Thursday, June 26, 2008

Something about earnings of top managers in IT

Forbes Magazine published its regular list of the most highly paid top managers. The methodology of this ranking takes into account official salaries leader, and also received cash bonuses, grants, stock options and income. The list has proved not so many representatives of IT-industry, but still we can draw up a picture of the earnings corporate executives-leaders.

A total of TOP-100 most highly paid top managers of the world hit eight I-T business. This is lower than in 2006, when only the first among a dozen leaders were immediately aytishnika four. Lead the list of the most financially secured I T-managers for 2007 CEO Larry Ellison of Oracle Corporation. He earned $ 192.9 million Closed first ten Paul Otellini of Intel with $ 16.3 million Strangely enough, but only 36 - Revenues for first place among I-T and 434 bosses - the first place "in the general set-off" won the founder and head of the company Michael Dell Dell. In doing so, as the drafters of the note rating, Della personal status, which is estimated at $ 16 billion, allows him to stay among the four richest people in the world. However, most interpretations and peresudov in the press after the publication of Forbes ranking person aroused general director of Apple Steve Jobs, who in 2007 earned $ 14.6 million This has been in 44 times less than a year earlier ($ 646 million). As a result Jobs "fell" from the first line in the list of the most highly paid top managers to release immediately to the Forbes 120 - yu.

Revenue for the previous chapters Apple, 2006 - the third one year in many ways provided stock options. But do not forget that at the time Jobs was implicated in a loud scandal. American authorities suspected the leadership "of apple" in financial fraud related to the change of dates of options retroactively. According to the Securities Commission and U.S. stock exchanges (SEC), it has allowed them to extract greater profit recipients. The internal investigation conducted by a specially established commission Apple, showed that the change of dates was indeed, but by Steve Dzhobsa violation of the law is not established. Well, proven or not - is how to view. During a government investigation found that the breach allowed a former Apple CFO Fred Anderson, who was obliged to return $ 3.5 million Rightly or wrongly, the founder of Apple's revenue fell by dozens of times. This did not allow him to take place even in the ten most highly paid managers IT - Jobs eventually located at 11 - place, despite the fact that his company remains one of the most effective in terms of return on investment. At least, such a comment analysts gave CNN.

The most highly paid executives IT

Place Company Manager Revenue Manager in 2007 ($ Millions)
1. Larry Ellison Oracle 192,9
2. Nebib Geril MEMC Electronic Materials 79,6
3. John Chambers Cisco 54,8
4. Mark Herd HP 27,6
5. Huang Yen-Sun Nvidia 24,6
6. Samuel Palmizano IBM 24,3
7. Vendell Weeks Corning 22,6
8. Joseph Tuchchi EMC 20
9. William Sullivan Agilent 17,4
10. Paul Otellini Intel 16,3
11. C Dzhobs against Apple 14,6
12. Jonathan Schwartz Sun 13,5

As we have seen, despite the rapid growth of computer and telecommunications industry, their top managers can not compete on an equal footing with the "big boss" of the other, "old", industries - financial and banking, automotive, mining, oil and so e. This, of course, looks a bit ridiculous against the background of a situation where, for example, only a social network Facebook is worth as much as automobile group General Motors and Ford combined. On the other hand, such modesty (relative, of course), which demonstrate the top managers of IT-industry, is unwittingly respected by investors. Especially among venture investors, who invest their money in high IT-projects, to look at the personalities of those they lead. And "information" its top managers will still be assured.

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