Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Intel creates digital assistants

In anticipation of the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in Shanghai, which was held in early April, held a special briefing on the research in the field of mobile devices.

At the event, Intel announced the company develop its new type of handheld computers (PDA). These computers are created within the concept of mobile computing Carry Small, Live Large. Particular attention in the programme Carry Small, Live Large is given to technologies that allow the creation of intuitive computing device capable of actively interact with the environment as well as with their owners.

It is anticipated that such gadgets will resemble the current CPC, but will become much more sophisticated. In general, the concept of such devices perekochevala to Intel developers straight from the pages of fantastic novels. The first incoming head example: in William Gibson novel "Idoru" (1996) main characters enjoy just such "sophisticated" device.

Judge for yourselves: new device will no longer serve as merely a repository of personal information, address book and used for reading electronic books or listening to music, as their current "colleagues". When they link GPS + Google Maps (variant: Nokia Maps) will identify the location, lay the route and modify it depending on the current situation on the roads. The gadget will receive several modules connection that will allow it to automatically switch between Wi-Fi, WiMAX and 3G (+ Bluetooth). In doing so, the CPC will clarify their own weather, and, if necessary, advise to take an umbrella. It is a voice and interaction with the user. A special feature - the ability to independently develop the device interaction with other similar device users. That sounds alarmingly ...

To implement this project Intel is developing compact devices that many wireless radio standards using one chip consumes far less electricity than today's counterparts. At the briefing were shown two prototype devices such as: energy efficiency Multiband transceiver, which implemented the results of research in the field of Intel digital wireless radio, as well as the power amplifier and ADC with a spectrum analyzer.

Intel representatives also showed a wireless chip that can transmit data at 60 - gigagertsevoy strip at speeds of about five gigabit per second. There is no doubt that the very idea of the concept Carry Small, Live Large, as the new "digital assistants", was born in the minds of Intel marketing specialists. In fact, the new device, prototypes of which have already submitted should be a market for new Intel processors with reduced power consumption - ruler Atom. Intel forms the market "by himself", which is quite logical for such a large corporation. However, the question arises: how a device with ideology Sapu Small, Live Large actually demanded by consumers? Is there a niche for them in the market, or it will be specially created by marketers? On the one hand, almost all the same we already have in the new smartphones. On the other hand, a new generation of CPC from Intel clearly "invade the territory" UMPC - one of the major technological innovations of last year.

In general, would prove whether the concept Carry Small, Live Large impasse branch evolution mobile or not, show the next one and a half or two years. The author of these lines over the past fifteen years has seen a lot of the concepts of this kind, but most of them have proved viable. So I personally would have made a bid for smartphones and UMPC.

I recall that the first serial device called the MessagePad. He manufactured by Apple from 1993 to 1998. In a computer lying RISC-ARM processor 610. He worked on the platform of Newton MessagePad and, among other things, had the opportunity to handwriting input.
In many ways this project ahead of its time and therefore failed in the commercial terms: a society proved simply not ready for such a revolutionary device. "Ideynym heir" Newton can be called, perhaps, Communicator iPhone.

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