Thursday, April 10, 2008

IT Sector: tremor in the knees

The general nervousness in the global economy finally passed and the IT industry. To verify this, just look at the NASDAQ indices. Some go up, others - down, but they are all interrelated… But something this time for many rare news associated with Microsoft.

Throughout last week, the focus has remained the conflict, which rapidly turns Microsoft attempted to buy the company Yahoo. There were several notable events. First, Microsoft Corporation announced that it would not move when buying headquartered Yahoo! From Sunnyvale, California. Software giant also promised to increase the presence of Yahoo! in Silicon Valley. President directions platforms and services from Microsoft to Kevin Johnson reported that the Mountain View, located adjacent to Sanniveylom, in the representation of Microsoft 1800 operating staff. Johnson declined to reply to a question about the possible dismissal of Yahoo!. He said that in the event of a merger inevitable emergence of duplicate posts, and stressed that Microsoft is actively growing. Since 2005, state corporations increased by 20 thousand. Let me remind you that prior guidance Yahoo! decided that the entire staff dismissed for a period of two years from the date of sale, will be paid salary. Last payment of four months to staff up to two years in the case of the most highly paid top managers. Also, Microsoft employees were sent e-mails, which described how the corporation intends to acquire a company Yahoo!. The author of the message, the same Kevin Johnson, also dedicated staff at the prospects of merging cultures and resources, Microsoft and Yahoo! and the staff of the new company promised "every awards and compensation." Along the experts found that nearly 90% of major shareholders Yahoo! also owned securities Microsoft. And many of them have invested in the software giant is much larger amount than Yahoo, which is why the shareholders did not want Microsoft pereplatila for purchasing Internet companies. At the same time, one of the major shareholders of Yahoo! Bill Miller believes that Microsoft should be several doomsday, if it wants to absorb Yahoo!. A fair price, according to Miller, will be a proposal for a $ 40 per share. In a letter to subordinates Kevin Johnson noted that the corporation is counting on constructive dialogue with the board of directors, management, shareholders and staff of Yahoo!.

If an agreement is reached between the companies, Microsoft will be able to begin the integration process in parallel with the necessary regulatory procedures. According to Johnson, if Yahoo! Microsoft capitulates under pressure and agree to its proposal, the transaction will be completed during the second half of this year. Recently, executive director of Yahoo! Jerry Yang also sent staff a letter, which asked the employees and shareholders believe Yahoo! and not to take hasty decisions. At the same time, pension funds of Detroit filed a civil lawsuit against Yahoo!. Plaintiffs accused the company that it had violated their obligations to shareholders, rather than the Microsoft proposal. Claims filed, and some shareholders Yahoo! in California - they are dissatisfied with the fact that the company has rejected the offer Microsoft at the beginning of last year, when the stocks were higher today. Microsoft has developed a new way to assess the effectiveness of Internet advertising. Beta testing Engagement Mapping began March 1. The advent of this service has contributed to the purchase of Microsoft in the past year, Internet advertising company aQuantive for $ 6 billion Vice-President of the department of advertising solutions Microsoft MakEndryus Brian, a former head of aQuantive, calls the assessment of the effectiveness of online advertising simply by clicking on the banner obsolete. The existing system of assessment of the effectiveness of advertising ignore the acts committed by the user before he decided to click on the banner. Engagement Mapping account for all acts performed by the user on the Internet before he purchased the advertised product. MakEndryus stresses that Engagement Mapping to evaluate the extent to which influenced the final decision of viewing a promotional information on the Internet. The first Engagement Mapping testing Microsoft partners such as Citi Cards and Initiative Media. Test results are available by the end of II quarter of this year. I have about advertising online. The volume of the world market for interactive, including Internet advertising in 2007 amounted to $ 45 billion, and in 2012 will be $ 147 billion Thus, the study claimed Analysts company The Kelsey Group. At the same time, traditional advertising will continue to exceed the highly interactive on budgets, but the latter will be a major factor in the growth. In 2007, the total volume of advertising market has exceeded $ 600 billion It is expected that in 2012 it will rise to $ 707 billion The amount of Internet advertising market in the United States in 2007 totaled $ 21.1 billion, said the report released in conjunction with The Kelsey Group preliminary assessments The Interactive Advertising Bureau. Thus, in this market for the year grew by 25%, accounting for nearly half of total online advertising market in the world. You will laugh, but 27 February, the European Commission fined Microsoft again! At this time - a record amount of 899 million euros - for the fact that it has not met yet available antimonopolschikov 2004. Four years ago, European Commission Competition recognized American corporations abused their dominant market position and fined it 497 million euros. Taking into account other accruals total fine now totals 1.68 billion euros. Microsoft has tried to satisfy the claims of European antimonopolschikov. Recently, she promised to reveal their software interfaces, and to provide competitors documentation on the work of its products and operating systems. According to the Competition еврокомиссара Neli Cruz, Microsoft has become the first company in the 50 years of the legislation, which had to fine the Commission for its failure to antimonopolschikov decision.

