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The current arrangement and…

If we take any particular artist, then you will notice that growing up with his creative and further growth appears certain charm. Professionalism. The same can be attributed to the industry as a whole, that is the same western show-business is a professional, and as a fact of production not only profitable but also eksportosposobna if impose such a notion. There are a layer of issues that are constantly. Answer them are in many ways, because modern high level of creative skill sometimes directly linked to perceptions of technological and professional mentality. If not as high-, today we mostly talk at the level of practical experience. So, startuem. The current arrangement…

… And work with timbre

If we talk about modern music, the tembralnom plan should always avoid secondary. Yes, you purchased a new synthesizer or program, the bank bought samples or something else, but that does not mean that everything must be purchased to use in its pure form. Because as, first, you're not the only ones who will do the same, secondly, all these sounds can be considered as raw material, the original billets for further action. Collecting arrangement of them should not be. Many will argue, but it is in reality - depends on the arrangement closely timbre of each instrument. For example, if it is not saturated, although modern, energy is produced emptiness that must be something to fill. Therefore, very often it is possible to meet the situation where arranger understands that something is missing, and begins to add other elements, sometimes in unison, that somehow "zazhirnit" sound. This Heard immediately. With much more usefully, you can spend time on the processing of basic timbre, its saturation. In this case, gains obtained through transparency and sound energy picture.

Many wondered how this tool to better use? In fact, all you have on hand, just have to notice. To cite a specific example. Around 2005 - m I ordered arrangement for savers and substrates for computer game-style techno-trance, that is bright, rhythmic music and dance. I did. After this, showing the work of one of the friends confronted with the obvious question: What software was used? I replied: Native Instruments Absynth. "As Absynth!? I vrubal it - there is something brutal-doleful! "To have people listen to standard banks, to be supplied with the program and concluded, without even having considered the very structure and architecture for the proposed work directly with the synthesis. And Absynth beneficial so that he can give a small own "a colour" standard sounds, that is, you can get something quite unique. Of course, I was not surprised the further course of the conversation thinking, because he delivered the key: "Could you give your bank for free or for a small amount?" Actually, no, this is business.

However, I once until this very helped work on firms engaged in production of libraries loop 's and individual samples. To them it was business, too, and do you say, selection is made very critical. If timbre, musical or rhythmic phrase is not swinging, they just are not taken. Incidentally, there is also an interesting moment in the use of banks samples. The point is that they are preparing for sale, respectively, there are even some semblance of mastering, and audio snippet itself is produced as the finished product. That is a huge part of such material can be used for the homemade music, but in a professional production is not always. For example, in 2003 - I m, again, did Bank of sounds for computer games. It was a lot of voice characters. The real work was, as usual, cheerfully, though traditionally. For example, a large military robot steps were nothing but a huge pops razdolbannoy iron door, to actually speak directly if, lockable toilet near the radio station where I then worked. But the sound - is something, and it even had little or no handle. After received an order for the preparation of several rhythmic loop 's. Where to get a unique bass-keg? Let's remember this sample, loop was formed, sent and accepted. But he did not entered the assembly, as events have gone on to another destination. The company gave otslushat unedited material in several studios, and one of them interested repurchase of my loop 'but with exclusive rights. And they asked not ready to use version, posemplovuyu with a technical description (rhythmic grid, processing, etc.). That is, pay attention to what they needed was not finished product. And indeed, use it quite problematic.

Painstaking work with regard to sound and normal instrumental parts. Guitars, bass, etc. should sound tight, transparent, to a certain mood. I will not talk platitudes that sound you need to rebuild, qualitatively match kombiki, classrooms, effects processors, not to mention the starting material, that is the very tool. Separately worth mentioning about the symphony arrangements. With the proliferation of semplernyh technologies and the emergence of professional sound banks recorded famous philharmonic orchestras and collectives, at first glance may seem that the situation has improved. But it was not there. A huge amount of work is more zagromozhdeniem, lack of naturalness, etc., they lose much options with a professional record of live orchestras. Transparent arrangements can be counted on the fingers, often seen Street use tools. The classic example that I have not once led - template reverb premises in concert programmes with Convolution type functions Waves IR-1, etc. But those same orchestras for movies and games are written not in concert halls, and in special studios. Concert halls are designed to another. The second point is the shortage of time and resources, and sometimes - and simply knowledge for quality orchestrations technical way. For example, in 2006 - close to me m development team ordered three symphonic composer of the track from Peter. That, of course, download your favorite Vienna Symphonic Library and issued two days already finished songs. In melodic terms of standard, that is, and that required, but the orchestration… and her voice ... For comparison took several branded soundtrack, and the quality of strikingly different. And customers themselves, because not associated with zvukoindustriey could not understand what's wrong, and thus clearly explained. Seek advice. I responded directly and that the wrong done than, of course, could offend the very composer. But he was not to display sanctimoniousness, the more that much work and studied for my articles including. I took one multitrek songs, began to do with some redistribution of optimization tools. As a result, about 70% (figure surprising, but it was) information has been removed for catches. Namely the most part, these overlapping tracks and so on. For example, the same lot a lot of violins played with different manner, the result is a porridge. The completeness of the composite picture has become not achieved mass, a literate arrangements. Song voice, has acquired many additional tembralnyh melodious and paints. Naturally, the sound of each instrument brought to the ideal, and there was no blunt use of raw samples. After that, based on the composer himself received example dodelal other tracks and, incidentally, now produces very good work, collaborating with several companies. Although, given his initial reaction to criticism from customers, which is: "What do you want, this is not a live orchestra!" - A way was not promising.

