Friday, April 11, 2008

IT SECTOR: profits for instruction

The main topic of discussion in the global IT industry is an attempt by Microsoft to swallow Internet company Yahoo to the will of the latter. Now Yahoo leadership mediakorporatsiyami is negotiating with Time Warner and News Corp. Trying to find a more attractive alternative to the proposal of Microsoft.

This may be to merge Yahoo and AOL, the owner of the latter - the company Time Warner - is a major, but not controlling package of the new entity. Sources close to the negotiations indicate that the parties can thus save on the costs to a billion dollars a year. In addition, Yahoo owned interested in AOL advertising service At the same time, Yahoo is negotiating with the News Corp. System, which offers a package of shares exchanged on the Yahoo service If that happens, then Yahoo would be under the supervision of one of the most aggressive mediamagnatov world - Australian Rupert Murdoch. That it belongs to the famous phrase: "Bring on the shooting team, and the war, I provide you". Negotiations are already quite some time, but the merger with Microsoft is still considered as more likely than the deal with Time Warner or News Corp.

Meanwhile, the 14 March deadline, left Microsoft on reflection, after Yahoo leadership rejected the offer software corporations, deeming him insufficiently profitable. It is likely that this deadline will be refocused, and Microsoft will make a new proposal. In Mill Yahoo, however, unanimity on the rejection is not observed: Some shareholders of the company filed in connection with the claims against Yahoo leadership, and leadership prevail in the division. But some serious steps to the top managers agree Yahoo did. Namely: indefinitely postponed nominates candidates for the board of directors. In doing so, the company won the time for negotiations that would allow it to protect itself from the takeover by Microsoft. Let me remind you that Microsoft intended to shift the direction Yahoo by other shareholders. The final deadline for candidates and their proposals was 14 March. Now Yahoo reported that such a period is 10 days since the date will be announced annual shareholders meeting. The last annual meeting of shareholders Yahoo held June 12, 2007 According to the laws of the State of Delaware American annual assembly should be held at least once every 13 months. This means that Yahoo could appoint the next assembly in July. In this train of Microsoft clearly did not expect.

The head pain, and certainly the top managers of Google. C beginning of 2008 the value of the company's shares plummeted by more than 35% to almost the absolute minimum for the year. Capitalization search engine is now lower than it was in late 2006 - the first. Securities continued to fall against a backdrop of dissatisfaction investors c tori low turnover from sales of Google advertising. Experts believed that the loss of top management Google inevitable. As a result of exchange trading, the value of shares of Google fell by 2.72% and amounted to $444.60, and capitalization - $139.33 billion For comparison: in 2006, on the basis of capitalization of the American Internet giant has been at the level of $141 billion The last time below $445 securities companies dropped almost a year ago - March 16, 2007 ($440,85). The historical maximum of Google shares set November 6, 2007 - First, exceeding $740. Since then, however, growth stopped, and since the beginning of this year and is started plummeting. Cost Google shares fell two months to 35.7%. Promulgated in late January financial report for the year 2007 is not impressed investors - IV quarter has been the most unfortunate for the company for the past 3.5 years. In Google then noticed that the slower growth caused by the decline in advertising spending business on the Internet. The number of ads in the Google network in the last quarter of 2007 - the first rose in comparison with the same period in 2006 - only to go up to 30%. In I-III quarters of 2007, growth views ranged from 45% to 52%. Early this March, their desire to leave Google said Sheryl Sandberg - one of the key top managers of the company, worked there since 2001. In the post of Vice President of Global Online Sales and Operations she managed the sale of advertising and publishing products Google, head of marketing and support of consumer products. The new venue will work Sheryl Sandberg social network Facebook. Many analysts link the withdrawal Sheryl Sandberg, with a gradual transformations of Google in a large-scale bureaucratic machine, which becomes uncomfortable to work. Therefore, the key employees who have a choice, prefer a dynamic and young companies. The experts do not exclude that major losses in the leadership Google is yet to come. Note that it is this development (ie internal bureaucracy) has led to a crisis once the unconditional leader Internet industry - the company Yahoo.

Dell Company reported for the last quarter of fiscal year 2008. Revenues company amounted to $15989 billion, which is 10% more than last year. Nevertheless, analysts were waiting for more from Dell, suggesting see $16265 billion revenue. Net income of the company amounted to $679 million Compared to the previous financial year Dell not doschitalas 6% profit. This was because, in particular, the company has spent $83 million to acquire companies and EqualLogic Everdream. Another $54 million was spent on the payment of termination benefits in connection with the closure of several factories. Meanwhile, Dell has shown sales growth of the world: their volumes in the United States increased by 17%, in Brazil, Russia, India and China combined - by 36%. As a result, the American market has brought Dell 49% of the company's total revenue.