The Google problems. Revenues from advertising companies fell sharply. This is due to the crisis, which is now in a U.S. economy. Internet users have become less likely to click on advertisements, which led to a significant decline in profit Google. Revenues declined by a third company, and the value of the shares had fallen to the level of one year ago. Owners of shares Google had hoped that the company, grown rapid growth, the ability to survive the downturn in the American economy. However, the case of the Internet giant seems to be quite bad. Now American financiers seriously believe that the economic recession in the United States could lead to the collapse of Google. According Kleytona Moran, Stanford Group analyst, now is not worth buying shares in the company, because the next few months will be very difficult for her.

IBM is another thing - she announced that the investor buys shares at a total cost of $ 15 billion Given that IBM capitalization on the stock exchange is around $ 157 billion, an amount that the company is going to spend, representing almost 10% of its value. Investors reacted immediately to news from IBM, starting to buy shares in the company. As a result, they went up by $ 4.3 - up to $ 114.38 per piece. In 2007, IBM spent to purchase securities $ 18.8 billion, and this shows that the company is still a lot of cash. IBM Revenue in 2007 amounted to almost $ 99 billion, but net proceeds - $ 10.8 billion

Sellers, standing goods and services for sale on eBay, announced a boycott of the largest online e-auction. The reason for the new rules have eBay. From 20 February at eBay operates a new system for collecting information on customers auction. Since May this year, vendors will not be able to provide consumers with negative characteristics, while buyers, in contrast, will be allowed to stand vendors pluses and minuses for expanded set of criteria. Other changes relate to fees for advertising for the sale of goods. The cost of publishing reduced by 25-50%, but the size of commissions, in contrast, rose. This fact, along with the inability to accommodate criticism of the buyers just aroused by eBay sellers. Statistics gathered by third-party firms, shows that the range of goods available on eBay, for the week fell by 13%. The current boycott became one of the largest in the history of eBay. However, despite protests from the vendors, online auction leadership has no plans to either abolish the new rules, no transfer date of coming into force. Incidentally, March 31, the current eBay CEO Meg Whitman will be stepping down from that post. After that move powers Whitman President business unit of eBay John Donahue, working in the company since 2005.

In the American branch of Sony Corporation invited three new leader: Ian Jackson, Robert and Sally Byukenon Dayer. These appointments are designed to help promote sales divisions, corporate marketing, personnel management and relationship with publishers. Ian Jackson appointed head of department sales. He will monitor strategic sales and promotion of all PlayStation platforms in North America. Robert Dayer will be responsible for strategic development and relationships with developers and publishers, as well as joint marketing programs with them. In Sally maintenance Byukenon preferred strategic management staff: projects, which include career planning, leadership development, search and retention of talented staff. These reshuffle - was the second major change in top management Sony. In mid-February, the company departed Phil Harrison, who headed the unit to develop games since 2005. His duties temporarily performs Kazuo Hirai.

For the first time, sales LCD TVs was above the level of sales CRT televisions. According to the agency Displaysearch, the share of the world market for LCD TVs up 47%. Thus, the IV quarter of last year sold 60.8 million LCD TV. The proportion of CRT televisions was 46%, whereas the plasma panels and rear projection televisions were 7%. Over the past year, sales of LCD TVs accounted for 79.3 million, or 40% of the world market, which amounted to 200 million TV sets. Regarding income, LCD occupied a dominant position in the market with income $ 100 billion Revenues from sales in 2007 amounted to more than $ 68 billion LCD-TV sets managed to gain market share regions: Japan LCD TV market share was 86%, in Western Europe - 84% in the United States - 78%. Today, LCD technology is the only alternative, attractive to most users, because of its characteristics. To some extent, this relates that the company will discontinue production of Pioneer 42 - inch plasma panels by March 2009, Supplier of plasma panels for televisions with a diagonal of 42 inches or less will Matsushita and Hitachi. The plant in the Japanese prefecture of Kagoshima, where such panels, the company bought the Pioneer and NEC have now intends to sell it back. The rest of its factories will produce Pioneer plasma panels with a diagonal of 50 inches. Now the business of manufacturing flat screen televisions is the Pioneer for unprofitable. Previously, because of the lack of profit to halt the production of plasma television company announced Fujitsu.

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