Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Why experts say that Microsoft is close to the loss of leadership?

We are so accustomed to see Microsoft led the list of successful IT companies in virtually all areas of information industry, the very idea that anyone would want to change this corporation at the Mount seems bredovoy. However, as the experts say, there is every reason to believe that it was all meant and go". Let us see what caused this state of affairs and what was the total may arise.

e-Week.com, in the person of analyst Stephen Vohan-Nichols believes that prosperous livelihood threatened by Microsoft competitors, represented by Apple and the Linux community. To combat a few giant redmondskogo forces because of the prolonged release Windows Vista, the ongoing battles with the competition authorities, attempt to buy Yahoo. It is these factors, and could jeopardize the dominance of Windows in some subsegmentah PC market.

Microsoft - the company is so global that its internal crisis will not be able to affect the entire software industry, as well as a number of other industries, where the corporation has successfully managed to climb well - concerned markets gaming consoles, Internet services, servers and other areas. Problems Microsoft can not worry partners and suppliers of solutions for the production of products to the corporation, which many around the world, including in our country. Their financial well-being rests largely on the financial well-being Microsoft itself, and does not float when "Titanic", among circles on the water is no longer otdelaeshsya. Therefore, manufacturers of software vendors programmes and those who lived through them, keeping a watchful eye on developments.

Microsoft really come hard times, and interpretations of the causes of this fact can be a lot of - I think you should be able to think of any plausible explanation. And, perhaps, the case is not only the Windows Vista. Specifically, Vista - only indicator processes taking place within the corporation. What are the processes occurred there in recent times, not to mention the extra time needed. This is a departure from power of Bill Gates and gradually increasing influence Reya Ozzy. The case here, again, not in the cards Gates - yes, of course, brilliant businessman and he had great marketing, but the corporation has long gone to that level where leadership talents mean less than exact formed following the users wishes and aspirations. There are a lot of very successful companies led geniyami not, but simply smart people. Just any change of administration is not the best way affects the quality of labour subordinates, and even the change of power at such a high level can not but affect the products of the corporation.

But these are only the first swallows, so to speak, the fluctuations of the market. The main thing in this turning point for Microsoft - this is a correct choice to further conduct. Cling to the Mount when the soil has already become shy away from the legs, enormously difficult - even more difficult than to achieve leadership. It wants to remember a textbook example, which is particularly fond of the famous writer software Dzhoelyu Spolski - Netscape browser situation with the management team and the decision to rewrite product company from scratch to fully address all the weaknesses and mistakes. The main thing in the software business - time, and not a lack of глюков and inconvenience products. If time, which, and so disastrous shortage, has been spent on the repetition of past, the company is beginning to lose users who choose other more rastoropnye, and therefore more successful company. Perhaps the analogy with Netscape is not really relevant - after all, Microsoft and resources from the much larger competitors, and not so serious - but an occasion to reflect, of course, is yes.

And it is not only from Microsoft but also to the Linux community. Before the developers of the free operating system there is a real chance potesnit platform from Microsoft, not only on servers, which, incidentally, the Windows case is not bad, but on desktops and laptops. Vista users do not like because it raises their weight problems - so why not use it for the good? So now that success largely depends on how quickly seryoso will respond to the demands of the market.

Personally, I think the fall Microsoft - cause of the distant future. These failures are only echoes of Windows Vista. The future of the corporation depends largely on how promptly released Windows 7, the next version of OS, and how the system would be qualitative.

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