Friday, April 11, 2008

The IT sector makes gains

The crisis which sotryas world stock markets in the second half of January, for the most part, avoided the party computer and telecommunication corporations. Yes, the NASDAQ index collapsed along with all the others, as shares of many companies Hi-Tech. However, a short time later, "the majority" of computer shares returned to its previous level, the same can not be said of the actions of many banks, retail facilities, etc. That is, the IT industry has once again demonstrated its resilience increased. Of course, it was not always so and will not always be, but now it is a time when the IT sector world economy feels confident most of the others.

At Russia's largest telecom market transaction takes place. Company "VimpelCom" operating under the trademark "Beeline", will acquire 100% of shares in circulation company Golden Telecom. Under the terms of the deal, Golden Telecom will receive $105 per share. The cost of the transaction is $4.3 billion The proposed price of 3.5% higher than the current market price "Golden Telecom". Previously, "VimpelCom" has already announced intention to acquire 100% stake in Golden Telecom, but offered one hundred dollars for each share not staged management of the company. The last sentence of "VimpelCom" was approved by the Board of Directors of Golden Telecom. Recall that the major shareholders "VimpelCom" - the Russian "Alpha-groups" and the Norwegian Telenor. They belong to minority stakes in Golden Telecom: "Alfa" group owns 26% of the shares, and Norwegians - 18%. "VimpelCom is a long-standing partner" Golden Telecom - one of the leading suppliers of telecommunications and Internet services in Russia. Back in 2001, the company began to provide joint services.

The Indian company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) - the largest developer and supplier of IT services to India - will open in March in Moscow representation, which will conduct operations in Russia and the CIS. The next step could be the opening of TCS development centre, where Russian programmers create software. Analysts believe that by the end of 2008, TCS can buy several Russian companies that in the two years up to 10% of the Russian market for IT services, which in 2007 was more than three billion roubles. Reference: TCS is a division of India's Tata Group Corporation. In the past fiscal year, which ended 31 2007 year, the company revenue was $4.3 billion.

The biggest producers of liquid crystal displays for the company in the world LG.Philips LCD and Samsung announced a sharp rise in profits in 2007. Thus, the net profit LG.Philips LCD in the IV quarter of 2007 was $806 million, which was the best result since the inception of the company. The same quarter of 2006 finished in the negative. Samsung, in turn, operating profit tripled to $974 million The Corporation expects that in 2008 demand for large LCD panels will grow by 20%. Growing demand for LCD displays could soon lead to shortages. To avoid this, the two leaders intend to increase market production. Major competitors LG.Philips LCD and Samsung in the market LCD displays - Japanese companies. In late December, they immediately set up two LCD alliance. The first was composed of Matsushita, Hitachi and Canon, and the second - Toshiba and Sharp. The projected revenue enterprises producing LCD panels in 2008 is projected to grow by 14% to reach $82.1 billion

Global shipments of microprocessors for PCs rose for the quarter at 8.5% and reached in the IV quarter of 2007, a record high. This trend is a second consecutive quarter. This conclusion is contained in a report prepared by the analytical company IDC. The most noticeable growth was in the volume segment of processors for servers - 17% for three months. Processor for mobile computers were sold at 10.3%, more than in the III quarter, processors for desktops - at 6.5%. The analysis shows that within each segment, the proportion of middle and upper models range from entry-level models. For example, among processors for desktop PCs share of high and medium models in the IV quarter amounted to 87.1%. For comparison: in the III quarter it was equal to 84.6%. For the year total worldwide shipments of microprocessors for PCs grew by 12.6%. Total revenue grew suppliers during this time to 1.7% and handled over $30 billion mark Incidentally, the income of the backlog in quantitative terms "reflects the impact of price war" that led to a substantial decrease in prices in the first half of the year. Regarding the situation of the main suppliers of market share as well. In terms of the number of products shipped leader remains Intel with 76.7% of the market (increase of 0.4%). The company AMD has 23.1% (0.4% loss). These numbers almost equal to those recorded in II quarter of 2007, few visible redistribution of shares in the segment of mobile processors. Here Intel owned 81.9% (an increase of 1.1%), AMD - 17.8% (1.1% loss). Market share of server processors, Intel owned, decreased to 85.4% (to 0.6%), respectively, the share of AMD rose to 14.6% (increase of 0.6%). Setting forces in the segment of processors for desktop PCs has not changed: Intel - 72.1%, AMD - 27.7%.

