Monday, May 26, 2008

IT SECTOR: growth against a backdrop of concern

Now, at the very end of autumn, the world's most IT-companies show strong enough growth - like most sectors of IT-industry. However, the overall information technology in business environment is quite nervous. This is due primarily to overall economic instability in the world (rising oil prices, falling dollar, the financial crisis in the U.S.). The second "nerviruyuschy factor" - what experts and analysts were not able to predict a number of important developments in the world and tendetsy IT. For example, appears on the market in less than six months after the iPhone a number of similar devices, mostly from producers from South-East Asia. However, keep the general issues and move on to specific events.

Last week crisis on American stock exchanges took place on the high-tech companies, the most won Apple. Literally per day value of one share "apple company" fell from $ 190 to $ 153. Thus, the offspring of Steve Dzhobsa together lost nearly 20% of the value of its securities, which resulted in loss of $ 33 billion market capitalization. The most offensive to Apple that the company is actually nothing wrong is not the case: its products with sour cream counters, cash reserves are 15 billion, Dzhobs remains at the head, being the development of new technologies and devices ... But Apple alone can not combat such factors as oil prices, the crises in the financial market, the decline in business activity. Suddenly, Apple itself has been the victim of fear investors to more global events. However, according to analysts, decline for Apple will end quickly enough. Meanwhile, compare the figures: the current Apple market capitalization is $ 134 billion For comparison: Microsoft - $ 312 billion, Google - $ 197 billion, Intel - $ 147 billion, Dell - $ 60 billion Story about Apple, perhaps, is to finish the news that in Germany on the first day of sales was realized more than 10.000 iPhone. This was informed by representatives of mobile operator T-Mobile - indeed, they did not say how many devices were activated. For your information: in the U.S. during the first two days of sales has sold 270 thousand phones Apple, but of them had been connected total 146 thousand During the launch iPhone in Europe sales representatives operator said that all vehicles have enough. However, now head of Deutsche Telekom Rene Obermann believes that Christmas deliveries phones Apple may be inadequate against a backdrop of high demand.

IBM acquires Canadian company Cognos for $ 4.9 billion Cognos makes software to analyze financial performance and efficiency of companies. IBM will pay a premium of 9.5% to the value of shares on the stock market - $ 58 per piece. Companies are already working on joint projects for several clients. Analysts estimate the market for software to analyse the business processes in the $ 6 billion a year. IBM competitor in this niche companies are Oracle and SAP. By the way, SAP in October acquired Business Objects - a competitor Cognos - for $ 7 billion

A leading Japanese mobile operator and the second largest telecommunication operator in the world NTT DoCoMo intends to pay a $ 1 billion over 30% of the Vietnamese company MobiFone. State MobiFone company enters the stock market in 2008 and plans to sell a third of its shares under the plan for privatization. MobiFone - one of the largest in Vietnam mobile operator, NTT DoCoMo and is the largest mobile communications operator in Japan.

The company Adobe Systems announced the appointment of a new executive director Shantanu Narayen, who on December 1 over the chair from the Bruce Chizena. Adobe sauces has served in nearly 14 years. Under his leadership, relatively simple software solutions company for publishers and artists have become powerful tools used by professionals around the world. It is with Chizene company Adobe acquired Macromedia, the technology creates Flash. Thanks to mergers Adobe Systems and Macromedia in the market appeared one of the world's largest software companies. Bruce Chizen said Adobe is leaving on their own. But many observers have linked Chizena care so that the company Adobe plans to change the business model, introducing the concept of "software as a service". Access to their Adobe applications will be made available through the web interface by subscription. In addition, profits will be demonstrations of advertising.

Representatives of Google confirmed that the Internet giant is considering the possibility of early entry UPD advertising, but denied rumours that it will happen before the end of the year. Now Google is tested several technologies that potentially could form the basis of new advertising platform. It is noteworthy that segment UPD interested in advertising in Google quite a long time. Back in February this year, Google acquired for $ 23 million company Adscape, specializing in advertising in multi-line games. The market advertising UPD chief competitor Adscape - company Massive, bought last year by Microsoft for $ 200 million Microsoft found it advantageous to purchase such as Massive cooperates with the leading game publishers: UbiSoft, THQ and Take-Two. Adscape competes with companies and start-Double Fusion and IGA Worldwide, who also signed agreements with major publishers. His place in the market trying to take as Sony and Nintendo, formulated for the special units. According to experts, UPD advertising market in the coming years will be one of the fastest growing. Now most popular banner and video on a variety of gaming portals, as well as advertising in games created specifically for branding. In addition, advertisers spend funds to support a variety of gaming tournaments and participate in online virtual universes. It is expected that by 2012 the volume of expenditure on advertising in computer games will increase from $ 370 million to $ 2 billion

Analytical company IDC investigated the world market CPC III quarter of 2007, According to the experts, sales of CPC declining for 15 consecutive quarters. In III quarter it amounted to 728,894 devices that, at 39.3% less than the same period last year. Analysts link the drop in sales of handheld computers with the growing popularity communicators and smartphones. In doing so, the CPC continue to occupy their own, albeit small, niche: they are used by employees of various companies for work, as well as demand in emerging markets.

