Friday, April 18, 2008

What is sound industry?

Today, sales of music via the Internet record label and artist brings more profit than usual implementation of CD and DVD-Audio. This fact already has been, but at this time has become undeniable. Especially look ridiculous statements by some analysts about the fact that there is some rivalry between the major "very sluggish labels and a variety of fast Internet, and implying justifying piracy. The fact is that most of the major labels are already actively engaged in the sale via network resources and very good feeling. Pirates lose and quietly through the network, however, the same situation has been, and until the Internet.

The market on the sound, for that matter, any software that is happening around the same situation, though the theme of piracy now otmetem because of its deep philosophical meaning. Now become actively develop internet services, the network appeared publishers / distributors legal, and business began to go off. But seemingly from the same industry dinosaurs have real problems - namely, a great competition. Young developers offering similar functionality and performance products, literally dempinguyut prices. But in reality ... did not change ... Why?

Why ...

Let's start from afar. Recently evident very interesting trend: advertising costs far exceed the cost of production. This difference is particularly felt in the regions and in those cases where the industry is not very developed, and is on himself. And the farther from the centre of events ", and the harder it becomes bespribylnee detail. And when it comes to the advance of secondary products, it often does not justify itself. Why did it happen?

First ... Modem dictate regions with historical already profitable industry in a given area. There is money (!), And the prevailing market. For example, the best software for today doing in Germany, and the best modern music, however, like a movie ... in the United States. Competing with them is very difficult, almost impossible. All the technology cheaper and, in time, become available to more people, but the industry in these countries is so developed that automatically comes with a significant advance and is not going to pritormazhivat.

Secondly ... Pioneers, especially inventors anything new, remove the major money cream, and all that is secondary - cheap.

For example, at the level of software. How many developers are trying to create a beginner once already made? Multitrekovye write programs, sound editors, and Synthesis semplery that already morally obsolete. Gains they do not have, one loss and wasted time spent.

And there is such a company as Modartt, which simply made with soft piano physical modeling synthesis, which previously did not. "Cheap" is 15 megabytes, and costs 249 euros. And Modartt raskrutilas very quickly, went on sale of real, even in defeating several prestigious prizes for the past six months. And the cost of advertising has been not such much higher than compared with those give the developer if he wants to repeat physical modeling piano for the second time. Although ... second developer still lucky, but the third has not:). There is such a quiet business law, which can be so called "third extra." This concerns mainly products of mass consumption and not mature state when fully filled niches.

Want an example? Market guitar software. IK Multimedia Amplitube were (first), and Native Instruments Guitar Rig (second). Neither Line6, issuing software plug nor Waves GTR with them already will not be able to succeed in this area.

Processors ... Intel and AMD.

Videoplaty ... ATI and NVidia.

Multi standards ... Dolby and DTS.

The list could go on long. Overall, the situation with the active proliferation of Internet sales will not affect the situation in the market, in general, within niches filled, with the exception of situations where there are structurally unique new ideas, beyond the level of what had been before. And this happens very rarely.

Even in large companies are not fools sitting.

Opposition PO vs "iron"

It is surprising but true. Even more, and the TEC Awards in the fall, and mipa spring "distinguished". Tools and hardware are divided on the nomination almost to the "best pins for violin," and soft mixed in a heap. So, for example, in one nomination at the mipa put a virtual impactor with the installation ... synthesizer. And in the software-effects processors and software hit Guitar ... separate XLR. How can they compare? That the more you are loved: sausage or ride a bicycle? Looks something wrong. This approach can rightfully be called "starikovskim" and the modern measure unacceptable. Much adekvatnee realities appeared on the list of the best results of the year of Remix magazine. We wrote about it.

That is, in fact, no confrontation "apparatus" and the software does not exist, just one solution being modernized and transformed into the type of programming where it is viable. Yes, any hardware "is already all computer inside.

Confrontation is a specialist in the brain. It is not to recall with vivid example Waves in the late 90 - x, when they began their programme plugins produce in the form of studio hardware processors. I come from all began to say that, saying, "this is what happens iron, do not compare with the programs." Of course, this was ridiculous. Although at the end of last year, Arturia, long dealing with the production of virtual instruments, suddenly produces a hardware synthesizer. And it is clear that he supports filling clearly computer, and "inside" are the same program-virtual instruments. But ... at m.i.p.a. the device has participated in the nomination for 'Best hardware synthesizer. " And that would be lost anywhere. However, in this area if there is a demand, then it is possible to understand Arturia.

Market professionals

Speaking of the brand, markets and so on, we have impliedly more brands and their marketing policies. While no secret that the same German industry can be found in companies and the Russians and Belarusians. And they usually work, and remotely, or even as something indirectly, and not just by one country. As a result, in our country to be a musician / sound / arranger / composer is simply not profitable. And it can be linked to many other trades that "there" are valued its weight in gold. And in the coming years, the situation has not altered. The findings do themselves.

Regarding the global industry, and now there is a heightened demand for the acoustic designers and composers for games, television and video. And it is in games now replaced priorities, because before developers do not pay particular attention to the sounds as such, but now without it and the game - not a game. Discouraging "golden rule" of George Lucas, perefrazirovav which, I can say that 50% of the perception of visuals - is sound. Engineered in this area as well in demand, particularly those who work with 5.1. Generally speaking, all valued professionals.

This concludes the interview to the general topic. In my view, it was necessary for us to better understand each other in the future. And in future issues turn to specifics - products and technologies.

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