Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Progress Mozilla

March 31, celebrated its tenth anniversary organization Mozilla. The wide range of users Mozilla are most commonly known as the developer of the popular browser Firefox, which is now a successful close on the world market Microsoft Internet Explorer. And only a few know that in fact quite Mozilla produces a wide range of different software to work with the Internet.

Initially, perhaps, is to remember history - even more so, that many young users of the global network certainly little knowledge about the dramatic events of the first years of the WWW. Like that Mozilla was "the debris" legendary company Netscape. In the mid-and late nineties last century, Netscape dominated the browser market. But the company began to experience increasing pressure from Internet Explorer. Unlike browser Netscape, which was worth about $ 30 (free version was only to curtail functionality), "Online brodilka" from Microsoft was free and, moreover, comes with Windows. After several years of hard struggle owners and top managers have decided to allocate Netscape browser source code into the hands of volunteer developers, concentrating its attention on the release of corporate products. In early 1998, Netscape opened the source code of its browser, and March 31 of that year, officially began its work organization Mozilla. That she had to deal with the coordination of developing a set of applications Mozilla Application Suite. And it is in this package is based on a source Netscape. In summer 2003, the Telecommunications Corporation America Online (AOL), which shortly before the close to bankruptcy acquired Netscape, has lost interest in the development organization Mozilla. Then the lights came on nonprofit fund Mozilla Foundation. And on August 3, 2005 Mozilla Foundation announced the establishment of its commercial units Mozilla Corporation. Soon, he was handed over all operations related to the promotion of Firefox and email client Thunderbird.

Looking back in the days of the anniversary, Mitchell Baker, president of the board of directors of Mozilla, said that over the years, "the organization was able to do tremendous work. Created by the community of independent developers Firefox package to date is the second most popular browser in the world after Internet Explorer and continues to increase market share. Recently, the Mozilla organization consisting of a new unit Mozilla Messaging, whose staff will further development of email client Thunderbird ". Among the immediate plans of the organization Mozilla - third issue browser version Firefox, which is now at an advanced stage of testing. In addition, Mozilla is developing a version of your browser, designed for use on portable devices. Here, they, however, will have to fight with already gained popularity and a significant market share Opera Mini. But while Firefox 3.0 has only just preparing to surprise the market, Mozilla has already begun work on a new generation of functions for the fourth version of its browser. It is expected that Firefox 4 will be added closer integration with content stored on a hard drive PC user. About Mozilla work of new features for the fourth version of Firefox in an interview with the publication Webware told Chris Bird, vice-president of Mozilla. According to him, now the company is developing two new and innovative concept for the Firefox 4, which enhance the browser. One of the functions of the future of Firefox 4 called Prism. With its help, users can visit the web-sites and gain access to some of their content, even without access to the global network. The ultimate goal of developers - to create technologies to develop web-applications, which can be used not only via the Internet, but also to apply them to be installed on a PC. As pointed out by Bird, the kernel is scheduled to make a browser open to third-party application developers. Another important function, which is being developed for the fourth version of the browser is Weave. It allows you to create and store in the internet browser settings separately for each user, rather than for the entire computer entirely. With its help anybody can quickly establish their personal settings and bookmarks regardless because of what the PC it works. It is expected that this feature will be present and in the final version of Firefox 3, but Firefox 4 will provide access to user profiles and other browsers. Chris Bird said that this is only a small part of those functions of the new generation, which now employs staff Mozilla.

Incidentally, March 20, Mozilla officially announced that the final version of Firefox 3 almost ready for widespread use. After long months of development and testing of the latest beta version of Firefox 3 can already be downloaded from users. Significantly, the first of Mozilla did not recommend a wide range of users to switch to Firefox 2, which was launched in October 2006 - the first on Firefox 3. Several released beta versions of Firefox 3 were professionals and "advanced" users, ready to work with the new browser at your own risk. However, any special prohibitions or restrictions on downloading earlier betas decreed. Mozilla developers are still working on the program and plan to release the final version of Firefox 3 by the end of June this year. Already aware that Firefox 3 uses less RAM than the previous version, and also provides greater security user. The main competitors remain Firefox Internet Explorer from Microsoft, as well as Opera and Safari from Apple. Microsoft Corporation in early March 2008 - has already submitted a first beta of Internet Explorer 8. According to the software giant, unlike his predecessors, Internet Explorer 8 will default to support all modern web-standards. Indeed, a new version of the most common web-browser successfully passes Acid2 Browser Test, developed Web Standards Project. This test tells you whether the program is processing the last HTML and CSS specifications and able to properly display web-pages. It is expected that the final version of Internet Explorer 8 will see the light through 9-10 months after the launch of beta.

Regarding the browser Opera - the product of Norwegian company Opera Software - he, in spite of their low prevalence, enjoys well-deserved love and respect of professionals, many working with the Internet. In turn, the company Apple last year to spoil the mood immediately to all market participants, releasing its Windows-version of its browser Safari. The product, however, turned out to be frankly "raw". But do not forget about Apple miles habit of doing "konfetku" from any of its products. So I am sure: Safari for Windows still recall itself.

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