Thursday, June 19, 2008

IT SECTOR: growth on all fronts

Home adopt recent weeks: talk about the crisis faced by the global IT-industry, finally subsided. Now no one believes that the financial storm recession and the American economy will affect the IT-sector. Moreover, it is the traditional summer lull. IT-company profits count and distribute investment received.

Relations between Yahoo and Microsoft corporations from the thriller genre smoothly peretekli in the Brazilian series. At a recent conference D: All Things Digital гендиректор Yahoo Jerry Yang said his company "continues to discuss possible partnerships with Microsoft agreement." Then, at a press conference Yang confirmed the holding of talks between Yahoo and Microsoft on possible cooperation. While it drew particular attention to that now talking about buying portal Yahoo by Microsoft is not. In passing the head Yahoo has missed no opportunity to pin up software giant, stressing that "Microsoft withdrew a proposal to purchase Yahoo, while the leadership of Internet companies were not fundamentally against this deal - not only arranged price."

In general, talks between Microsoft and Yahoo promise to take a long time. This is not surprising: we are talking about one of the largest transactions in the history of IT-business.

Russian Internet companies included in vogue among foreign investors. Offshore developer DataArt, creator of the mail engine, with developing centers in Russia and Ukraine, has received $ 4 million investment and plans to obtain another $ 2 million in the near future. The guide told us that the investments required to maintain high growth business. Thus, the president of DataArt Eugene Goland said: "At the speed of our development affect the natural financial restrictions." And in the words of executive director Mikhail DataArt Zavileyskogo growth business accounted for about 30% a year, and in 2007 - he grew up as soon m by 70%. According to the forecasts of the company, its growth this year will amount not less than 50%.

According to the same experts, such a large amount of investment suggests that DataArt sells large blocks of their shares - of blocking to control. In DataArt information on the sale of shares of stock confirm, but did not specify how much of the inherited investors. DataArt was the main investor in London Fund Tower Gate Capital, known in the investment sector technology companies. By draft also become one of Russia's investfondov New York and Third Millennium Russia Fund. By the way, the last before already invested in portal

Obtained from investors funds will be spent on the development of systems marketing, opening new centres of development, as well as education and training specialists. Investments are considered long-term, and concrete plans for their return from DataArt not.

At the mobile telephony market - low price war. The company LG Electronics said that it would be forced to reduce prices on their mobiles, if the same will make Nokia. And Nokia is ready "to start fighting": the price of several Nokia models in the near future may fall by 20%. This, in particular, will allow Finns take away market share from Motorola.

Company Dell - second in size PC manufacturer in the world - issued a stack of news. First, Dell told analysts that in the near future sales outside the U.S. company will increase significantly in five years and will make up 2 / 3 total revenue. Thus, for I quarter of this year in group BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) sales grew by 73%. For the first time international sales surpassed the number of Dell PCs sold in the United States - largely due to the low dollar.

In addition, Dell published a report on performance in I quarter of 2009 fiscal year (ended May 2). Dell Revenue from February to April inclusive, was $ 16.08 billion, a 9% higher than that of last fiscal year. Net profit reached $ 784 million - 38 cents per share. These results are markedly exceeded expectations of analysts.

The current growth in revenue and profits in Dell explain good demand: for example, sales of Dell laptops for the year grew by 43%, which is largely connected with the refusal of consumer desktops in favor of portable PCs. Meanwhile, Dell staff for the year declined by 7000 people, though, along with the purchase of other firms have moved in 2700 Dell employees.

And finally: New York court found Dell guilty of fraud, deception of consumers, with violations of debt collection and use of advertising, misleading. Customers company, filed a lawsuit against it, were dissatisfied with the quality of support services, and also claimed that Dell, offering free loans to their equipment, not always fulfilled promises.

The market components yet very few events happening. For example, Seagate CEO Bill Watkins said that his company in 2009 will issue its first SSD-drives and dvuhterabaytnye HDD. First SSD-Seagate drives will be geared to corporate users: the price of such devices is still too high for the mass consumer. According to Watkins, when the price of one at SSD-GB drive will be 10 cents, Seagate and then enters the consumer market. Meanwhile, now on the U.S. market 128 - SSD-gigabyte drive costs $ 460, equivalent to $ 3.58 per GB. For comparison: retail price of 160 GB hard drive is $ 60.

In addition, Bill Watkins told journalists that in 2009 produced by now Terabyte HDD Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 and Barracuda ES.2 added dvuhterabaytny hard drive. However, the approximate date of his appearance on the market, as well as price executive director of Seagate has not yet been named.

And finally - on the company computer games. As the study conducted by Nielsen Games, the European market for PC games and consoles became the second largest in the world market and second only to Asia. The study was called Videogamers in Europe-2008; participated in the 6000 active gamers aged from 16 to 49 years from 15 European nations.

At the end of 2007 the proceeds from sales of computer games in the EU countries amounted to 7.3 billion euros ($ 11.4 billion). Asia, by the way, just slightly ahead of Europe: there players spent 7.4 billion euros ($ 11.5 billion). Third place were Americans spend on virtual entertainment $ 10.7 billion.

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