This, incidentally, one of the few examples where everything was seen normally. There have been other cases. Suffice it to recall in 2001 and an invitation to one session then known pianist, besides playing in pop orchestra and certainly exposed stellar disease. It was to write a piano party. I closed its eyes to pop a lot of supposedly "jazz" cliches, something vs. main theme. Rather, it had to turn a blind eye because this was a good musician friends producer collective. Naturally, the use of such material I have not anticipated. But we specifically to fall out with an audible on issues. I do not accept plastic sound of live instruments, to abound virtually all mid-level Synthesis and Sampler (recall: He was in 2001). Of course, if this does not apply. As a result, I have asked all the usual play on the piano than, as it turned out, humiliated. The question in the same professional mentality. That is why from the musician-it was obvious that the sound he understands the issues better, but not your humble servant, who was not otherwise who, as director of sound, sound producer. Besides, he obviously has not heard plastics in timbre, which was evident. In principle, there are examples of such great many - sometimes even comes to that musicians seek other guitars, etc. The fact is that the composition and quality will stick sounds including their fullness, of course, energy. This should not talk about the one-day music, which becomes fashionable only because epatazha and forcing a massive rotation. And how important sounds - so you can see on TV include some Russian women's series. What is and what they are doing the music for them, remains the only guess.
Ongoing: modern arrangement…

… And experiments

In creativity needed to be free. Of course, there are purely experimental subkulturnye musical direction, but the experiments can be conducted and in the commercial arts. These elements formed the distinctive characteristics of manufactured products, which certainly works in the plus. This may be literally in all respects: melodious course, individual parties, the same sound, sound combinations, etc. Plays an important role and tools, often have ideas come from the obvious, which most often simply ignore. A classic example - Cher song "Believe", in which avtotyuner used, it is then used in the famous operatic arias from the film "Fifth Element", and after it and did well, lazy not used. Now, including TV, you can hear the song Kylie Minogue "Wow", which is also based on a technical effect wow, but rather simply use wheel pitch, which is provided in any synthesizer. Made nice - think soon you will hear many similar arrangements in the secondary market. That is, apart from the fact that you have some interesting technical element, it is important to its quality and maximize available to teach. Such experiments necessarily needed. For example, his experience can say that there are many different songs, which were in force odnodnevkami standardness arrangements. Do not stick, and all! When there is frankly gray material that will leave only through technical solutions.
And finally - modern arrangement…

… And kept

When the music playback implied the possibility of monotochki, and the main criteria for assessing the quality of Phonograms only formed, the special issues and how would not arise. Breathing, volume, the movement created only musical techniques. At the current level technologies allow other means to create a feeling of space. And this applies not only to search for unique sounds, sound combinations, but also directly own information. The Movement emphasizes, among other things, and change the balance between instruments, their shift in space. That is now writing a simple arrangement is not enough - you need to see how everything will be combined and how to put in the voluminous submission. Even the stereo is still not exhausted its possibilities. For example, you can take the fall for any soundtrack for the film or computer game (in these areas are now concentrated most powerful professionals), listen to how he sounds, then draw from mono and stereo to listen again. What disappeared in the first place? You can list: dynamics, space, transparency, part of motion, then there are all key elements. Even more: we have largely mono televisions reproduce, find the same clips in digital standard, which is present stereo. Compare the feeling.

And in this case there are two mistakes. First, perhaps even a mistake and was not as well done deliberately - is preparing a mono recording. This can be found even in the phonograms with major world stars, although such albums dullish tried fairly, quickly priedayutsya, but clips loud:). The second mistake - made stereo, but when playing in mono main elements of songs - such as soliruyuschie vocals and instruments - are lost. In fact, needed a golden middle. So, if there is no skill in this matter, at the initial level recommended stereo, and then listen to what the picture is produced when plyusovanii channels in mono. Also see how it is done in company records. But stereovariant must be, because it is more comfortable for listening and beautiful.

In conclusion

Finally, it makes sense to say about the professional mentality. As part of this article does not imply a level of school holidays, days of harvest, reporting Philharmonic concerts and so on. We are talking about export products that require a certain approach and appropriate packaging. Why is something we considered for selected products, while high-quality foreign products purchased by our fellow citizens with the same pleasure. Looking at all, young professionals can create the sensation that musical career peak occurs when the entire country would begin to sing your songs nezateylivye "on the pope". In general, this is an erroneous sense, wrong.

The second point… In fact, your humble servant at a lot of music not to work, even taking into account cooperation with foreign counterparts and major projects. Why? Pay attention to how much is licensed WaveLab, products from Native Instruments, and so forth, and all will understand. A different approach "there" do not understand. This is also part of the professional mentality.

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