ericsson's gradually evolved into a major producer of mobile phones. Today, the company is one of the leading suppliers of basic reception transmitting stations, switches and other equipment to build a network provider. In addition to 2G networks, and 2.5 G, it produces equipment for the deployment of third generation 3G networks, and mobile networks to broadband access to the Internet, for proposing its own batch of high-speed access technology HSPA. Until a few years ago, mobile phones Ericsson has successfully competed with the decisions of Nokia, Motorola, Siemens. Innovations in them were many: the apparatus of the business lines R and T appeared regularly innovations, which sometimes have an impact on the entire industry to mobile phones. For example, the Ericsson T36 models and R520m (2000) first appeared Bluetooth modules. But with the growth has also increased functionality and the number of defects in the design apparatuses. Ahead embroidered standstill.

In short, and Sony, Ericsson and saw an opportunity to combine their mobile units to withdraw from the crisis. True, the process of establishing Sony Ericsson with its inception in October 2001, was delayed by more than a year. Long time, the joint company was unprofitable. Much of this was due to the fact that phones in 2002 inherited ideas Ericsson devices. Telephones on the platform of no more than Sony appeared - there were so bad case. However, shortly communication between departments of the company were structured. The market began emerging new models directly from Sony Ericsson. And many of them have become almost a cult. The fact is that the developers tried to create a few companies, but the most scrutinized decision. Sony Ericsson have never had multiple models with a minimum honors from each other. The models were little, but still very good. And few customers suspected that one reason for this approach was banal shortage of production capacity. Indeed, compared to Nokia or Motorola company Sony Ericsson initially was literally dwarf. The situation changed only in 2007 - m when the company began to grow rapidly, increasing the range as well as its presence in the mobile market.

Top models

Sony Ericsson is famous for the fact that every year is another model-bestseller. And so reversed from the early models.

Sony Ericsson T68i

After the merger with the mobile phone unit of Sony Corporation Ericsson T68 was the basis for the Sony Ericsson T68i. At that time, it was a novelty can be easily confused with the predecessor. The same design platform specifications. Moreover, the Ericsson T68 can be turned into Sony Ericsson T68i by pereproshivki simple. In doing so, users have received a number of improvements. Thus, the time has been increased voice recording, there is support for MMS, the functionality of the device can be expanded to a removable camera. Interestingly, the apparatus for maintaining continuity in the company retained an outdated symbol for habitual Ericsson phones, but has become a classification - with four (T200, T300, and so on.). At the time of Sony Ericsson T68i, and the Ericsson T68, had no competitors. Other companies have similar decision after a long delay.

Sony Ericsson K750i

One of the most successful telephone company. Your obedient servant of such apparatus. The model is popular even today, two years after onset. As with the Ericsson T68, the demand was so great that the first time, is simply not enough telephones. Sony Ericsson once again managed to create a machine with maximum functionality, RIA their time. And today, his opportunities enough for most users. In habitually compact casing (100 h46h19, 5 mm, 100 g) fit the screen quality, excellent Media, the FM radio with RDS support, a slot for memory cards Memory Stick Pro Duo, an improved interface with menu shortcuts, bookmarks and more. The only drawback was the lack of EDGE. This problem is characteristic of the later models of the company. Chief of Staff dignity was, of course, perfect 2 - megapixel camera with Auto. For a long time, the company raised the standard among embedded cameras. None of the competitors has not been able to compete with Sony Ericsson K750i in popularity. Carl Zeiss Optical in kamerafone smartphone-Nokia N90 has been more marketing move, moreover, had Nseries flagship overcharge value. Business Nokia 6230i phone to play the Sony Ericsson product virtually all articles, including Resolution Chamber. The other successful business device with 2 - megapixel camera - Samsung D600 - has been executed in the form-factor slider. On a note that initially absorb Sony Ericsson K750i was not very easy - it is difficult to identify menu intuitive. But after the Sony Ericsson K750i fully justified the money invested in it.

