Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Green fashion computer industry

New time - new trends. This axiom safely confirms IT-industry. Oil jump for $ 100 a barrel, and on the agenda - computers and environmentally friendly "green" electronics. But how long will live such a fashion?

IT-industry seems to have decided to turn to the environment. The attack comes on three fronts at once. First, against the backdrop of a rapidly Expensive energy is very energy-computer industry is trying to maximally reduce costs by reducing electricity consumption in production. And, in general, is still only at the beginning of a long journey - the first change to be producers of industrial equipment. Secondly, the competition factor has been the power of user devices - from PCs to any digital dictaphones. At first glance, of course, modern gadgets and so consume very little - not compare with the microwave or washing machine. But modern man surrounded by so many computer devices, that in sum they give a very decent consumption of electricity. And, thirdly - materials themselves. At manufacturing, without exception, all parts of modern PCs used all kinds of huge amount of chemistry. And we can not say that, for example, Chinese manufacturers strongly care about proper treatment of waste water - because of their gains in technology and price. Incidentally, the very computer equipment, as vykinutoy at the landfill (we all know how short a period of her life), makes a great contribution to environmental pollution. In early 2007, computer manufacturers, processors and other electronics, as always, meryalis with one another productivity, prices and other traditional parameters. But already the second half of the year in the world has shown itself clearly voir above trend towards "pozeleneniyu" personal computers. Have begun to compete in the energy and environmental performance of materials. In 2008, new developments especially at the outset clearly evident at the exhibition Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. And already know that CeBIT - the largest computer exhibition in the world (from 4 to 8 March in Hanover) - will be held in the name of preserving the computer industry environment. More precisely, the participants decided to use the CeBIT exhibition as a platform for environmental initiatives CSCI. CSCI stands for Climate Savers Computing Intitiative. The sense of the ideas that have joined the initiative of companies working to the 2010 electricity consumption of computers fell by half. CSCI ideologists believed that the initiative will reduce annual emissions of carbon dioxide in the amount equal to the annual 11 million car exhausts. By CSCI already joined Dell, Google, HP, Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft and many other companies. At the exhibition, they will create a "Green IT-village", where technology show in action. Will present their own development and Apple - already among journalists walk a joke about "green apple".

But industrialists their trends, and the scientists - theirs. In America, the scientific community forms the concept of "three E" (economical and ecologically electronics). For example, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Texas Instruments company created the conditions under which MSP430 Microcontroller consumes 10 times less power than before. The idea of scientists is to modify the existing chips, improve the quality of their transistors (to reduce leakage currents) and thereby make them much less susceptible to stress. Thus, if current cost processors require a voltage in volts, the formulation of MIT engineers need only 0.3 volts. As reported recently edition of Wired, a new mobile platform of Intel SilverThorne need two Watta power. The processor, which was used in the acclaimed Apple MacBook Air - 17 watts. A modified MSP430 microcontrollers enough from 1 to 100 microwatt. In practice, this means that for food processors such enough, for example, heat the human body. Quite naturally, that these studies are initiated and funded by the military. How to tell developers, the first "people-batteries", likely to become soldiers and military hospitals patients. But know that any new technology can not keep in the same hands: sooner or later she still finds commercial applications. However, for ordinary users already developed ways to participate in saving the planet from global warming. Now widely advocated in the U.S. and Europe called ecobutton way and represents a great round green button, pressing machine which translates into energy saving mode (hibernating). Nothing new authors device, which so far works only with PCs, not think - just borrowed the idea from the notebooks that "fall asleep", if they close down, not turned off. All recent versions of Windows are energy-saving functions and can instantly "usyplyat" and "will" a computer. Another case - that a large green button visible, but its creators recommend to click on it, even leaving for a short to break for a smoke.

According to the creators of the device in the world right now approximately one billion computers. They consume electricity annually to the many billions of dollars. To make all that electricity is required to throw into the atmosphere hundreds of millions of tons of carbon dioxide. Bulk clicking on ecobutton would significantly delay the global warming. The fashion for "green" computers has affected even Linux creator Linus Torvalds. In late January, he said that the kernel OS for several years kept pace in the field of energy-saving technologies and energodiagnostiruyuschih, but now a step towards their realization. Simply put, quite soon system based on Linux learn to "sleep" as efficiently as Windows-system. No separate mention should be made "ekopyutery" (the term benefit is not yet to beget - wildly sounds painful). For example, the company submitted a bamboo Asus laptop. His body is easy to reorganize, not causing harm to the environment. However, it was a rather peculiar PR-move. But Sony Corporation intends to submit a line of devices, which do not require batteries. Crown digital camera and a few other gadgets are ready. A fund has already sends winding OLPC laptops to children in developing countries (the famous program "stodollarovy computer").

But not only environmentally friendly computer to trouble their products. Far try and producers of mobile phones and smartphones. Thus, already demonstrated prototypes of the existing pipes, working on alcohol and hydrogen. "Spirtovoy" phone charge is all about simplicity: poured fuel cells - and order. He worked on methyl alcohol, which is produced in the world in enormous quantities. True, it requires a high alcohol treatment, but this is not the problem. In general, it is environmentally friendly machine, not even electricity consumption. On the "hydrogen" phones increasingly difficult. They are saturated with hydrogen fuel cells in a special desktop device, where gas is produced by electrolysis of water. That is still consumed electricity, and hydrogen - a thing very unsafe to use. But in both cases, environmental friendliness and achieved even at the expense of non-traditional lithium-ion batteries that contain a lot of harmful substances (and their production, to put it mildly, "impure"). What will happen next - is easy to predict. New fuel cells appear in laptops, mp3-player and all other portable electronics. Some time will be heated struggle with "green" standards, but then everyone will take its niche. After a year of "green" technology in the elements of nutrition stop causing the current furore. On the environmental agenda will be different, namely: environmentally friendly materials for the manufacture of components. Shells, motherboards, cables, etc., etc. Manufacturers will start a new contest: who will offer the consumer components made with the least damage to the environment. Of course, initially, all such "iron" will cost slightly more expensive than normal, but soon and it will become standard. Main - to medicine, as is often the case, has not been worse than the disease.

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