Monday, April 21, 2008

IT-SECTOR: life without illusions

Razdray on world financial markets, rising oil prices, falling dollar, recession in the United States ... No, not all of this is determined by the current state of the global IT industry. Today it is determined by China's industrial policy. And now you are in it for yourself.

To begin with, the Chinese authorities have submitted a state programme support production of microchips. They promised a discount of 15% from sales tax of any company engaged in the production of semiconductors and invested in the Chinese economy over 8 billion yuan ($ 1.14 billion). In addition, the company can claim privilege, in the production of chips using 0.25 - micron (250 nm) technological process. This criterion includes most modern producers of processors, which are now producing chips on 45 - and 65 nanometer - nanometer technological process.

In the case of long-term (15 years) investment in modern production company chips, once it becomes profitable, be exempt from taxes for five years. In the period from the sixth to the tenth year, it will receive a 50% discount from sales tax. It is expected that the new facilities will benefit Hua Hong NEC, as well as Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation and Semiconductor Manufacturing International, is actively extending production.

This measure has caused the Chinese authorities certainly no longer a heart attack in South-East Asia. So far, the main producers of semiconductors in the world were companies located in Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. Now, China and grossly peretyagivaet just a blanket.

But that's not all. China may prevent Microsoft swallow company Yahoo. The reason is - a new anti-monopoly law, which takes effect in China on 1 August. He gives the Chinese regulatory authorities to monitor the transaction, in which investors in the Chinese economy. A Yahoo in 2005, has invested billions of dollars in search engine - the largest enterprise in China in the field of e-commerce. Yahoo now 40% owned by a Chinese company. It turns out that in case the deal between Microsoft and Yahoo, they will buy their own shares, that malorealno from a financial point of view. Even if the Chinese authorities will give permission for the transaction, its long antitrust investigation of the circumstances significantly reduce the value of the two companies. By the way, the potential transaction Microsoft and Yahoo affect laws in a number of countries, because both companies have foreign troops.

Incidentally, Yahoo and Google still agreed to "make friends against Microsoft - companies will jointly promote OpenSocial platform that allows standardized program to create social networks. Now Yahoo will support OpenSocial platform, but there is still refusing to call for the creation of applications which will be used platform. To move OpenSocial Google, Yahoo and MySpace June 1 to create a special non-profit fund OpenSocial Foundation - it will be managed by the three companies and monitor the neutrality platform.

Let me remind you that the platform was presented OpenSocial Google in November 2007 - first as an alternative to the then prevalent platform for creating applications in the social networks Facebook. OpenSocial - is a set of basic functions of interfaces, which allows developers to gain access to basic social functions and information networks. Unlike Facebook, OpenSocial open to third-party developers to standardize and allows different applications to many social networks. Among adherents OpenSocial - social networks such as MySpace, Friendster, LinkedIn, etc.

Apple called the company that have the greatest impact on consumers. This view online edition readers Brandchannel - in its survey took part 2,000 people from 107 countries around the world. Microsoft Corporation ranked first in only two of the ten nominations - "Brand, which would you bet" and "Brand, who would you have changed." But Apple ranked first in six nominations - Bandchannel readers feel that called upon at the dinner in the company they would be pleasant to visit the whole, as well as Apple (in the view of respondents) 100 years ago could have an influence on the course of world history, and in the next five years will have a significant impact on the IT industry. Most respondents did not represent his life without Apple products, and the question, "Which of you would brand itself proassotsiirovali", the majority answered with Apple. "

The majority of those surveyed also believe that the national brand, "the United States" and Trademark rebranding require Microsoft - Microsoft has become too boring and predictable, but at the United States claim to be an American before it was prestigious, as it caused envy of the rest of the world. Today, the reputation of the United States badly shaken: American goods are no longer considered to be the best in the world and the country's economy is in crisis.

Incidentally, about Apple. The company will not renew the contract for the supply audiochipov for iPod Nano and Touch with the British company Wolfson Microelectronics. Earlier Wolfson Microelectronics chips were removed from the player iPod Shuffle and S lassic. However, the rejection of installing chips in the British iPod would not affect the supply of components Wolfson Microelectronics for the iPhone. Actions Apple looks amazing, given that the company Wolfson Microelectronics has been a constant supplier audiochipov for most iPod models, starting with the first player, having withdrawn in 2001.

Red Hat Company, the largest manufacturer of commercial free software, issued a financial forecast for the 2009 financial year. As it turned out, Red Hat is planning to receive proceeds of $ 665 million up to $ 680 million, while analysts predicted the company proceeds at the level of $ 637.4 million Red Hat also announced financial results for the IV quarter of 2008 - net profit for the period amounted to $ 22 million ($ 20.3 million a year earlier). Quarterly revenue grew by 27% and amounted to $ 141.5 million

Declared Red Hat forecast for the 2009 fiscal year, exceeding analysts' expectations, came against the backdrop of more pessimistic results of a major competitor Red Hat - Oracle Corporation. Since the publication of a quarterly forecast and reporting Red Hat shares rose more than 7%.

The head of the telecom company Hutchison Whampoa Li Ka-Shing invested in the social network Facebook $ 40 million In November 2007 - the first Li Ka-Shing has already invested in 60 million Facebook As a result, its total investment in the project was $ 100 million, with Hong Kong billionaire said that his investment in the social network is not completed.

Earlier Facebook has invested $ 240 million Microsoft Corporation. Also investors that social networks are Samwer brothers, who at one time the state of Vivendi sells Jamba company, trading ring tones. Manual social network Facebook now evaluates its portal least ten billion dollars. But a year ago, this amount reaches $ 15 billion

Nokia continues expansion in the fastest growing markets of Asia. The company will increase its staff of a factory in the Indian city of Shriperumbudur to 5500 people. Now the factory, which produces mobiles for Asian countries, employs 8000 people, has 900 working in R & D-unit. After increasing the number of jobs at the plant and expand staff development department of the total number of staff at the plant 15,000 people.

In 2008, Nokia invest in its Indian manufacturing affiliate of $ 75 million, bringing the total amount of investment in it by up to $ 285 million Approximately 50% of factory manufactured products sold in the domestic market of India. The other half is exported to countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia as well as Australia and New Zealand.

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