Sony Ericsson Walkman W800

This apparatus was almost complete copy Sony Ericsson K750i. Only design has become more aggressive, expanded product package, added "In flight mode" (with disconnected radiochastyu) Yes emerged sounding improvements in the bass. As in the case of Ericsson T68/Sony Ericsson T68i, K750i can be turned into W800i by pereproshivki. Nevertheless, the model has also become a landmark for the company and the total market mobile phones. It was the Moulin ruler music solutions (phones, smart phones, accessories) companies - Sony Ericsson Walkman. Today it is the most numerous and representative line of the company, the most felicitous use of the heritage of the company Sony Corporation. The success of music backgrounds-Sony Ericsson has prompted other manufacturers to do the issuance of such decisions. You may recall from Nokia XpressMusic, Q-fi from BenQ-Siemens, Motorola ROKR from, Ultra Music from Samsung. True, none of them has yet been able to repeat the success of Walkman series. But together they formed one of the major trends in the development of advanced mobile phones - musical decisions.

Sony Ericsson CyberShot K790i/K800i

These devices have become a logical extension of the model K750i. Outwardly looked purely quantitative changes - increased permit cameras (3.2 megapixels), the screen (QVGA-matrix), became Bluetooth EDR support. Meanwhile, occurred as hardware, and software changes. For the first time, one shell were prepared two hardware platforms: for 3G networks (UMTS-tube K800i with a camera to the front edge) and 2.5-G networks (K790i supporting EDGE). The most important improvement programme was to support multitasking Java applications. It could run up to two simultaneous applications and switch between them, not to mention working with other functions on the phone. Full multitasking has become a landmark event for the entire market for mobile phones: normal mobiles another step closer to the functionality of the smartphone.

Sony Ericsson Z610i

This extra bed can boast outstanding functionality. Interest may cause unless that support 3G. Otherwise, it is technically ordinary machine. However, the significance of this model for the company was not functional eye. Released S Z610i development company began sending so-called emotional products. In Sony Ericsson began to make more emphasis on the appearance of devices. It is not merely mirror image surfaces camp Z-series. Most models in 2007 under the direction of changes in the design obtained. For example, many models and the K-W-series can boast a new keyboard performance, navigational unit. Buttons, in most cases, represented a narrow strip. This is evident in the eye, but did not go to the benefit of ergonomic devices. More attention has been paid to the shell material. Distributions received metal - as anodized aluminum, and stainless steel. In the future, such devices are expected even more.

Sony Ericsson Walkman W880i

The model is fully consistent with the policy of "emotional" devices. But can boast even more features. Thus, it is the first tonkofon company. Sony Ericsson is being entered in the "race" millimeters - Walkman W880i thickness does not exceed 10 mm. However, the device does not affect the possibility of imagination. In fact, this slim-down version W850i in the form UMPC. But all over: among other tonkofonov this is a very functional device. The device supports multitasking, has all the advantages of programmatic platform A100, as a line of Walkman masthead representatives can boast excellent implementation player. "Emotional design" appeared in a stylish steel casing. But not even in that. Model W880i has become an indicator of the changed strategy. If Sony Ericsson before that represented the most saturated device, now in the race for market share, it has to expand the model through a series of range of solutions, implementing the same functions keep separate models for the future, planning a gradual capacity machines. Thus, the company already has been submitted later apparatus Sony Ericsson W890i. In the same shell as the W880i, the user has an improved camera, radio and a number of other options that could be implemented in the previous model.

Sony Ericsson CyberShot K850i

Along with the W910i is the most technologically device companies today. K850i is the flagship of the current ruler CyberShot and gives you up-to-date programming platform A200, changed management system (Navigation unit into the keyboard), and, of course, the powerful 5 - megapixels camera. Other innovations also render a landmark model for the company. This is supported by all imaginable standards (up to UMTS / HSDPA), the use of motion sensor, the absence of a mechanical shutter cameras, a slide switch modes (photo / video / view), at last, to some extent revolutionary company support for microSD memory cards, along with brand M2 . Note that, in addition to companies Sony and Sony Ericsson, maps on the basis of Memory Stick no longer applies.

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