In the five leaders of the world market CPC includes Palm, HP, Mio, Fujitsu-Siemens and Sharp. Palm remains the leader (44.6%), although not producing new models of the CPC for two years, focusing on smartphones and the new OS. At HP second place (27.2%), Mio company holds a third (11.2%), more opportunities through their navigational device. Fujitsu-Siemens in the quarter III returned a fourth place (5.4%) after the final exit from the game company Dell. Top-5 completes world's largest producer of CPC company Sharp (2,4%), although it showed the largest decline compared with last year's figures - 82%.

Not the best way up the case from the Korean manufacturer Samsung Electronics: the company had to withdraw from the Japanese market. Samsung stops sales of flat TV and other consumer electronics in Japan due to low profitability. In recent years, Samsung has taken strong positions in the U.S. and European markets, reaching a decent competitive Japanese companies such as Matsushita, Sony and Sharp, but compete in their own market proved much more difficult. According to Samsung, in 2006 the total turnover of companies in Japan amounted to $ 9 billion, while sales through the retail network and the Internet have been implemented less than 1%. Instead of consumer sales company plans to focus on business-supply (B2B). "We found that direct sales to individual consumers less profitable than companies and enterprises", - said in Samsung. Deliveries of LCD displays, memory chips, as well as mobile phones for the Japanese telecommunications company Softbank will continue, but computer monitors, for example, will be sold only on the scheme B2B.

Symantec under the policy of reducing spending has held regular dismissal of staff. The company refused to name the number of laid-off and divisions, which passed staff reductions. In January, Symantec has set a goal of reducing costs by $ 200 million to improve financial performance, undermine the downturn in demand for solutions for data-centers and competing proposals and Microsoft Internet providers that provide free antivirus and other protective programs. Dismissals in the company are held under the code name "Project Express" ( "Project Xpress"), a decrease came under new personnel and start recently acquired Symantec.

AMD Company is negotiating the sale of new production, based in Germany and the symbol known as Fab 38, the company Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC). Rumours about the possibility of such a transaction vitayut long ago, but earlier blocked the possibility of selling rigidly German regulatory authorities. According to the latest data, they have revised their position, taking into account the restructuring of business strategy, implemented by AMD. In the last decade, AMD was one of the largest foreign investors in Germany. The total investment in production, located in the Dresden area, which includes factory Fab 30, Fab 36 and Research Center, by the end of 2006 stood at $ 5 billion Following the substantial transformation associated with the deployment of new production facilities, Fab 30 factory will be renamed Fab 38. Now Fab 30 is designed for 200 mm plate. After the modernization, which is scheduled for completion in 2009, it will work with 300 mm plates. The transition from 200 mm to 300 mm wafers provides an opportunity to increase the number of processors, from one plate, more than doubled.

Western Digital Corporation announced the results of its work for I quarter 2008 fiscal year. Revenues company was $ 1766 million, of which $ 1726 million are in the HDD, and $ 40 million - on the basis of plates and magnetic media. Compared with the same period last year, proceeds from the sale of hard disks had increased by 37% and supply of products, totalling 29.4 million units, grew by 29%. In the first quarter of customers was approximately 5.9 million 2.5 - inch drives for mobile systems and approximately 3.7 million 3.5 - inch drives for digital video recorders. The share of proceeds from the sale of branded products in the first quarter amounted to 18%, which confirmed the WD brand leadership in the global market. John Koyn - President and CEO Corporation WD - so these results commented: "The outcome of the first quarter show a decent and fulfilling the leadership team of our company's plans in a stable demand for hard drives to all fields of application in all regions and sales channels. We continue to reap the fruits of their investments and introducing advanced developments over the past few years, this gives us the opportunity to meet the growing demand for hard drives and widespread use of high-capacity drives for domestic as well as for corporate systems ".

Finally - news that you can find it funny, but which well illustrates the "privileged" status of modern IT-industry. Some Bonny Brown, who worked at Google masseuse, was multimillionershey. This happened thanks to a sharp rise in share prices search engine, which belonged to a compensation package when you receive Braun to work. At the end of October this year, Google stock price on the stock exchange Nasdaq has exceeded $ 700. In general, with the beginning of the year, securities companies went up by 51%. Bonnie joined the staff of Google in 1999 when the company employs only 40 staff members. Since then their number has reached nearly 14 thousand. In doing so, nearly a thousand people through their Google shares in the state have $ 5 million or more.

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