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Soundtracks for games

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Platform game

Castelvania. Castelvania series of games is a major franchisee and company Konami has almost twenty parts. The main game is a composer Michiru Yamane. Write music to the TV series she began with the exit Castelvania: Bloodlines on the console Sega Genesis, and she got it more than worthy. Voice "octet" pischanie left far behind, and Castelvania acquired in your style, accompanied by music - this imitation of theatrical music and music from uzhastikov. However, on the archaic console and Nintendo Caselvania very first soundtrack was a hit of its time. Some of the tracks have undergone the first part of a long evolution, changed beyond recognition, and even now is still present in the series.

What's interesting, composer of the very first part, again, was a woman. Her name Kinuyo Yamashita.


Among the genre better simply to identify - anime series of two-faytingov Guilty Gear. All J-Rock motives deserve to be called this game the best. For each character written on the musical themes 2-3 as a complement to their images. And, of course, when the next round voiceover voice shouting "Round one. Let's Rock!" and in the ears playing the breaks downhole Japanese rock music, then inadvertently arises sustainable desire to fight to the last drop of life bar 'Yes.

But not even that good soundtrack, but that the very meaning filling the game one way or another devoted to rock music. For example, the name of the hero of game Frederic Sol Badguy - a direct reference to groups of soloists Queen Freddy Mercury and his solo album Mr. Bad Guy. It is mainly a hobby of this hero is listening Queen. But that's what. Names receptions vast majority of the characters coincide with the names of various famous rock songs. Thus, almost all the receptions heroine Millia Rage (Russian origin) - a reference to the song of Iron Maiden. In short, rock music permeates the game until the bone marrow.

The case of the composer Guilty Gear, perhaps unique. His name is Daisuke Ishiwatari. He did not just write music for this project - it is his glavdizom. It Daisuke faytinga invented this plot and all its characters, as well as, perhaps, from natural modesty, voiced the main character. In doing so, it is necessary to notice: Guilty Gear storyline is so extensive that there are even a couple of books, revealing its details. As for heroes, they are already more than could be enough for two or three anime-series.

Hack 'n' Slash

Music game Devil May Cry покорила me in due course. I never heard anything like this. The game was attended simultaneously hard rock, metal, symphonic music, opera music, and even techno. In other words, to receive such e-Gothic metal. In addition, the exclusive was that some tracks that accompany gameplay, were recorded with vocals (not the opera), such as in games, I do not recall. The main theme of the third part, entitled "Devils never cry", perhaps the most accurately reflects the mood of the entire series - it certainly will not leave listening to good music fans indifferent.

The main person responsible for musical accompaniment Devil May Cry, is Tetsuya Shibata, although the composers have a lot of games - so, the third part of the tracks wrote a man named Shawn McPherson.

Another piece

A pair of games (and, consequently, a pair of composers) would like to say separately. Their soundtracks of more than deserve to be mentioned in this article.

Arcanum of Stem Works & Magical Obscure. Classic RPG from the creators of Fallout, performed in unprecedented style stimpank-fentezi. It would seem, as a stylistic mix at all possible? AN not: the game has surprisingly harmonious atmosphere and, despite the unusual role nikudyshnuyu system and graphics, acquired a solid army fans.

Music for "Arkanuma" composed Ben Houge - composer and audiodizayner. He worked on many gaming projects since 1996. Through his diligence "Arkanum" got her unique soundtrack, with a predominance of "crying" smychkovyh instruments. In addition, igrografii this composer's favorite among all such projects as Half-Life, Ground Control and Leisure Suit Larry.

American McGee's Alice. The motives of this shizofrenichnogo 3D-action unique. The most they can accurately describe the expression of "harmony dissonance": well-so heinous and repulsive melodies charuyusche-game industry has not ever knew.

Music composer wrote to the game, Chris Vrena. Chris is a former member of Nine Inch Nails, where he acted as a drummer. In addition, he holds Grammy awards for best hard rock performance at the festival Woodstock'94 (when he spoke with a group Smashing Pumpkins).

Chris is a very gifted man in terms of music: apart from the fact that he was a composer and musician, he is also a sound engineer and writers of songs.

It is, igrografiya such a creative person is not limited to one project. Chris Vrenna also wrote the music for Doom 3, Quake 4, Need for Speed Most Wanted and Enter The Matrix.

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