Microsoft Corporation beginning limited testing the new service called the Online Services, a business-oriented users. This set of Web applications developed in the strategy Software Plus Services (PO plus services), requiring separate products from online services. Subscribers new service will be able to obtain online access to videoconferencing, tools for working with e-mail, calendar, organizer, as well as the means of teamwork. To manage all elements of Microsoft Online Services will apply a single unified interface with the ability to monitor developments and gather statistics. In September 2007, access to the Microsoft Online Services has been granted large companies with more than 5000 staff. Now test Web services can and other companies and organizations. Packet Microsoft Online Services, among other companies had already taken advantage of Autodesk, Blockbuster, Ceridian, Coca-Cola, Energizer Holdings, Ingersoll-Rand Company, PFT-Medway and XL Capital. In the future, access to the Microsoft Online Services will be provided on a subscription, but specific pricing has not yet been clarified. In doing so, Microsoft promised to provide a discount participants Software Assurance program, under which you are charged for the use of products every year. A set of Microsoft Online Services will be available for commercial use in the second half of this year.

According to analysts the company Visant Strategies, Intel plans to make a significant investment in the deployment of WiMAX telecommunications network operator Sprint show beginning to supplant cable solutions to the market means a stationary connectivity. In other words, over the short term WiMAX can become not only a tool for mobile access, but also a serious competitor to DSL and "kabelschikov". Already in the very near future the market will be stationary WiMAX connectivity to key suppliers. Revenues from the deployment of WiMAX should go up dramatically, as this technology takes a significant portion of niche cable and DSL connections. According to the experts, estimated the WiMAX prospects in the period from 2008 to 2013 he worked., The number of subscribers of fixed WiMAX networks will double each year. In parallel market will be shaped multi 802.16e equipment.

Now let's talk about the mobile communications industry. According to research company Gartner, the economic downturn in the United States and Western Europe will have a weak impact on the mobile industry. Gartner analyst Carolina Milanezi said: "People are buying phones because they need them, not because of the fact that it's fashionable. We do not believe that the mobile industry will be vulnerable to a recession". Nevertheless, in 2008 the company, experts predict slower growth of mobile industry, with up to 10% of that in 2007 - m growth of about 16%. At that time, the industry has become a recognized leader Nokia. Its market share rose to 40.4%, and profits last year rose by 23.6%. Particularly strong Finnish producer of the emerging markets. In turn, South Korean Samsung has been able to get ahead of Motorola experiencing difficulties and has become the second largest producer of mobile phones with 13.4% of the market. Motorola with its 11.9% now occupies the third position. However, the fate of the American mobile business corporation is not clear. Motorola recently announced that is considering the sale of its office dealing with the production of cellular phones. It has been estimated that its cost could amount to $9 - $12 billion And while the company plans to officially ring as a serious audit of mobile production in order to see how to proceed - sell it or try to restructure and withdraw from the losses - by some accounts, sell their assets Americans can already this year. And as a buyer will make certain Chinese company. Followed for Motorola in the top sheet of the mobile industry players stationed Sony Ericsson and LG Electronics with 9% and 7.1% of the market respectively. Samsung Profit increased by 11.4%, Sony Ericsson - by 13%. The newspaper Washington Post reported that, over the 26 years that have passed since the advent of cellular phones, had been sold on Earth 3.3 billion cellphones. "It is the rapid spread of technology on a global scale in the history of mankind" - wrote publication. Given that, to date, the population of the planet is 6.6 billion people, we have come a kind of a border.

Taiwanese company Acer announced its intention to acquire the producer Communicators company E-Ten Information Systems, known thanks to its lineup Glofiish Communicators. The amount of the transaction is estimated at $290 million The deal has already been approved by the leadership of both companies, particularly for the meetings of shareholders and regulatory state bodies. According to an official press release, this purchase will enable Acer quickly and at minimal cost to enter a lucrative market for smartphones and communicators, to design and prepare for the realization of "a new model for the mobile communications market". Moreover, in the view of experts, Acer will be able to correct visible heel marketing guide E-Ten to the markets of Asia and Europe, suggesting that a larger number of solutions targeted at the American consumer. However, the specific plans of the company Acer to support or expand family Communicators Glofiish yet nothing is known. The deal is scheduled for completion in III quarter of 2008,

But Mitsubishi Electric Company announced plans to cease all production of mobile phones, which are still sold to Japanese mobile operator NTT DoCoMo. The decision to withdraw from the market will bring the company a lump loss of $164 million, which would be offset by other units operating results Mitsubishi. Deliveries phones finally ended in September. So far, the company produced a year, about 2 million phones in 2007 and held 0.2% of the world market. Mitsubishi left the market in Europe in April 2005, its sales do not exceed 1 million copies, in the last financial year in Europe (he ended March 31, 2004), the company has sold only 700 thousand vehicles.

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