Samy semiconductor companies continue its endless battle for market. For example, Intel stock of the IV quarter of 2007, revenue for the period was $10.7 billion, operating revenue - $3 billion, net income - $2.3 billion Compared with the same period in 2006 on all seen significant growth. In particular, the company's revenues increased by 10.5%, while operating revenue - by as much as 105%. For the full year 2007 net income Intel amounted to $7 billion, 38% more than that of the previous year. The annual turnover of the company reached $38.3 billion, operating revenue rose to $8.2 billion The increase was due to increased production, the introduction of 45 nm chip production technology, as well as reduced costs for the development. Also at the Intel earnings impact record increases in sales of microprocessors, while maintaining an average price of the vacation. In turn, AMD company in the financial report for 2007 reported that its net loss amounted to $3.38 billion According to the report, has become the most unprofitable last quarter of 2007, when the company lost $1.77 billion, which is about three times higher than the last quarter of 2006 ($576 million). Operating losses for the 2007 year cost of $1.68 billion, which is several times faster than those IV quarter of 2006, According to the company, revenue in 2007 was $6.01 billion, up 6% higher than in 2006 - m. In summer 2007, AMD controlled 23.6% of the world market for computer processors. Most experts explain the large losses AMD fact that the numbers 2007 2006 g. for $5.4 billion To date, the value of the company fell by 30%. Manual AMD believes that in the near future the situation reversed. In the IV quarter of 2007, AMD revenue was $1.77 billion, reiterated that the figure for 2006. Correct the situation at the end of the year helped the emergence of a new Xeon processor Opteron. As stated by the company AMD CFO Robert Rivet, "Over the IV quarter, we managed to deliver a record number of microprocessors, among which was sold and 400 thousand quad processors". A director general of information on AMD Hector Ruiz has been in II quarter of 2008, the company is going to resolve the situation with a loss, and in III quarter to become profitable again. Analysts believe that in the long run company AMD rectify its position as a PC manufacturers want a reliable supplier of the "second". So AMD has every chance to rectify the situation and continue to compete in the market with Intel - now on an equal footing.

The Japanese company Kyocera acquires the company Sanyo unprofitable unit for the production of mobile phones. The amount of the deal from $375 million to $468 million Thus, Kyocera will become the sixth-largest producer in this segment, while behind the ongoing fifth LG will still be very large. Sanyo also focuses on its core business - the production of lithium-ion batteries for cordless (two of the five laptop batteries in the world completed by the firm). According to the III quarter of 2007, Kyocera took ninth place in the world in terms of the number of devices sold, and Sanyo - the tenth. Guide Kyocera expects that the transaction will be completed before the end of March 2008 The deal will allow the company primarily to strengthen its position in the telecommunications market, the United States, where the main client is a Sanyo cellphone operator Sprint Nextel. About 2000 employees Sanyo mobile units sent to work in Kyocera, which still continue to use the Sanyo brand both in Japan and abroad. Despite the seemingly loud status № 6 player in the market of mobile phones, Kyocera will be only the main "dwarfs": after the merger with the mobile unit Sanyo its market share reach 1.5%, while the fifth-largest producer of LG - more than 7 %. But analysts welcomed the forthcoming Japanese Kyocera deal with Sanyo, stressing that the consolidation in the market of mobile phones, where there are more than a dozen small manufacturers, is long overdue.

Meanwhile, the sales volume of mobile phones Motorola in 2007 declined by 33% compared with 2006 - up to $19 billion Sales of cellular phones in the IV quarter of last year fell by 38% compared with same period of 2006 - go - to $4.8 billion In the IV quarter of 2007 the company realized 40.9 million PCs. The net loss is the American manufacturer in 2007 amounted to $49 million against net profit of $3.7 billion in 2006 - m. Revenue last year was $36.6 billion compared with $42.8 billion a year earlier.

Market online-2011 year to reach the level of $50.3 billion Those are the findings of researchers company Yankee Group. The main prerequisites for growth in online advertising market will increase in the number of Internet users, the emergence of new types of advertising and the creation of new business models in this area. And in the near future the highest rate will increase the volume of advertising market in social networks.

The American Internet giant Yahoo trouble again. First, the value of its shares has reached the lowest level for 4.5 years. This has led experts to talk again about a possible sale of Yahoo software giant Microsoft. Rumours of Yahoo anticipated sales for the last time actively mussirovalis in May 2007 when it became aware of the company entering into a partnership with Bill Gates. For the first time, talking about this exactly two years ago. Then called the amount of about $80 billion Yahoo capitalization was about $45 billion Microsoft buying search engine and portal Yahoo in one person is needed to strengthen their position in relation to the main online competitor - Google. Now, given that Yahoo because of falling share prices fell to $27.77 billion, analysts do not advise Microsoft to pay over $40 billion But in the case of buying the total share of Yahoo and Microsoft in the market of Internet search of only 28% (21% for Yahoo! And 7% for Microsoft), which was still significantly lower than the share of Google, which is 65% and is growing steadily. Meanwhile, the weak financial figures for the end of 2007 the Yahoo drove to reflect on the reduction of staff. According to the publication Silicon Alley Insider, work can lose up to 20% of full-time staff - from 1500 to 2500 people. Reuters, in turn, writes about several hundred potential unemployed. The exact figure will be at the end of January, following the publication of financial results. Meg Whitman, directed the world's largest online auction site eBay since March 1998, preparing for the resignation of several months and has already delivered the case. The decision to Whitman care should be taken during February. The most likely candidate for the post of head of eBay is John Donahue - President subdivisions company engaged in the auction business. He works with eBay in 2005. Whitman left the company in a situation where growth in revenue from the auction business slowed. In III quarter of 2007, one of the most important indicators for the auction - the number of goods for sale - fell by 3%. At auctions accounted for 2 / 3 of income eBay. Since entering the bourse, in September 1998, eBay 40 times in a row, reported quarterly reports on the increase in earnings.

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