Sunday, July 20, 2008

Desktop extinct?

Thanks to the emergence and flourishing of a wide variety of web-services time and again began distributed to vote on that desktop software is doomed give way to services. So whether it? Let us think together ...

In general, the idea of complete dieback desktop software in favor of web-services is not new. It sounded more Bill Gates in his book "Road Ahead", written in far already, by the standards of the world information technology, in 1995. This book, incidentally, is itself a very interesting and deserves a separate discussion, but now I have mentioned it only to show that the idea is not new.

It should, however, specify what and how it should be to die off and why. Of course, not be able to die off for desktop operating systems "personalok" and browsers, which will be simply physically necessary to allow the user to interact with the web-services. Agree, all the advantages of AJAX and Web ends where the need begins in the browser. But, of course, the browser and operating system are not the only programs that survive in the fight against web-services, and therefore agree to even the most ardent opponents of desktop software. For example, I personally have little utility to imagine that, for example, controls the temperature of the processor or restore accidentally deleted files via the Internet. The same applies to the players ( - is, of course, well, but not always), and some large applications (nu-ka try to move the same 3DS MAX on the web-platform!).

So it may not all so bleak? And services do not survive desktop software? Survive, but only from certain niches, not the most significant for desktop programs. The fact is that the advantages and disadvantages of web-services such that it can create the best applications for users, some crucial task once, rather than daily. Let us take an example, recently opened an online version of Adobe Photoshop and "big brother" of this service, sirech Photoshop desktop. The man who earlier had to install Photoshop, to wait until all of its plug-ins loaded, to make a more beautiful picture of its mother-in-law that he wants to place on the desktop, much more convenient to use the online service. There is nothing to download, install and worry about compatibility with other programs. Just downloaded a picture with a browser - and taunted over mother-in-law in his pleasure. It is quite another matter - a professional designer, whose Photoshop literally feeds. They are much more important does not depend on connections to the Internet and of how the server is down, at which the service is physically located. They need the opportunity to add plug-ins to perform certain actions over the images and be able to customize the program for your needs. Therefore, as you can see, Adobe and opened an online version of its graphical editor that service and desktop application does not compete with each other and complement and promote each other.

Another good example - e-mail. Now any self-respecting postal web-site has an interface to work with electronic correspondence. However, this is why something absolutely does not prevent pochtovikam evolve and grow, which many users around the world (including me). Email Program need to someone who leads an intense correspondence, the services of mailings and wants to know immediately of the receipt of new messages. Web-interface is more convenient to anyone who enjoys the mail occasionally.

Overall, I think, the progress of reasoning is clear. No AJAX 's not kill the speed and convenience of desktop applications that these parameters will always be on the head, and even a few above their online brethren. The truth, of course, the situation may well change in the event that replaced the AJAX comes some even more advanced technology for web-interface. In this case, with further development of broadband networks, of course, it is possible that certain types of applications finally leave the Web. Try to do this, the truth must all: and developers of new web-technology, and developers of browsers, and providers.

In general, if the long trend of development services, it might seem that sooner or later really office programs, pochtoviki and picture editors pereberutsya the Web. But this is unlikely to happen soon and generally unlikely to happen - will always exist, users who need it in desktop programs.

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