Friday, April 11, 2008

Nokia: increment leadership

January 24, Nokia company should announce the results IV quarter of 2007. But analysts already agree that the Finnish company will be able to further increase its market share at the expense of being in "crisis" three rooms - the American Motorola.

Profit from the same stock on the basis of Nokia in 2007 is projected to grow by an impressive 47% - a forecast promulgated company Reuters Group polled experts. It is expected that by the fourth quarter the company will sell 130.7 million phones, which is longer than the three closest pursuer sale (Samsung, Motorola and Sony Ericsson) combined. Production of the company continues to enjoy huge success in the developing Asian markets, which have recently been characterized in great demand. Only in India every month to the cellular network connects 8 million people, most of whom choose Nokia. I let this so-called "budget", that is the cheapest, models - they bring a huge amount of revenue through sales. Some analysts predict that by the end of 2007, the company will control more than 40% of the market. Following favourable projections of analysts rate companies Nokia Depository Receipts on the New York Stock Exchange rose by 5%.

Meanwhile, in the very near future, the company is waiting for serious change. Nokia phones will cease production in Germany and close the factory in Bochum by mid-2008. The company promises to move production lines in the "other, better cost cities of Europe". This effect will affect 2300 employees. "The planned closure of the factory in Bochum need to maintain the competitiveness of Nokia - Veley explains Sandbeck - executive vice president of Nokia and the chairman of the board of directors. -- Because of changes in the market and increasing requirements for the optimization of the production cost of mobile devices in Germany no longer fits Nokia. The factory could not work, the demands for optimizing cost and flexible scaling, so we had to take such a cruel decision. " Finalization and upgrade production lines in Bochum would require a huge investment, in the end did not justify itself.

The company is negotiating to sell the factory with Sasken Technologies. And so it became known, which will move production. Nokia plans to open a new factory in the Romanian city of Cluj. It will open on 11 February and will produce 5 phones per second! Manufacturing phones for markets in Asia and Africa will be the principal activities of the factory. Immediately after opening the Finnish company will be 500 people, but when promoted to production at full capacity, this number will increase to 3500. The average monthly salary of 200 euros working daily plus coupons for a free lunch. The aggregate investment in new production base amounted to 60 million euros.

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