Friday, April 11, 2008

Transpositions in big three-tuple

In the "big three-tuple" the world's leading producer of mobile phones has changed dramatically. For the first time in the history of the South Korean Samsung Corporation has increased its market share to 14.5% and ahead of the American Motorola. It happened once in the third quarter of 2007, Samsung has been able to sell 42 million cellular phones. Such data published an analytical company Gartner, conducting regular market research of mobile phones.

Of course, the unrivaled leader in the manufacturing of PCs remains a Finnish Nokia, which controls 38.1% of the market and sells more machines than its closest pursuer, both combined. In doing so, over the last year only Nokia has consolidated its leading position in the market by increasing the volume of their products by 25%. The share of the producer III quarter had more than 110 million of the total number of PCs sold. The success of Finnish manufacturer is largely due to the fact that the management of the company empted trend of declining revenue at the "old" markets (Europe, USA, Japan) and refocused in time to enlarge the production release of budget models for markets in developing and underdeveloped countries. The yield from each sold budgetary tubes small, but huge sales in developing countries still make this business model is very profitable. Not coincidentally, perhaps, in Nokia is not going because of the strong reduction of sales in the United States - only one China repeatedly has already compensated for the loss of Finns position on the American market. Now Samsung intends to move closer to that of the Finnish company by selling low-cost models active in developing countries. According to Gartner, in the last quarter of Samsung sold nearly 42 million mobile phones, having managed for the year to increase its market share from 12.2% to 14.5%.

A Motorola phones sales for the year, in contrast, fell from 52 million to 37.8 million units. If the III quarter of 2006, Motorola controlled 20.7% of the market of mobile phones, and now this figure has declined sharply and is only 13.1%. According to Gartner analysts, disappointing results so American companies were not unexpected, given throughout the year, the company worked inefficiently. The main reason of failure Motorola experts from Gartner called the almost complete absence of new model phones in a number of companies. Since the very successful American manufacturer Motorola Razr has not created any of a truly colorful and popular models. In addition, Motorola marketing continue to ignore low, in their opinion, the markets of third world countries. And even if there is literally in front of the eyes of a success story in Nokia and Samsung. And in the expensive machines for technically advanced users in the United States market position Motorola successfully attacked the company with his acclaimed Apple iPhone.

It is difficult to say what new items zagotovila Motorola in 2008, and how to change the American company marketing policies. I recall only that not so long ago, the commitment to sign in 2008, the three world leaders expressed the company Sony Ericsson. I seem to do so she is going through all the same unfortunate Motorola. One of the innovations that will apply Sony Ericsson to gain market will be the installation of machines at full office suite Quickoffice Premier. This is a premium version of the program, which will create, edit and view Microsoft Office files directly on the screen. Manufacturer also finds application in Quickmanager smartphones, which will automatically download the latest version of Quickoffice. Updates will also be provided free of charge. Previously, only mobile office set up in business smartphones, in the music program models for viewing documents available. However, Motorola and it is possible to expect surprises. Let me remind you that on January 1, 2008 Ed Zander as CEO will succeed Greg Brown. I have already indicated its plans clearly enough. In a recent interview site Greg Brown said: "All the debate about the new phones is over. We are very proud RAZR every respect, but we do not want to rely only on the company hit sales. This means that in the future mobile devices will gamma face fragmentation and segmentation, offering a wide range of consumer phones - from business machines to fashion-Bugs".

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