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"Now, I prefer to watch" - Interviews William Gibson

Street always finds its own use of a variety of things.

(c) William Gibson

Up to the last moment not Hence, it will turn out. William Gibson, founding father of the genre "cyberpunk" blogger known as enthusiastic, but your e-mail on the Net is not disclosing - it is not even the writer's personal website. Therefore, any interviews with him are possible only through the publishing house Penguin Publishing and Random House, which is traditionally the first to publish works of Gibson. Yet interviews for "IT SECTOR" condition. And, as intended, at the dawn of 60 - anniversary of the writer, to be observed on March 17.

-- Thank you agreed to be interviewed. As the mood on the eve of the anniversary?

-- Not until the mood now. Jubilee - so troublesome! At the same time, a lot of issues have to deal with: publishers, the media, with a family and children ... And from the desk while reluctant disruptions.

-- Can you explain what is working?

-- No, I do not like to talk about the product, until it is written on at least 3 / 4. I can only say that my thoughts are occupied by several things. That is, and I want them to translate into concrete works.

-- In the early 90 - brilliantly, you predicted social networks, so now receiving widespread. As we wait for next?

-- If you have a view to further development of social networks, I think that the quantitative increase in the number of users they are about to stop. But the network will begin to change themselves. In the near future we will mass emergence of specialized social networks of people clearly defined groups. This will be quite closed online community uniting certain subcultures, professions, whose something fans can be, the residents of certain regions or believers of different faiths. But current Facebook network type or MySpace awaits bankruptcy - they put undue investment, and their audience is beginning to decline.
But about a decade later (or slightly less) is a new social networking boom, it is very similar to what we have witnessed in the year 2005-2007. This boom will be a consequence of rapid computerization of African countries, the poorest countries in Latin America and the poor, but densely populated countries in Southeast Asia - such as Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, etc. But it has to be totally different culture! Besides certainly very, very many people in those regions will be included in the social network is not connected to the Internet through a PC, and using cell phones. And this process has already begun. After all, cell phones in the world, twice as many than personal computers.

-- What is triggered each time for writing ordinary things from the story to the novel?

-- News. More precisely, no news themselves, and any association, which they raised in me. Hundreds of other news-will, as they say, "pass me," and a pull. Maybe not even plot, and "speaking" with the term. How twisted, for example, the "viral marketing" - it is largely thanks to him (but not only, of course) was born novel "Spook Country".

-- What do you think is the greatest threat to modern human civilization?

-- I think information overload. This is what the residents are facing every day so-called "developed countries". Of course, we still have a very vague idea of the resources of the human brain, but it seems we are beginning to abuse its capabilities. But the volume of information that we have to think about every day, is growing exponentially. And this applies not only to the profession, but to everyday life. See how many electronic gadgets around us - and most of them have no bearing on the work. Digital players, cameras, many electronic toys, the GPS Navigator, and all other things ...

-- In your products in the future, the most technologically and economically developed country, featured Japan. How do you evaluate the present explosive growth of China?

-- See for yourself: even a half dozen years ago was the prerogative of the Chinese "otvertochnaya assembly" analogues western technology and the production of low-quality counterfeit products American and European brands. Today, the Chinese launch rockets into space, a Chinese computer corporations literally conquering the world. Look at the progress Lenovo, ZTE and Huawei. I think that today's China is almost on par with its technological might of Japan, it is much more than just size and population. And consequently, there is much more technology "dissipated". So now I try not to make predictions about who will be the leader in the future - Japan, Korea or China. Or someone else ...

-- What do you think our world a decade later? Half a century later?

-- You know, I tired to make predictions. Enough, already ... napridumyval Today, I just interesting to observe the changes that occur with humanity, which penetrate deeper biological and cybernetic technology. Slightly abstracting, you can probably say that the technology had become some kind of semblance ekzoskeleta modern man. And it happened just in the last dozen years. And that is why I watch - at this stage I want to understand what kind of change in human culture, civilization as a whole, taking place through technology. After all, no one would argue, for example, that Google has already become a factor in the thinking residents of large cities, with access to all telecommunications charm.
And: I would like to simulate the reverse situation where people will be surprised, denied all of this electronics, which they themselves surrounded, all biotechnologies. But if I write something similar, then in spirit, in style it will be closer to "Maschine differences, which we wrote with Bruce Sterling many years ago.

-- Thanks for the interview!

Special thanks to Victor Fomin aka 4MIN. He made an intermediary in arranging this interview.

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