Friday, April 11, 2008

Pre lull in IT SECTOR

Since the actual beginning in Europe and the USA season Christmas / New Year holidays flow of business news from the IT industry immediately dropped to a very small pond. Because our business review at this time would be markedly less than normal. However, a few noteworthy news, I have managed to find.

The Chinese company Lenovo to Build Plant in Poland - in Legnitskoy special economic zone. The new production of a total area of 30,000 m2 will be launched in the third quarter of next year and will employ 1000 people. It is anticipated that the plant in Poland will issue two million computers a year. This is the fifth consecutive plant, the company announced earlier this year. In addition to Poland, the new Lenovo will enterprises in Shanghai, in North Carolina (USA), in the Mexican Monterrey and in the Indian city of Baddi. However, I will say to you, the trend. A little earlier indicated their intention to build a factory in Poland to collect notebooks Acer Taiwan company said. Acer plant, as the plant Lenovo, is geared to the markets of the CIS. Significantly, the CIS nowhere in these companies - as do their counterparts Dell and HP - do not want to build production (in the same HP recently closed assembly plant in Ukraine). The cause pause.

Taiwan manufacturers of memory cards forecast decline in the value of 2 - gigabyte modules to $ 10. These prices are available to vendors already by the end of the year. Retailers will now take on the memory card volume 2 GB for the price of $ 12-14. Reported that NAND chip memory capacity of 16 Gbps (2 GB), produced by 50 - nanometer technological process, in 2008, would cost only $ 3 - $ 4. Thus, 4 - gigabaytnaya memory card will be sold for $ 10 or a bit cheaper. In this case, of course, we are talking about prices for suppliers - that is the so-called "Large wholesale." The ultimate user would have to pay more in a few times. Falling prices of memory chips positively affect the value of MP3 players, digital cameras and other Bugs with the internal flash memory.

Google has once again surprised all by telling about the intention to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in the development of alternative renewable sources of energy that are cheaper than coal-fired power plants. The company intends to find both cheap, efficient and clean source of power of 1000 MW to save the environment, as well as the money to ourselves and to others. Google requires a serious amount of energy for powering computer computer centers and production assets. Surplus planned to sell third-party companies. Larry Page - Google Co-founder - on the matter said: "If we reach our goals, we will play a formidable role in the business. We will be able to earn a lot of money". As a potential source of energy technologies considered using solar and wind energy resources, as well as geothermal technology. Google looks forward to the successful completion of studies in the next few years. They do…

The South African media Naspers Limited bought a 2.6% stake in the Russian Internet portal for $ 26 million, increasing its share in it to almost 33%. Thus, the entire Naspers valued at billions of dollars. In January 2007, the holding company bought 30% of for $ 165 million, while appreciating the company at about $ 550 million The shares were purchased from companies Digital Sky Technologies, and Tiger Global Management, but they parted with only part of its share in stayed in the number of shareholders of the company. is one of Russia's largest Internet portals. If you believe information portal itself, it is daily visited by 3 million users. Holding Naspers Limited owns a number of electronic and print media. Major assets are concentrated in South Africa. And you thought - Russian? No, the South African…

Influential magazine Fortune compiled and published his version of the top-25 most influential businessmen of the world. Total issuance included in the list of 27 people (leadership Google dostalas a row on three), and exactly one-fifth of the list of figures I was T-industry. The first line of the list took Steve Jobs - the founder and head of Apple, at the fourth fits Google's leadership of Eric Schmidt, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Bill Gates - the founder and (so far), the head of Microsoft - won influence in the world ranking, only seventh place; John Chambersu - Cisco managers - 11 - e; Mark Hurd - the current head of Hewlett-Packard - has been at 16 - and position. And where Michael Dell? Disorder…

And finally on the mobile. The volume of retail sales of cellular phones in the world in the III quarter of 2007 rose by 15% compared with the same period last year - to 289 million pieces. This is stated in the record analyst firm Gartner. As analysts note, the overall growth in sales of cell phones primarily attributable to growth markets in Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. With regard to the data on specific producers, the III quarter of 2007, Nokia has demonstrated not only the most marked increase in market share (against the III quarter of last year), but also increased operating margins by reducing costs and implementing its new strategy of distribution. This was achieved despite a decline in holiday phone prices (ASP) - from 90 euros to 82 euros. Low average price vacation linked with high aspect ratios of budget models of cellular phones in the total sales in the quarter III. Nothing can you do: fight for a developing country markets. Today, surprisingly, it has become a major supplier of Nokia mobile phones budget, while Motorola has ceased to rely on them. Total III in the quarter Nokia realized 110 million phones, taking 38.1% of the market. Samsung Sales amounted to nearly 42 million units (14.5% of the market). The volume of retail sales of Motorola did not allow us to remain in second place. In III quarter of its sales amounted to 37.8 million units (13.1% of the market). Sony Ericsson Sales amounted to 25.4 million pieces (8.8%), LG - 20.5 million units (7.1%).

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