Monday, April 21, 2008

Start Intel Demo Competition 2008 launched at the festival Breakpoint

The small town of Bingen aan de Rijn, famous for its wine industry, became a hospitable home to 1000 people from more than 30 countries. They all come here to take part in the annual event Breakpoint, the largest in the world festival demo. In addition, the festival was launched Breakpoint concourse Intel Demo Competition, which is the main sponsor since 2004 is Intel Corporation.

This year four teams-finalists will be able to fight with a team Still - the winner of last year's contest. Participants include using a PC with a processor Intel Core 2 Extreme provided by the company Wortmann Terra. Competition prize fund moneys in the amount of 25 thousand Euro, as well as ten complete sets of tools for programming and compilers. A new product programs in the competition this year will be seminars on Intel's multi-processing data.

This year, the equipment provided to teams - a party event, the new technology is at the top - this is a PC with a processor Intel Core 2 Extreme, demonstrating a top-class performance. Team-winner to be determined in August, will receive a prize Wortmann Terra computer with a processor Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770 with a frequency of 3.2 GHz.

There is currently no team Developers demos undergo screening tests for the competition Intel Demo Competition. On the web page / demoscene published qualifications, as well as the selection criteria. The registration process is very simple: all applications must be submitted before April 25, 2008 in the form of completed registration forms. This concludes the first phase. The next step is to convince the Selection Commission that the team truly worthy candidate to join the competition Still with the team. Go to the segment this year will be significantly more difficult - to the jury are not only experienced demostsen creators, but also artists and design specialists:

-- Andry Unlock Joss of the journal Pain Magazine;
-- Alexander Monroe Scholz, the creator of demos;
-- Moses Grohe of the journal GEE Magazin;
-- Simon Scamp Kissel, a representative of the festival organizing committee Breakpoint;
-- DRobert Rose, Augsburg University professor of applied sciences and humanities;
-- Lillevan Pobjoy, videoartist;
-- Tobias Heim from the company Digitale Kultur ev;
-- Hans-Jurgen Werner, Intel Corporation.

Four teams, which will compete with a team Still, determined on May 5. Then, in their possession will be given 8 weeks, during which the team must show their creative ability to fully and create demos. And they will not only animation images and the preparation of visuals, but also must put in place the elements of musical presentation. Demo should not last longer than 3 minutes, and the volume should not exceed 64 MB.

Introduction demostsen orders at the end of June to start the next phase of the competition. On the web page / demoscene everyone will be able to give a voice for the most like him demostsenu and thus support their beloved team. The site also will be available with information on the teams, their demorolikah and equipment that they used. The final portion of the competition will be held at the second-largest festival demostsen in Germany and rewarding champions will be held during the exhibition Evoke in early August in Cologne.

The four-day festival will bring together enthusiasts of new technology and digital art lovers who will be able to submit their works sotkannye of music, graphics and code. Participants vocal demo, which includes various contests, seminars and entertainment events, will be able to enjoy round-the-clock technological masterpieces. One of the festival this year will demostsen presentation at the largest display ever to be used for such activities. Two demostseny projector will be broadcast on the surface area of 70 square metres in the high quality (resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels).

In addition, Intel will hold seminars for developers, in which Aaron Code (Aaron Coday), Chief of Visual Computing Enabling Intel Corporation in the EMEA region will tell how the mechanisms for the simultaneous processing of multiple data streams can be optimized to run on multi-processors.

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